Joe Weider’s Bodybuilding Training System Tape 4 – Chest & Triceps

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Comments says:

Solid motivational video. Major Salute from iWontLose

Portlaoise50 says:

Who cares what they choose to achieve these results . we need to encourage
them . Just check out that meat at 3.22

Alphamale says:

Super nice tape about technique! quality info all the way.

josh bauer says:

8:11 mentzer is that you

eddie rivera says:

who the hell is bob goldman. weider’s accountant

Alex L says:

i wonder if they did not do roids if they would be that big? im eating good
drinking water and working out, all natural. it might take 6 years but i
would never inject some fake lame ass shit thats gonna give me heart
problems later on. good video tho, those guys look like monsters especially
the black one

F Word Pictures says:

3:44 that face lool

KaizenChef says:

This is a goldmine of info. I’m very happy to have found this.

Cesar Sindoni says:

anybody knows who is the girl at 11:04?

eddie rivera says:

joe weider, i thought you were dead. i would rather eat a burrito

arpegio88 says:

There’s a lot of good valuable body building info in this whole series, but
the only problem is the music and narrators voice is still stuck in my head
when I lay down at night; long after I’ve watched it mid-day. I mean don’t
get me wrong I really do dig that early 90’s “feel good” guitar vibe, but I
just can’t seem to fully get it outta my head @ night.

Jr G says:

Her name is Alphie Newman.

Tomas Garcia says:

15:48 her name??? omg 10 gift points to know whats the chick name.

MobilePersonalTrainer says:

Anyone know what music this is? trying to find it!

Tomas Garcia says:

11:03 PLEASE ANYONE KNOW WHO IS SHE??? i need to know her name right

Mr. Mackey says:

dat music.

Gino Ferrara says:

Women do suit natural powerlifting it sculpts their bodies to perfection,
women have muscle just like men only when women use anabolics this is the
worst thing ever! They are MALE HORMONES helllllloooo i’m talkkin to u
women that want to be lou ferrigno don’t i read that some women users
actually develop a penis (not good) No offence to legends like Bev Franscis
and Iris Kyle

AweSomo84 says:

16:14 flex wheeler

MobilePersonalTrainer says:

anyone else see those weird ass bubbles pop up from his bicep at 29:19?
what on earth is that? synth?

Ajay Mittal says:

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single extra minute in the gym, then you should look at this online video
SIXPP.COM escorting the children to school

jason plevras says:

No. More reps are usually for toning up. You want reps to generally be less
than 10 for mass building. It’s probably done this way in this video for
demo purposes

moises buenaflor says:

should i do the 2 routine in a day or should i do it on 1 by 1 after rest
day?please response thank you

SEO Sushil Kumar says:

My classmates laughed when I told them I would lose fat with “Blazing Fat
Loss”, but then I showed them the results. Go google “Blazing Fat Loss” to
see their reaction. (It was epic!)

Hellthrasher says:

The last line with Reg Park. . that said it all right there.

lakecrab says:

Weider…class act…thanks Joe.

Mike Diligent says:

Woman don’t suit it.

Simpz Jo says:

I can lift more on incline then flat … my lower pecs aren’t to good.

jorge fernandez says:

These are GREAT learning videos! Thank you very much for posting them!!!

johnosandra says:

lovin these videos bro love the practical information and applicable

Noel Obusan says:

got a question with the reps and sets they do, is it to build mass

Egi Collaku says:

hey man what is this routine of 4 sets with 10 reps ,this is only for
beginners i used this system 4 sets 12, 10 ,8 ,6 reps or 4 sets 6,6, 8,10
1failur .can you sey me what is the bast for mass

Bryan .P says:

no, each routine is enough to build muscle. you can go with one routine for
several weeks and swith to the other when you don’t make gains anymore.

Tackryon says:

Thank you very much for posting those Joe Weider’s videos ! Greetings from
Paris !

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Sa gor says:

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Dencil Bernard says:

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