Bodybuilding IS Strength Training

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Danny Mexia says:

I feel like this video needs to be shown to beginners who are starting out
weightlifting and want to take it serious, great video

mnanaukk dz says:

You’re talking like you are a nuclear professor loool, just make it easy
man, lift and you’ll be stron guys ;)

gfjdhdfghfdjgf says:

powerlifters might be big, but Olympic lifters aren’t.
there must be something that 100 pound Chinese girl Olympic lifters are
doing differently

Strength Camp says:
Seany Worny says:

Just lift…

PowerMindLimitless says:

i was going to do 4weeks of bodybuilding, 4 weeks of powerlifting, and then
another 4 weeks of the two mixed…..but now i might just do 6 weeks
bodybuilding, and 6 weeks powerlifting…hmmmmm

Zahi Kanaan says:

muscle groups get bigger through tear and repair. muscle groups get
stronger through muscle fiber recruitment.

Rhys Campbell says:

I know many people who are really strong and not built at all, and other
people who are built like Hulk Hogan and can’t lift anything like the
smaller people. Just because you’re huge doesn’t mean you’re strong.

Thomas Torrissen says:

Yo elliot: could you do a review, or something along the lines of “you’r
thoughts on” Mike Chang’s “Afterburn fuel”. It’s everywhere, and i wanna
know from a pro like you, if it works as good as everyone says it does

joseph lopez says:

i was waiting for somebody to make this statement

Jayhee Napalm says:

how the fuck can we give comments a thumbs up or not in this fucking shitty
google plus yourshittube ;_; really has nothing to do this video but just
came up to my mind that how the fuck elliot will now take questions that we
want to hear without any clue which one we like the most.

Roman8707 says:

Just to add on some things. Whether you’re training to be a powerlifter, or
a bodybuilder, you still gotta work to put more weight on the bar. You get
stronger with either method. Don’t concern yourself with sarcoplasmic or
myofibrillar hypertrophy; it doesn’t really matter. If you’re beginning, or
even intermediate, you’ll gain muscle regardless as long as you have more
calories in vs calories out. If you don’t get this concept, you might gain
a little bit, but you’ll hit a plateau a lot quicker whether you’re
bodybuilding or powerlifting. If you’re eating a fuck-ton but still stall,
then it’s time to do a reset/deload, or move on to another program. When
you first start out, do what’s more comfortable for you. Either higher
volume and less weight (like 3×8-10), or more intense (3×3-5). Either way
you’ll gain size.

Claudius Odermatt says:

Thanks Elliot!

alexxdarussian says:

How the fuck, did a planet fitness commercial get my man elliots channel?
They had a girl die in the locker room, because some pussy refused to go to
the womens locker room after she collapsed. Shut them faggots down

Shonda Taylor says:

Hey Elliott, Ok so I am a naturally petite young woman that wants to build
muscle, tone up whichever one, but I also want to gain weight/muscle, I do
not want to lose any of the weight I do have though. Is there any advice
you can give me on strength training,types of exercises I can do, and do
you think its posible for me to put on weight while strength training. I
know it might be hard for me but I am trying to get a little educated on
what I have to focus on before I start hitting the gym.. Thanks

Mateus S. Soares says:

eyebrows mia

Markus Helenius says:

I acctually realized that what usain bolt does is that he uses hypertrophy
rep ranges, but do movements explosively and the intervall he trains is
similar to 100m sprint so It’s going to last like 10 secs / set. I do not
know how long he rests in between, but I guess pretty long time so he don’t
get too bulked and not get too much of that hypertrophy response wich would
slow him down. Nowadays he is little bigger but times going meybe little
down too? 

John Stratus says:

i just kinda fell into this approach because i realised that a couple
months of strength training gives allows me to up the weight. until i
started doing this i was doing 3×8 and not slow reps but not able to
increase the weight. 

Andrew Greer says:

are you a virgo elliot?

