Ben Pakulski – “Ask a Bodybuilder” Tips from an IFBB Pro

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Close – Ben Pakulski – “Ask a Bodybuilder” Tips from an IFBB Pro. Where else can you get your direct questions answered by an IFBB Pro bodybuilder? Ben Pakulski answers your bodybuilder questions in a no BS manner. The only way Ben Pakulski knows how. Enjoy!

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Miloš Milinčić says:

13 min of this video gave me more quality info than watching 13 days of
LoA, Pog and similar channels! More of these Ben 🙂 

Mo Gainz says:

11:56 Oh man. I though muscle confusion was doing curls while standing on
an incline bench.I thought that would confuse the FUCK out of the muscle.
Guess I was wrong. Goddamit…

Craig O'Brien says:

I could honestly listen to BPak talk about this sort of stuff ALL DAY!

Blackain66 says:

ben u say casein is not anabolic coz it doenst contain enough BCAAs
BUT in any source i find 250g of quark contain ~ 6g BCAAs (3g Leucine)
which sould be fine and is equal to a whey shake
so i dont get why casein is worse than whey in the evening ?
plz anyone tell me.. ether ben is wrong here or what am i missing ?

Nixa Zizu says:

Ben you are smart and good for youtube.Can you do some video and talk about
big gut ? I dont want that you think i am hater but can you talk about that
part of bodybuilding.Cuz it is a big problem.

Mathias Rongsted says:

Ben you are awesome! Keep on uploading videos 🙂 

Nutribruxa DiCiero says:

Ben, today is Xmas and Im free to, finally, watch most of your videos! Im
your huge fan from Brazil, and actually I saw you this year at Olympia 2014
(and took a pic! 😀 ). I love your work and you are (by fat) the most
handsome bodybuilder ever. Im not asking something about diet, supplements
and training, but I wanna know: Are you single?! And what are you looking
more in a women (body and personality)? A big hug like your size from
Brazil! <3 And merry X-mas, Ben!!!

gareth procter says:

Super happy your back making videos again Ben 😀 that 4 -5 month gap killed

adrieltube says:

I get so much from these!! More of these please! It’s helpful when YOU do
these style of videos because you’re the only person out there I can
actually trust in getting me a valuable, specific, and accurate response in
a short answer format..
Thanks, Ben

Hans Braga says:

Bpak put some captions or try to talk a slower so ppl all around the world
can understand it easier.
Thx from Brazil

Mike Marra says:

Loving how active you’ve been lately on your YouTube channel. You don’t see
any other pro put this much effort to give out information like you do.
This really separates you from the rest. Thanks ben

Tracy Self says:

Good informative video.
Thanks Ben for what you do.

mohd raheem says:

Hi sir this is Raheem khan frm India plz give me Body building diet tips 

21APAN says:

Proper leg curl in the back.

Mustafa Salman says:

Thank u Ben

happy new year and wish u all the best

Michelle Leon says:

i love your stuff, ben. always awesome. i was at the gym when you were
filming this and told you i follow you and love your stuff – so i’m
commenting to prove that i do follow lol. keep the info coming!

Andre Williams says:

excellent vid.
you should do these more often! at least till we run out of questions! lol

LeilaMurka says:

You….are….the man!!!!!!! Wow. Im learning so much.

Ryan says:

BPak you are excellent.

Marwan Ahli says:

You guys should appreciate all the Free info he gives ! his Programs MI40 +
MI40X will easily turn you into the smartest guy in the gym. Thanks Ben

MLBC17 says:

Hey the video could be 45 mins long and we’d still love it Bpak! Thanks!

Bruno Cutrupi says:

I look forward to these Vids !!! Thank you for the effort in educating us
on the proper principles. More please Ben ! :D

Conor O'Brien says:

Ben awesome video, but never feel like your videos have to be short, I
could listen to you for hours on end.

playermartin286 says:

why do you not us dairy products?

TGFitness Zyzz says:

this video isn’t long at all, the hell, it’s too short!

Michael says:

Kinda dumb question but how to you send Ben questions? Twitter or?

oskar7146 says:

I won’t more like this. 

DJ Vince says:

yay it’s back!

piotrrx1 says:

great job Ben 😀 

Rick M.H. says:

awesome vid ben… lots of ?s answered saved me hours from reading forums

mohd raheem says:

Sir plz give me Reply 

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