Best Workout Motivation Music (Rap / Rock) 2015 VOL1

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(Youtube muted my video..) FCKING SH*T! :@
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00:00 Avery Watts – A Cut Above (Remix)
02:38 55 Escape – Another Me
04:37 Limp Bizkit – Rollin
07:05 In Flames- Cloud Connected (Club Connected Remix)
09:40 NEVER SETTLE [Lost Soul Mx] – Rob Bailey
12:00 Hollywood Undead – Young
14:03 Lil Jon vs Roy Jones Jr-Cant Get Low
18:44 Sarafa – Sofia De Janeiro
21:50 Snowgoons – Goons Stampede (Feat. Rakaa, Reks Sicknature)
24:36 Disturbed – Down With The Sickness (SubVibe Drumstep Remix)
28:55 Freestylers feat Belle Humble – Cracks (Flux Pavillion Remix)
33:25 Lord Vital – Beastmode
35:55 Bone Crusher ft. Lil Jon – SAW Theme
39:00 55 Escape – Open your eyes
42:56 Skillet-Monster
44:06 Papa Roach-One Track Mind
46:45 skillet-it’s not me it’s you
49:35 Snowgoons-This Is Where the Fun Stops (ft.Reef the Lost Cauze)
53:20 Three 6 Mafia vs. Metallica-Lightning Head Wick it Remix
55:44 Snowgoons-The Rapture ft. Meth Mouth, Swifty Mcvay
58:42 Tech N9ne-Sickology 101 (ft. Chino XL)
01:01:52 Stemm-Face the Pain
01:04:18 The Unguided-Phoenix Down Zardonic Remix
01:07:43 HOLD STRONG By Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard
01:11:00 Avenged Sevenfold-Walk
01:15:04 55 Escape-Spoken
01:18:08 Behold The Flood-Crawling in the dark (Hoobastank cover)
01:20:31 55 Escape-Forever
01:22:28 Earshot-Wait
01:25:10 Feint – Snake Eyes (feat. CoMa)
01:27:32 Lil Jon -Throw It Up (feat. Pastor Troy)
01:33:00 HUNGRY- By Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard
01:36:36 Linkin Park-Given Up
01:39:05 Killswitch Engage-The End of Heartache

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RTTWLR says:

Sorry Guys.. youtube is fcking asshole.. muted my video…
Listen here:

Chuck Lee says:

Finally real workout music with hardcore adrenaline rushing pump up
motivational songs that gets you going and not any of that hip hop sissy
crap that a lot of people mistake for workout music.

VityOfficial says:

Am I the only one who has no audio in this video ?

Philipp Grabka says:

“Get out of my face.” “You are not….”

This crap mostly comes from newbies who lifted maybe for a single year and
think they’re badass. The gym is a possible place to make friends, all
people there are chasing similar goals, its a own society and no place for
people with complexes and social incompetence.

go2grave01 says:

The Disturbed Remix is fucking shit.

Nekazvam Paknz says:

best mix ever! ENERGY RUSH!!!

Mike Ennis says:

Hey Philipp,
Check this out. The gym is like every other part of life we all deal with.
There are easy to get along with people and there are total assholes. After
being away from the gym atmosphere for years and training at home,i can
honestly say what i see now is nothing like it used to be.It has become a
big business and all the bullshitters are out to take you for all your hard
earned dollars. Trainers,gym owners,supplement companies all pedalling
their crap. There are some good ones left, but not like it used to be. Most
of these places called gyms are fitness facilities. A true gym is what you
refer to. Its the attitude within.I dont know it all,but i know enough and
still learning every day. My goals are my goals and i compete against
myself. May everyone continue to get better.

Master instructor
state,regional,national winner drug free bodybuilding
Regional finalist drug free powerlifting
Good luck to everyone!

dicho dichev says:

Sarafa – Sofia De Janeiro why would id you put it 😀 ?I mean song is
pretty cool but unless you know Bulgarian you cannot know what the heck he
is saying..

Fuark Bro! says:

Fuck man. This is some good shit.

ezskanken says:

This alright till that Mexican music came on

Florin De Luca says:

best tracklist in a long time 

Joao Barbosa says:

Guys download shazam from app store so you know the songs’ names

Maestro FER says:

Fu ck ing AWESOME!! I always listening when I’m doing sport.

OrdenedChaos says:

Awesome track choice mate, we got the same taste when it comes to hard
shizzle. Most of these hard workout mixes there are like 3 or more pussy
tracks in that destroy your “zone” instantly. This one kicked ass brother,
really enjoyed it. 36:00 made me go rampage. Thanks for posting, doing my
best to get mine up too. Greets from Belgium.

Frans Lozada says:

Best mix I ever heard!!

spawnx nonpoint says:

what song in 1:18 ? please somebody help me brother.

Frank Chan says:

Thank you….this is the best collection for tough training workout music
ever shared…it really sweats out..

HorseTheBadAss says:

I will subscribe if you make workout motivation music again. And nice mix

mariden amanda says:

rok’s rap top hits

zwijndrechtfilmcrew says:

plz put length next to songs

sasan nojumi says:

good shit

diego marroquin says:

thank you so much for the music!!!

Randy Grinstead says:

the best workout one yet 

Peter Yang says:

This mah shit, thanks! 

salvo bom says:

very motivational music…thanks a lot

Ruskoo Dub says:

tell me please who know the name of the guy from 17:00 ? (wallpaper never
back down) sory for my english

Tudor Susanu says:

Other download links?

Genkui :D says:

what is song name that starts in 36:00

ylianylian ylian says:

très rock, excellent, j’adore !

konstanZX2 says:

wheres the vol 2?

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