Intense Chest Workout – Bodybuilding Push Training Day

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Intense Chest Workout – Bodybuilding Push Training Day
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More videos with Karl Ess are coming soon! Tomorrow we will do a push workout.
Part 2 of this push workout (triceps & shoulders) is coming soon!

Keep working out hard and stay dedicated! BOOM!

Alon Gabbay


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Mized Aye says:

Why is the title English, but the video is foreign 

mike peczinka says:

Too much weight on dumbells. Struggling with no form

alex courville says:

bunch of fkn faggots delete this video 

calvin cooke says:

7:08 ego lifter faggot 

bamba marquês says:

fucking faggots

Lukas Woo says:

Guy in red hat push so much wight but He is not that big.That shows high
reps are much better for muscle growth

Maximo Nivel says:

no posible roids for be taller, sorry.

Adi D says:

stupid training..

npgSymboL says:

Roid bandaids strong in this one

Herbert Larsen says:

Alon was sagst du zu sonnenbank damit die muskeln besser aussehen :)?

zohaib mir says:

heard a chris jones mention ha

ViiraL Pateel says:

this ain’t intense training..bunch of guys trying to lift heavy… i think
in thier dictianory intense meaning is something else.. 

69Broli says:

Your gonna snapsome shit

MisterPicadilly says:

Keine einzige WH sauber gedrückt, aber Hauptsache man deutet 10x darauf hin
das es “60er” sind… lächerlich Jungs! 

ASIAN says:

Hello, I’m 18 weigh 200pounds and I’m a lot stronger than the average 18yea
old in the gym, I have a very hungry desire to be extremely strong, my
first aim is to be the strongest in my gym! I’m also fat and don’t look
very muscular, I know that I cold lose fat but I am frightened of losing a
lot of strength which is my main and always will be focus, but I Also want
to be in good shape, I honestly do not know what to do, any at all
Information and help will be extremely appreciated!

yashodha kattel says:

Have you experienced “Xraggy Muscle Max?” (Google it) It is a quick and
easy way for you to bulk up fast.

Braidijs Sillers says:

calculate your daily caloiric maintancee by tipping it in google. then eat
200-500 caolores leess than the maintance adn make sure you cut down on
carbohydrates. you cant get ripped without burning more calories than you

Karl Ess says:


D Darius says:

schön alle Gelenke ficken (Y) Stop using heavy barbells

dlBoWlb says:

shredded as fuck ! nice

MrGrunzii says:

hey alon, kann ich irgendwie bauchfett verbrennen, ohne dabei muskelmasse
zu verlieren ??

Alon Gabbay says:

habe garnicht drauf geachtet, habe kein problem damit.

kiet51 says:

No more videos with this shittalking faggot karl ess pls. It hurts your
good image

TheMaxiking544 says:

ihr dreht tim aber auch die 60er an 😀 wo er langhantel maximal 130
schafft? ^^ nicht so die beste idee

Rev0UK1 says:

the majority of these fake nattys never actually address the subject of dat
dare celltech and dance around it in comments. Amazing physique and all
that but you’re not natty.

PeterssonLeo says:

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people are able to bulk up easily with Max Muscle Method (check it out on

jezda034 says:

If you want to bulk up, you should look up on Google “Elite Muscle
Formula”. That can help you get the body you deserve.

Matac Adrian says:

yeah,you think you are good if you look like that,but without using
steroids you are just shit,can’t lift not half of that wheights…

stormfighter117 says:

Alllllteeer 45kg schon “anfangs”, bei mir im fitness (ist sogar ne kette)
is das maximale an kurzhantel 40kg o.0

Lexington Steele says:

0:41 nice steroid injection on chest

XLGstudio says:

Dude Alon is pretty damn cut and jacked, but he’s defiantly not on juice.
Go look at Jay Cutler or Ronnie coleman. Thats juice. Alon is at least 70
pounds lighter than those dudes

NokturnalTimes says:

ohne englischsprachige kommentare im video macht ein englischsprachiger
channel keinen sinn

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