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Best Workout for Big Triceps with Professional Trainer Victor Costa
The tricep extension is a great exercise for building mass and definition.
There are a few rules to triceps pushdowns that if followed, will make all the difference in your training. Posture and position is just as important as how much weight you use. This exercise can be the staple of a great triceps workout.
Use manageable weights in the form described in this video and you will feel your triceps like you never have before. This is a great exercise for adding mass and actually, one of the safest exercises for triceps.
Victor Costa has developed an incredible training program that can help you develop your arms, biceps, triceps, chest, legs, shoulders and abs.
On Vic provides 2 workout dvds- one for home and one for the gym. Vic has also developed audios workouts that you can take to the gym on your Smartphone. A recent article suggests that Vic is among the Best Trainers in the World see article
Visit Vic’s site at to purchase his workouts and
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Sunglasses Nation says:

Your videos are amazing I see results already after only 2 weeks. My
biggest issue is getting rid of fat in lower abs.

Andy Azerg says:

Now I really start listening
Before I was just doing things without knowing the ” HOW ” to workout
Thanks to you, I really start enjoying my working-out and see the results
on my muscles.
Thanks a lot for sharing.

vicsnatural says:

Looking forward to your comments. Peace, Vic

Michael Rios says:

Thanks for the videos Vic, I’ve been lifting for a year now, I use a lot of
your techniques and have learned a ton. I even take this back to my boxing
gym and help the young boxers with strength training. Peace,Mike

darbare says:

Been doing these Vic the way you do them, and my triceps have really grown
especially at the top in the past month already

Sune Jepsen says:

Great exercises! I noticed when you go up in weight (around 60 lbs), it is
impossible not to use abdominal muscles and wings to keep yourself in that

vicsnatural says:

Excellent . Happy I had some part in your success, Peace, Vic

Khoudja Meidi says:

yesterday with two wieghts i was close to cry before finiching, you are so
strong man

camrsaro says:

It looks way better to have mass and be cut at the same time. Most people
think the balloon arms are nice but no homo this guy has nice arms

Kaleb Malificus says:

I love your vids!

Syafiq Iman says:

Peanut butter jelly time…. Hey your technique helps me a bunch thanks 🙂

vicsnatural says:

The pleasure was all mine. You have a terrific build. Anything I can do,
let me know. Available on Facebook if you want to message me. Maybe I’ll
see you there again. Peace, Vic

Imtiyaz Ahmad says:

i love ur videos

ColumboRon says:

I watched an old video of Vic’s when I was working out in 2008 doing
exactly this. It was amazing. I’ve been out of the game for a few years now
but about to get back into it and I came straight back to search these
vids. This and the other tricep video of Vic’s where you lay back on the
bench are the two best tricep workouts I’ve ever come across. You don’t
need to do too much apart from these. Just make sure you do them properly!
Very quick results!

vicsnatural says:

I am certainly leaning into the machine, but by no means using my body to
press down. It’s all in the hips. Tilt forward. Peace, Vic

rohanpogi says:

nice triceps. lol

vicsnatural says:

Thanks for watching and enjoying what I am doing , Peace, Vic

vicsnatural says:

But then it got easier right Kalim? Peace, Vic

Gun Dgen says:

hahahaha….”Fish hooked”! I finally have a name for it! I shouldn’t laugh
because I experienced I “Fish hook” once; I thought I my nose got pulled
over my skull.

jambub says:

i workout at home. do you have any other exercises i can do for triceps?

FlySV says:

Man from all videos I have seen, you are the best one so far! Very real …

vsonic86 says:

jeeze, he doesn’t have to flex. His bicep is almost the size of his head.

vicsnatural says:

Sometimes it is how the rest of the body is positioned. Sometimes, when I
can’t feel one side or another, I start my pushing with that side first.
Just for an instant at the beginning of the rep start with the side you
normally don’t feel. Make sense? Peace. Vic

BigRyUnitedGuy says:

Well damn, just goes to show that just when you think yet doing something
with strict form, it’s really not…I always would have my elbows against
my sides. Will definitely give this a go on Monday. Guess I better
subscribe too while I’m at it lol. Thanks again.

PSKallesoe says:

what’s your opinion about this vs using something like a robe instead of a
bar? For me the robe is better, seems more natural movement and I can’t
lift as much as with a bar, which for me is great.

AtreyuBfmvA7x says:

vic i love you videos so much! after hours of watching all your different
workout videos I realized i’m doing about 110% of them wrong, which is
probably why I seem to have hit a peak in my building. Lesson learned (from
all your videos as a whole), less weight is better when you properly breath
and use proper form, as well as mentally focusing on the muscle while
lifting. Thanks again!

Clint Caswell says:

great tricep guide, really enjoy your articles, would love some on over 40
s training, thanks clint. uk

Caleb Santos says:

Hey Vic, I have been following your advice and tips for a long time now and
I have to say I made ALOT of progress with you help. My workout regime and
What I do has changed decreased in weights, etc. I have a question though,
With the Tricep push downs, when I use a bar I feel more… of a pump and
like it’s my left tricep. I started doing single handed with a handle
tricep pull downs. why do you think my left tricep was feeling like it was
getting a better workout than my right?

vicsnatural says:

Happy to hear your getting great results. Peace, Vic

Willy Montano says:

great vid Vic, keep it up your boy, Will

Ferz Nator says:

reply with a video of your own :p

timshel Leo says:

Thanks Vic Your videos have made a real difference …a real wealth of
knowledge. Always looking for new ones and going over the older ones too.

rebmit01shotable says:

Great video.. what’s the best free weight tri. Workout there’s so many out

meskeriotojas says:

Nice biceps! btw nice guide video, great explaination.

Riley Connor says:

Hey Vic, Do you use any strength parameters in your workouts?

seanjon says:

Ha looks like a gym from the 80s.. wood panels on the walls nd a lonely

vicsnatural says:

Most welcome, Peace, Vic

vicsnatural says:

PLease do and let me know how your training session went. Peace, Vic

Andreas Carlen says:

Thanks for all your effort to do better training, many thanks from sweden.
Im seeing excellent result from your tips 🙂

MegaSchoolprojects10 says:

I wish u could train me in person

Ridders AlQada says:

i’m a big fan of you coach Vic from the middle east thank you very much u
helped me

ebrahim turner says:

90 comments and 90,000 views, wow.

Scott Thurmer says:

Ronnie Coleman’s got nothin on vic 😉

Toby VanBaast says:

Excellent work. And fantastic workout to suggest.

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