Ask Arnold Training Seminar 2011 – Bodybuilding Advice and Tips from Arnold – Part 2

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Arnold Schwarzenegger answers fan’s questions at the Ask Arnold Seminar about bodybuilding and training – March 6th 2011. Arnold Classic 2011 Expo Seminar

Arnold at the Arnold Classic giving bodybuilding advice in 2011 at Arnold Classic Expo in Columbus, OH. Get bodybuilding advice and training information from Arnold! This is a full Arnold video- check out our other parts!

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Hybrid Strength says:

lol the buzzer belt sounds awesome. 

Bud Spencer und Terence Hill says:

Hahahaha the korean dude

ruchira weerasinghe says:

Have you tried Ready Set Ripped? (Go google it) It is a quick and easy way
to get ripped fast.

whyemceeay says:

Wow Arnold personally spent his own money to send over weights and
equipment to US soldiers? What a guy! Long live Arnold!

aarontheman9196 says:

@HappyJackProduction1 boy oh boy, a conspiracy theorist who fell for fake
evidence and used it to trash his childhood hero. i feel sorry for you.
that bilderburg shit is just that. shit. it sounds convincing untill you
find out everything those conspiracy guys says is displaying everything to
look like their right, and alot of the claims they use as evidence are
strawman arguments that dont srand up when you check them out. there is
something screwy about the whole thing but its not a conspiracy

wasif Rahmin says:

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dan217123 says:

the korean tae kwon do guy was so funny

stitcha123 says:

arnold is the don

A Just Cause says:

@RocksBodybuilding a bodybuilder never really retires though

David Walkington says:

He’s on about his comic book character ‘Governator’

Robert Powell says:

@Yourfoundations No dude, he should have instead of making films while Gov.
made workout films as Governer. That’s 8 years of workout films that we
could of had instead of regular movies of Arnold, I know we have the weekly
Governer’s address but still. Don’t you think that would have been a good
idea? Maybe just him seriously working out for 30 minutes twice per year, I
wouldn’t mind that. He could even do it now, forget the past. I could of
said that when he did Terminator 3, him from the 90s.

PowerTec12345 says:

@Yourfoundations Amen to that 🙂

Mishe P says:

If Arnold was the president of the Earth, all humanity would be
bodybuilders and athletes 🙂 Arnie, you’re the best!

InTheCircle says:

I .. IIII … I .III .IIII …I . I …I …I

RocksBodybuilding says:

It’s really awesome to see Arnold still talking about bodybuilding well
after he retired.

juren669 says:

Hate seeing Arnold getting old.


love the guy but he is ever the promoter. He is an inspiration no doubt

yoorheinez says:

Lol he totally talked over the korean dude at 06:55

Yourfoundations says:

what i wouldn’t give to have a single workout with Arnold.

MyLifeRSC says:

Yeah that’s true, I know he’s definitely one of my idols. Someone I look up
to without doubt, the man is a genius

Stef9553 says:

Arnold is Chuck Norris’s father!

Christopher Forgo says:

just focus on what you like about him, no one is perfect

ashim017018 says:

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RadenMan says:

@theTerminator83mkd Best comment of the week!

bacodaco says:

“its great to see someone that is a bodybuilder AND also a president…”
he’s not saying that it is a good ideq..nope ^^ he’s not saying that they
should make him president..nope xD

MysticJon says:

get rid of that music in the beginning, let the man speak

Robert Powell says:

3:38 My surname.

John Ajlouny says:

I love the 0 tips and advice he gave in the 12 minute video lol…

Natalie Rose says:

In “The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding”, one of the latest revisions,
he says that he thinks that the degree of modern muscularity detracts from
the aesthetic. I’m inclined to agree with him, but that’s just me.

Aleksandra Milevska says:

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strategery101 says:

@Yourfoundations That would be too awesome!

Teenbodybuilder18 says:

In my opinion Arnold is the most successfull man in the world! It is
amazing what he has accomplished!

Th0rrx says:

if you want muscle try and do a, super-drop-extended set with forced reps .

Milorad Djukovic says:

great arnold

Brandon Krum says:

Hey you cut out me asking the question about his movie projects! But great

MyLifeRSC says:

same, happens to everyone though i guess. Still depressing to see such an
icon and inspirational man getting old.

aarontheman9196 says:

@HappyJackProduction1 yeah yeah, i heard it already, i dont think the
economy is good or obama is great. like i said, i started thing it was
true, till some common sense kicked in and i stopped taking the crazy
people’s word for it. and no, im not a sheep. that conspiracy theory junk
is so stupid, why dont you actually look at the eveidence against it,
instead of just believing every conspiracy theory that comes your way.

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