Joe Weider’s Bodybuilding Training System Tape 2 – Basic Bodybuilding Techniques

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Alphamale says:

WRONG IN THIS CLIP: #1 You dont have to kill your self in the gym to build
muscle, you have to train smart and with not too much weight, good form,
and pressure yourself to the last rep, but dont have to make it a cardio
session. #2 8:30 fiber types..bull, the body changes the type of fiber
depending of your training. What he is talking about is Blocky = a big guy
on AAS/HGH/Insulin, your are not born blocky…you become big and blocky by
use of hormones. 3# 21:20 this one is funny haha..he claim the body knows
if you use a machine or a handweights ever existed 1000 years the body also knows if I lift a stone or a weight? So a stone must
build more mass than a wight you say because we lifted stones before
weights? Get out of here. #4 24:07 No it is not the software that made you
look like a is the HORMONES YOU INJECT INTO YOURSELF liar with a
face more as a man than a woman. 27:36 I give up watching this shit…

YouTUser says:

Hey you guys, quick question, the super hottie at 6:44 and later again at
10:25, what’s her name? No, I’m not talking about Shelly, but she was hot
too. Some of you may wonder what such a small girl was doing on a
bodybuilding video, but as far as I know, she used to be a super strong
strongwoman, just forgot her name. Anybody??

David Loihle says:

The girl doing the sign language……what’s her name??? Anybody?

ansiaaa says:

how are tape 2 and tape 1 any different? and both don’t teach you anything!
lol I wonder how those who bought them at the time felt for wasting their

Djanti S. says:

Reg Park <3

Douglas Scott says:

Dammit…..!! Joe Weider died in March of this year. We’re losing all of
our heroes…and they’re being replaced by losers. I wish I lived in the
60s, 70s, and 80s. Perhaps the answer is for me to become one of those
heroes. Maybe the world is what we make of it. Give me a few years….

Laszlo Dalnoki says:

No steroids on pro contests??? Hahaha!!! The Old Big Joe is also a Big
Joker!! :D

Garr3tt76 says:


sorrrybyebye says:

i love all the vids , but this is all for …… not natural people ,

lakecrab says:

Joe’s baseball ball jacket…worth a few bucks now.

bigzbigi1 says:

what about Injections System?

sorrrybyebye says:

hahahhaa chest shoulders triceps , abs , dam !!! thats one big workout

sorrrybyebye says:

plz dont to this to all the naturals out there , your body cant do this
type of shit !!!!!!!!!!! well with some d-bol smothies ya , the girls are
bigger then the natural olympia these days lmfao , like …. i hope for the
best !!!!!! just facts supposed to be hear ,

eliteenergy says:

that woman doing sign language is gorgeous!!

talttis says:

its a virus tbh

dafrog491 says:

WINNING A MR OLYMPIA CONTEST…lol yeah not that construction guy

Mattiasalexandee says:

Yeah, thats Shelley Bettie, she commited suicide by hanging herself in 2008.

McTerror1 says:

how much do you get paid to post these ads?

Joseph1NJ says:

R.I.P Joe.

Nick Nevdude says:

calvs 2 days in a row abs 3 days in a row wtf?

Binam Poudel says:

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anil maharjan says:

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satish s says:

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dhanathesuperhero says:

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gogot jalu says:

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Nikola Milovanovic says:

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