Bodybuilding Motivation – It’s not just Training

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But don’t forget to eat!


Track: Steve Jablonsky – Arrival To Earth


XYZ says:

…It’s Roids. 95% roids 5% Rich Piana.

Broom says:

People are so stupid. This physique IS achievable naturally. Could it take
more years of training than some of these guys have even been alive? Maybe,
but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fucking possible. You have to eat a shit ton
to get your size up, and you have to shock the fuck out of the muscle. You
can’t just go in and hit bench twice a week and expect to have a shredded
fucking chest. You can’t just do some dumbbell shoulder presses and expect
your shoulders to be perfect all the way around. You have to train right,
and you have to train like a fucking psycho at the same time. Nothing is
impossible, people are just tricking themselves into thinking it is. Stop
being a pussy and go get the shit man. I haven’t even been working out for
a year yet, and I know that at that 10-year mark, I’m going to be a fucking
monster. Why? Because I want to be. That’s all it takes. You gotta want it

andrednz says:

This is better than Titanic. Tears rollin… 

Fernando Souza says:

Si liga na Fibragens dos Caras. secando ate a lagrima, Tricando por

Thelionfan11 says:

Yeah nice food stuff but the video doesn’t show us the other much important
stuff you know what i mean i’m sure of it !!

Lynn Phillips says:

If these guys didn’t take roids they would still have great physiques, just
smaller, most people who take roids don’t look this, I love bodybuilding
but I don’t love the direction it has gone, the sport is projecting a ideal
of that can’t be reached naturally. 

Eduardo Henrique Molina Ferreira says:

Esse é o meu Jack 3D!!!

Mrlolibre says:

All these guys are pussies compared to Channing Tatum.

Simon L. says:

2:16 Buste Rymes Cousine

Nasiphi Ntshanga says:


Jesse Jefrey says:

all this poor people need love not steroids :(

Ruban Rouge says:

Dégueulasse des mutants plus rien de naturel avec tout leurs produits dans
les veines aucuns mérite.
Tous opéré des pecs beurk.

Paul Sneyd says:

I couldn’t afford the grocery bill .never mind the roids

Alan Czyzykowski says:

Is it possible to be that big without roids,juice ?

Denis Baskovsky says:

А теперь ебашить посоны!

Juan Daniel Sanchez says:

excelente video !!! (Y)

H Apache Montoya says:

Great motivation!! Especially for the the natural like myself that just
improved by the years of training hard to try and keep up with this guys
that I respect so much for all they do to be like that and also know the
health risk involved. Peace to all iron brothers! Thanks

FlubahDub says:

needs to be titled “It’s not just Training, its Steroids”

Elian Piano says:

I like that guy who has a block as butt

George carnes says:

whos the guy at the start yelling? i love that

LB AB bro says:

you’re right it’s not just training it’s training and dooping

DuryDast says:

with good stuff ( you know what i mean) any shit (bullshit training) “will
be good” Xd 

Kevin Schmitz says:

so much yelling… fuck that shit. totally unnecessary.

Chance Brunnemann says:

I’m sorry, but these people should not get credit for cheating their
muscles and “working hard” when the roids are doing a majority of the work.
Yes, you need to eat right and healthy in order for the roids to work
properly and not cause major issues, but first of all why go through all
that just to impress others? You should only workout for you. Just like
when girls get spray tans, that’s not attractive at all and most men can
agree natural, sun-kissed skin is more appealing. Same thing here. I
guarantee most women that workout on a daily basis and stay committed,
without doing roids of course, much prefer a guy with the natural, toned

frizurd says:

this aint motivating AT ALL, these people aint natty
bunch of cheaters

Green Bear says:

Roids are disgusting

MinecraftTF11 says:

this a song from a Movie that big robot from other planet i just forgot
what movie is that? i think transformer? 

N0Y0urATube says:

It’s not just training it’s juicing

MsJackpike says:

Thumb nail bought me here search klaeebe for funny shit 

Vladimir Knezevic says:

this guy just knows how to make a GOD DAMN FUCKING VIDEO!

Daniel Rodriguez says:

Bodybuilding Motivation – It’s not just Training:

herbie0408 says:

Why bother wasting all this energy for vanity…dig a hole, pull some weeds
up, paint a wall, make yourself yous-full

Marcos Emdsa says:


Sablicious says:

It’s not just training — it’s also steroids.

markos georgiades says:

guy at 2:54?

Florian Meister says:

What’s the name of the song?

Guyaume G says:

good song, good steroid

Jonathan Persson says:

This is one of the most motivational videos on youtube, even if they are
steroid users they still workout a lot more intense than anyone of you

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