Bodybuilding vs Strength Training (for looking good)

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craig black says:

elliot i don’t understand i thought low reps 6-8 builds size 

Cameron Menshikov says:

I understand the image of “bodybuilders are big but weak and powerlifters
are strong and fat” stereotype, but in one of Elliott’s other videos he
explains how bigger muscles are stronger muscles, which is right. Most
people forget that when the World’s Strongest Man came out, more than half
the competitors were pro bodybuilders and they were insanely strong. Jon
Pall Sigmarsson and Mark Felix are two strongmen that came from
bodybuilding backgrounds. Just wanted to point that out for you guys

Rusty Blade says:

if you focus on strength, what you get are flat, hard and fucking solid
muscle that are hard and strong. i would rather have that than big, puffy
and swolen muscle that are weak, most of the time. and seriously, you get
big from strength training to. its not like you’ll get smaller… just
focus on full body workouts to stimulate more muscles for more muscle
fibers, and you’ll stay big AND strong. at least that works for me.. and
thats funny because im like short as hell (1.68), but still people around
me call me the ”big guy”..

Manish Naidu says:

I need advise on my workout.
I’m 5′ 10″.84 kg about 172 lbs..
I do 50mins cardio n weight 6 days a week.
I want get lean n ripped…my trainer makes me do cardio first…what do I

adamJcarter says:

Strength training is my fav, I would suggest people strength train before

glen elkin says:

Oh but you are beautiful yet elliot

Jaap Zoutsma says:

For me in the winter its strenght, summer bodybuilding, Works just fine…

Callum Stewart says:

This guy hasn’t a fucking clue what he’s talking about. How in the fuck is
a body-building type split, ie, once or maybe twice a week, supposed to be
high frequency? Strength training programmes will have you pressing,
squatting, and pulling off of the floor multiple times per week. Advanced
lifters will sometimes do this 13 times a week. If you’re benching 3×5 or
4×5 3 times a week, that’s a total of 9-12 sets per week, or 45-60 reps.
That’s not low volume (though maybe lower than body-building), and it
CERTAINLY isn’t low frequency. I agree with the rest intervals (although
speed work with timed rest intervals can be an awesome training tool), but
strength training doesn’t use the metabolic system?? Get the fuck outta
here, there are huge adaptations that occur with heavy weights, Staying
mainly in the ATP-CP side, whereas body-building will be more towards
glycolysis. The neural system is developed more during strength training,
but that is by no means a trade off for metabolic and physical adaptation,
until will get to the technical exercises, like the clean, and snatch. 

J. Lee says:

Holyyy fuck, you’re really intelligent and helpful. I have so much respect
for you, keep up the videos Elliott!

kofmystr says:

2:54 Like hell you aren’t

liam handley says:

Dont say that Elliot, You ARE beautiful! >:D

Alucian Lucida says:

While a few videos I may disagree with, this is one I wholly do. Mainly
because, as a short male strength lifter, people are constantly surprised
on how strong I am despite my size. I’m only 5’4″ and 140 pounds but I can
easily lift as much as those who are 6’4″ and 220 pounds. It’s strength
training that does it. 

Kevin R. Serrano says:

I went from a 6-12 rep (sometimes 3-12 reps) program to 5×5 for a few
months. Broke some strength plateaus slightly and got more muscular too.

Donovan James says:

Yea I knew I wasn’t resting too long I thought I was the only one who
rested for 5mins sometimes 

Celltypewhatkind says:

that,s what i want , thick muscles looks 

woo bear says:

man thanks to you I have nigha muscles now u are so connected to your
higher self are u a leo or something lmfao love u and ty my red
Doberman pincher freind

xxbublebee123 says:

so if I do both il be a ripped shredded cunt bro?

Roberts Jansons says:

I do both. One week strenght and the other higher reps. 

Rafael Flores says:

Elliot! Dude you should see if Joe Rogan will have you on his podcast! I
posted to a fan based facebook page and they all would be down to hear
yalls convo..

Adnan Abdelkader says:

i need to start strength training
but iam confused

1- i keep training on squat , deadlift , shoulder press , bench press ,
barbell row Only ?! 5 sets x 5 reps ??
2- is there is any amount for protein must be taken like body building ??

if any one can help and share full routines and workouts for strength
training and people to follow

keith jackson says:


MadWeiner . says:

Does creatine increase sarcoplasm?

khalsa sikh says:

I bet this guy can build a god damn spaceship and go to the moon by flying
it himself blindfolded! He knows everything else, doesn’t he?

Jósiás Hege says:

great vid but whats with the ”hey fuck you, baseball bat” stare at the

machel buchanan says:

strength training is the reason i look good and it allows you to lift
heaviers weights on a bodybuilding routine 

Moses Merete says:

This guy is confused. or didn’t do his research. A basic search on muscle
hypertrophy will show you that a strength training program produces it. In
fact it produces two types of hypertrophy ( one associated with
powerlifters and another for bodybuilders) 

gh8735 says:

i dont care if i look big i just want to be strong

Amanvir Uppal says:

Shut the fuck up callum stewart, u dont no wat ur talking about. Hes not
talking about total sets in a week hes talking about a single workout. U
weak prat bet u cant even deadlift one plate

Michael L says:

See this is where I get confused elliot, (and this question goes out to
anyone who can offer an answer) If you read the stronglifts report, Mehdi
mentions that you need 3000 calories to make progress, grow muscle and look
good. I’ve been using insanity for a long time now, and now I’ve lost a
fair amount of weight, I want to get STRONG and if a side effect of that is
a nice body that’s great. My fear is putting all the weight back on with
the aforementioned 3000 calories. I just don’t know what to do regarding
the diet side of things……

partylover61 says:

i need help. I want to simply tone my upper body and make it thinner but im
also body building my lower body. i do workouts for each three times a week
on different days but at different reps and different weight levels. is
that ok? i need advice!!!!

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