Bodybuilding Training – TEEN BODYBUILDER documentary (Part I)

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19 year old natural bodybuilder Garrett takes you through his upper body workout a week out from his bodybuilding contest where he won the novice lightweight bodybuilding class. part 1 of 5 height: 5’7″ weight: 155 lbs neck: 16″ chest: 41″ arms: 16″ forearms: 14″ waist: 31.5″ thighs: 22″ calves: 14.5″

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walk with snailsby Thomas Ewel and
Keith Roy
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Brendon C says:

Maybe “B” stands for Beast. But I would like to know his last name.

LetThePeopleSing67 says:

This is shit just watching some teenager doing his workout I see it at the
gym every day

ALLPRO839 says:

Put your shirt back on buddy.

bicmyflic25 says:

155 pounds hmmm jeeez how should I put this….. Your fucking small bro. id
rather see some fat 220 pound motherfcuker dumbbell press 110’s then watch
a guy who weighs less than my 10 year old sister do rear delts.

KingBalisong says:

Strong case of ILS(Inflated lat syndrome) You should get that looked at!

julio valenzuela says:

college wrestlers videos

1492 Wharton says:

You have some strength which is alright, but always look at bigger guys as
a way to keep you humble. Nothing like a muscled up guy that is conceited,
you know? It turns people off. Btw, you seem to have a naturally “narrow”
build in your chest. While it allows you to look stronger there to begin
with but could hinder strength maximums eventually, regardless. It’s is a
genetic thing and so use it to advantage while working around it to
compensate for any disadvantage in it.

Bobby R says:

Nice body, would love to be held between your thighs ;)

bicmyflic25 says:

and yes your shredded, yes your probably a better bodybuilder than me, but
for fucks sake bulk up to 180 or some shit like that. your 5’7 so its not
like your this midget that should always be like 140 pounds offseason.

Frederick Barrie says:

Dying to see those muscles do some throwing and pinning. You must be
awesome on the mats.

Bodybuilding Motivation says:

Bodybuilding Training – TEEN BODYBUILDER documentary.

VideoLifeWorld says:

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Bodybuilding Motivation says:

Bodybuilding Training – TEEN BODYBUILDER documentary

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