HST-Training: Best Bodybuilding Intermediate Program

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In this video I refer viewers to an intermediate bodybuilding program, since many are complaining that all the full body workouts are only for powerlifters.
I do not discuss how HST works, or the methodology behind it. I am simply telling you to look it up and read through the details behind it. If bodybuilding is truly your goal, you will make this investment for your knowledge and for the program that you’re about to do. So check it out, Hypertrophy Specific Training.



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yeah, HST is great, just the fact you hit everything 3 times a week low
volume gets you to where you want to be faster a lot faster …

Jade Kon says:

Happy to take your advice. Just had a look at the official website and the
science behind it.
My sister gonna try it as well but just got a question, she can only do 10
pull ups in a row, can she max out her pull ups then with a resistant band
for the last 5 reps in “15s” cycle? (she just wanna do pull ups instead of
other back exercises lol quite stubborn)

ROBERT hance says:

I’ve been training full body these past six weeks X2 a week and been making
gains every time I step in the gym, went from 275 one rep to 315 for a
single and 275 for 6 reps. Just went to 3x a week, gains are sky rocketing.
100% natural. Best way to go for natty lifters. 

WarcusSkates says:

I think I’m just gonna switch over to beltless barbell curls for my full
routine in the gym.

TheCosmiCriminal says:

Alex, What do you think about German volume 10×10 srs? 

Big L says:

Time to switch to full body

Deso97 says:

Yo Alex, a friend of mine is planning to start an HST program from
bodybuilding dot com: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/hst1b.htm

He was wondering if he could add up an extra set to each exercise. I told
him to just stick to the program, not modifying anything and just keep
adding weight, but he wants your validation. 

Ahnold Short says:

Hst’s great just needs a dummy’s guide since it can get pretty complicated

slr120397 says:

Hi Alex, just watched your stuff on elbow pain about being hyper mobile
with your elbows, I have the same thing as well, but I also have the
problem in my shoulders with the actual ball of the socket being able to
move more freely, and so anything going over my head the shoulders aren’t
as stable as other people’s shoulders, and its effecting the growth and
performance of my shoulders because my triceps kick in and take over all
the weight when I do overhead movements. Only time I feel any sort of
soreness in my shoulders is from chest work.
I’d greatly appreciate any sort of help dude, thanks, Sam.

WarcusSkates says:

Alex, do you think that for a novice I should just do 5×5 on bench, squat,
deadlift, ohp, and rows? My goals are building muscle but also strength.

Long Journey says:

Serious question are you gonna record training videos BEFORE or AFTER the
next snow storm? 

Johnson Olmz says:

Zyzz Brah!! 0:27 haha 

MrElias97 says:

Hey, why dont you do any workout videos? i would love to see that! :D

H. Riaz says:

Alex search up mike mentzer hit heavy duty training. Make a video on that.

darkman4747 says:

What do you think about PHAT?

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