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If getting off the couch is the only workout your back gets, it’s time to destroy your routine. Dorian Yates, the master of high intensity training, has 5 back-busting exercises for you to build powerhouse lats! Transform your back from a house made of straw to an impenetrable Fort Knox of muscle!


rob lucci says:

(Kris Gethin)

Daniel Kobuszewski says:

and thats it 1 warmup and 1 work set for each exercise? there is no more
work sets for that one exercise?

TenSwordStyle says:

What is the song or tune at the beginning?

pew pew laser beams says:

wtf I have that 1st exercise but it´s for chest .. my gym trainer sux,

callofduty gym says:

does dorien yates still workout 

Keith Berry says:

Back day is tomorrow. This ought to be fun!

perbart1 says:

So much broscience in these comments….

stephen dang says:

What a fuckin God, holy shit, a lot of knowledge and barely says anything

Sarin Boonsin says:

pullover hitting my pec more than lat…

TS50ER says:

@9:20 Was he quoting Arnold?

Keith Berry says:

Back day is tomorrow. This ought to be fun!

Richard root says:

They filmed this with a lemon

deegan463 says:

All the other training videos from are a joke compared to

Dorian Yates knows his stuff, and speaks about it in an eloquent yet
understandable and concise manner. Not to mention 6 time Mr Olympia…

xristos722 says:

You certainly need a spotter on this type of training. If you work alone
it’s difficult to follow it.

Luke Jones says:

Different bodybuilders have different styles dorian yates was high
intensity low volume he does two or three sets to warm up and 1 all out
failor recorded the weights and beat them the next week or longer with
perfect form to say this is the best type of training and high volume is
not as affective means u know nothing of bodybuilding u have to do what
works for u bad form heavy weight works for branch warren but not most
anyone else perfect form low volume worked for dorian but extremely high
volume low intensity works for jay cutler to bring a larger pump there is
no one size fits all program and to think there is is pointless u can get
affectiveness from almost any style but the perfect routine for u is maybe
not the same for me dorian yates a monster and a legend in bodybuilding I
have absolute respect for him and in his era every bodybuilder like lee
haney trained less scientifically an relied less on rest dorians styles
have changed modern bodybuilding

Francis Benfatto says:


Michael Kanis says:

High intensity, low frequency, and low volume is the perfect formula for
ME. It wouldn’t have been optimal as a beginner or early intermediate
though. Decided for yourself through experimentation how you want to
manipulate factors intensity, volume, and frequency.

The Rock says:

Chris Gethin?

Mack Blatch says:

If you only get growth from the reps you struggle on why not just do so
much weight you struggle to do only 1 rep

Elio Decolli says:

So this workout will just make me gain mass or definition too?

Max Peters says:

Widegrip cable row looks like a back snapper. 

Syahrul Anwar says:

kris gethin looks so small compared to his today’s physique..gainZZ !!!

Prinzz Akram says:


anton amendt says:

one know the music at 1.30?

winzfeld1 says:

No yates rows then?

billytheweasel says:

I like to alternate this with a Serge Nubret type program. It doesn’t let
the muscles adapt and my joints need to recover from going heavier.

arjuna bijapur says:

Is chris Gethin getting trained ????????????????

AMatheus Frota says:

what’s the name of the songs used on the video ? specially the one that
goes when the guy is doin’ the deadlift… 

iamsexyandyouknowit says:

kris getting punished by yates..haha..! usually its the other way around
but not with the great Dorian Yates..

cichmugs says:

music anyone? what is the music on the beginning

AverageBurr says:

what is the theory behind only going 2 sets each exercise? Since everyone
else seems to do 3 or 4. I’m keen to learn since Yates had such an awesome

xxscribzxx says:


James Caputo says:

If you do these exercises you’ll look just like Dorian.

NiGHTWOLVE22 says:

BiG christ you fucking beats!!!

freshhug says:

What heppend to DY’s right arm? Looks like he losta muscle or got badly

Endrikh Darkvine CXVI says:

the back, just like the legs are large muscles, better take this shit
seriously and make them rock hard.
Build a shield that breaks knives bahaha

bbrock RailFan says:

NO DOUBT 2 sets are more than enough on each exercise if you get serious
and push balls to the wall. High sets is the sign of someone who has no
confidence in what they are doing. You have to know “HEY I only got two
sets NO holding back on this set knucklehead!”

Francisco Cisneros says:

*There is a wealth of knowledge here from Dorian Yates. Caution: This is
meant for our advanced members that have been lifting weights for years.
Like always make sure you get cleared by your doctor before engaging in a
rigorous training program. High Intensity Training is meant to last 6
weeks followed by a recovery/maintenance phase. When training at this high
level, the chance of injury is much higher. Had to share because this can
be really helpful to our experienced weight lifters*.

Lis'a B says:

Workout your back to fail 

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