Le BahamutXVI says:

I don’t understand everything you say in your videos, but you have one more
fan today !
I Like your videos keep doing this. thank you :-)

Ian Macdonald says:

Where do you send your questions to that he answers in the videos?

Benjamin Mehinovic says:

My question is how much Strength can you actually get and build over the
years of training that you do.
Does strength have to do with your age and body type as you grow stronger
and get older does it increase?

Shaine MacDonald says:

I was humbled when I was told by my physiotherapist to change from 5s x 5r
or 3 x 5 with heavy weights to 5s x 10r using medium to light weights.
It’s a whole new fucking world!

taregh1 says:


TheSecondWindd says:

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Josh Hageman says:

Hey Elliot, I’ve just started stronglifts 5×5 and I want to add plyometrics
to build some explosiveness for football. My question is will that effect
my recovery time and possibly cause me to plateau in the weight room?

Eric Winter says:

The Cube Method, or Jonnie Candito’s program. Amazing for strength but also
for building muscle

Muppet Man says:

Watched while eating chicken breast.

Justin Choy says:

Whilst I enjoy Elliot’s video’s, I find that he seems to over articulate
his explanations with the technical terms that end up losing me – and at
times, it seems he loses his own way.

I have no reason to doubt his information – but it is mainly due to the
common sense of it rather than the scientific terms.

lVlaKaVeLi says:

@SaltusEtiam lol

falcodarkzz says:

Couldn’t agree more here Eliot. Big compounds movements are all we need to
get jacked.

GucciMango says:

what happened to your left hand?

TheOrdinaryEconomist says:

What are you thoughts on pyramid sets such as 12-8-4 for a hybrid approach?

deathtoislam1000 says:

every week i change my reps range
is that a good idea?

Matthew McCann says:

Doing push ups, pull ups, crunches and various other core workouts make you
stronger. Bodybuilding increases size and some strength but not as much as
core exercises that I just mentioned. Someone who does 500 push ups a day
will have a stronger chest and shoulders than some dude hitting the bench
once a week and eating like a horse.

Lester Faapaiaga says:

Is this guy related to the hodge twins?

boy123838 says:

Oke kinda abstract question, but is it smart to get big and then go and do

zizou zigzag says:

to have more insight and to test this i advice you to follow Power Body
Building by Mike O’hearn or to check this prog. i will start this next week
and see

Anton Roessler says:

I watch your videos because you are not saying, “ummmm.. ummmm…” or “you
know?” in between every sentence. You have a rather uncanny way around
words my good sir

thebout1 says:

increase protein intake (and adjust your other macros proportionally).
Since you’re not as active you need to reduce your carb intake and you
definitely need to cut out refined/starchy carbs as much as possible. Stick
to lean cuts of meat, don’t have fish more than 2x/week. Increase vegetable
intake (you don’t want to eat too much fruit or juices since the fructose
will promote more fat deposition). Make sure you stay hydrated throughout
the day and get plenty of sleep.

patrebeltv says:

Search “metabolic rate calculator” on google. It varies from individual to
individual, depending on your gender, age, height, weight, and activity
level. I’m sure there are a culmination of other factors involved in this
process as well, but this gives you a pretty accurate account of where your
metabolic rate is at!

pacs CS says:

Just to support and give an example in regards to Elliott’s opening
statement, Konstantin Konstantinovs is a great powerlifter, has the 4th
strongest raw deadlift in the world and he’s VERY jacked! Even has a 6-pack

Edward Bignell says:

yep, spot on! although recently (maybe due to my ‘push’ strength to be my
strongest) I’ve found I’ve started to become a little kyphotic in my
posture, so I’ve cut down on the frequency of push exercises by switching
between ohp and bench each split. so week 1: dead-bench-squat. week 2:

Joe Mc'Laughlin says:

elliot hulse, i am offended by this video. -regards your biggest fan.

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