Bigger Arms – Bodybuilder Secrets For Bigger Biceps

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Sick Of Your Eleven-Teen Inch Arms?! Take 2 Minutes To Learn These 7 Insider Tips To Getting Bigger Arms That Will Change The Way You Train Forever…

Bigger Arms! Hey lifting fans. I’m Kurt Bradley, competitive natural
bodybuilder and personal trainer. I’m here today to talk to you about
getting bigger arms. I’m not just talking about any kind of bigger arms.
I’m talking about superhero shirt stretching kind of bigger arms. Arms have
got to be one of my favorite body parts to train, hands down. I think I get
more compliments from arms than anything else. They’re the body part that
girls like touching more than anything else. So listen to me now as I share
with you seven tips for getting bigger arms.

Bigger arms training tip number one, give arms their own day. Giving arms
their own day allows you to train arms when your focus is at its highest.
Your arms are fresh. Resulting in most likely maximum strength and size
gains. So definitely give arms their own day and bigger arms are coming.

Bigger arms training tip number two: Always train with a thick bar.
Training with a thick bar is one of the best ways to develop maximum arm
size and strength. Training with a thick bar is like training with a
regular bar, only it’s two to three times its size. This thick bar is a
beast. Thick bars are two to three times the size of a normal bar. Most
gyms don’t have them and they’re also very expensive. This guy here costs
about 800 bucks. If you don’t have one that’s not a problem. You can just
put a pair of Fat Gripz on anything. You can put Fat Gripz on barbells,
dumbbells, chin ups, do it for lat pull downs and at a fraction of the
cost. Turn anything into a thick bar, Fat Gripz.

Bigger arms training tip number three: Train your damn forearms! I can’t
count the times that I’ve seen guys with big bis, big tris, with skinny
little forearms. It makes the whole arm looks small. What’s the best way to
train forearms you ask? Use a thick bar. You don’t have a thick bar; get
yourself a pair of Fat Gripz now!

Bigger arms training tip number four: Train to maximize pump and blood
flow. See blood carries with it valuable nutrients which will help with
your arms size and strength gains. Training to maximize pump and blood flow
will also help stretch the muscle fascia. The fascia is a tight sheath like
substance that surrounds the muscle tissue. So keep your reps at an eight
to fifteen rep range, keep your rest times low, and watch your arms grow.

Bigger arms training tip number five: Get Leaner! Every time you can see
the muscle definition and those veins underneath the arms. You look so much
bigger! So my advice is skip that dessert, get on a StairMaster, and start
getting leaner now! Bam!

Bigger arms training tip number six: Pick one body part and make that your
focus. Listen, if you’re trying to smash every body part every single
workout. Your strength and size gains are going to be slow at best. Pick
one body part and make that your focus for the next two to three months. In
this case: Arms. So if you’re going to train arms at about 100%. All the
other body parts you need to train maybe about 85% to 90% for the next two
to three months. Don’t worry. Your body will shrink but if you take this
approach, your arms will definitely grow.

Bigger arms training tip number seven: Use a variety of exercises. Listen
man, there’s so many damn exercises to choose from you don’t have to do
bicep curls and tricep pressdowns every workout. There are so many
exercises for you to throw into your arsenal. Here’s a list of a few of
them: Standing dumbbell curls, standing hammer curls, dual dumbbell curls,
concentration curls, preacher bench stock curls, reverse barbell curls,
cable curls, dual decline curls, killer 21’s (seven bottom, seven top,
seven full), tricep pressdowns, single arm pressdown, tricep kickbacks,
tricep rope pressdown (these are killer), skullcrushers (chains optional),
triceps overhead extension, bench dips, dumbbell skull crushers.

In conclusion, I’ve given you seven tips for bigger arms. One, always give
arms their own day. Two, always train with a thick bar. You don’t have a
thick bar; get some Fat Gripz. Three, train your forearms. Four, train to
maximize pump and blood flow to the muscle tissue. Five, Get leaner. Six,
focus on one body part at a time. In this case: Arms. Seven, use a variety
of exercises. Hey until next time, train hard. I’ll see you in the gym.


Fungi Byproduct says:

The internet: where every motherfucker is smarter, bigger, really young in
some instances, a millionaire and the list goes on. You need only look at
the comments above and below me to realize the sheer number of ignorant
fucks that have something worthless to suggest. If you don’t like what this
individual has to say the GTFO his channel and go watch Sailor Moon or
Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Harivansh Kapoor says:

He might be strong but he’s most likely dumb.

79Pedrosanchez says:

This guy is an absolute retard. His arms are ok but the symetry is real bad
when you look at the shoulders. Small shoulders and small back. It is a
disgrace to see him wearing an Arnold shirt. He should squat more, deadlift
more, rowing and shoulder press more and do incline press and dumbell fly.
So fucking funny to pretend to be a professionnal/competitive bodybuilder.
Jay cutler for the intro… that was good too.

Raechel Kelso says:

i made my boyfriend watch this and he said “fuck you i dont like this guy!”
He also said hes just going to get on the sauce. 

neo cortex says:

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ParkourPeepl says:

haha when he was doin all the pull down stuff did you see the weight he was
lifting hahha

nibble english says:

hows the muscles between your ears

JarnBjorn72 says:

Great tips, Alpha! My favorite arm exercise that I learned back in ’93
from a very cool whitebearded guy I met at the gym that was abt. 70 was
what he called the “Dirty thirties”, where you use 30lb dumbells in each
fist over your head, bending at the elbow lifting the weight until your arm
is fully extended over your head. We usually did these sitting on a bench,
facing the mirror, lifting veery slowly, getting every last ounce of
benefit from each lift. I’d make a video to show how these are done
properly, but suffered a stroke that was caused by a brain tumor behind my
rt. eye back in 1996, so my left arm’s been mostly useless ever since and I
haven’t been able to do much lifting since then. Hopefully I described how
the “Dirty 30s” are done well enough here that, if you’re reading this
comment, you’ll understand how they’re done. Good luck to all, and keep
eating plenty of protein!

Oscar Fenner says:

I swear he’s reading from a script, all those pauses …

matt dawson says:

lol it’s funny when you mentioned skinny forearms and big tri’s an bi’s
……… Your shoulder are tiny lol

Need to work the shoulder also bro an your guns will look even bigger woop
woop ;)

Nuckie China says:

but your arms are too small… but you can teach me to talk too much like
you do, you got a running mouth young lady

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as usual the moron’s sitting behind the computer making comments, this guy
I guarantee has a better body than all of u and would prob slap all of u
around, if I’m wrong all of u that are criticizing post your video of
yourself and we will determine. I will admit if I’m wrong

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I love your vids because the audio is like a porno !

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I think he needs to stop taking steroids 

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Caramelo Anthony says:

Something seems weird about this dude’s body…his chest seems to kinda go
inward, almost like he doesn’t train chest but does train all other muscles
really well

Henry B says:

what a complete and utter cunt

jproctornyy1 says:

How many times have I heard fat grips in this video?

Angelo Taracena says:

hey man i want to thank you.. i seen this video hella long ago.. i bought
the fat gripz the same day i saw the video lol.. 4 months later my arms are
look good a.f!!! i have little joints but the fat gripz helped a lot making
my forarms bigger and sort of hiding my little wrists. they hurt like a
mo-fo tho the first 3 weeks but pushing thru it helped.. thanks man!

Bob Stookey says:

3:30 typical bodybuilding idiot, damn near every oly lifter powerlifter and
strongman trains either full body push pull or upper lower

Ninja Yusu says:

I will destroy you.

itos g says:

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interesting videos and the guy looks natural keep on 1

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