Kids training rutine

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Giuliano 8 Claudio 6 training every day different exercises


Cristina Grosu says:

Aww this is child abuse…let’s bring them to america a free country. ..and
let this kid’s do drug’s and talk back to there parent’s and come home
pregnant at 14 and give them a cell phone so they text even at dinner table
and 24/7..because that’s normality for americans???I dnt know, you guy’s
tell me…GOOD JOB GUY’S.

Dystopia1980 says:

lol so many retards with no knowledge about training on here. OMG they’re
gonna stop growing!!! It’s bad for their bones and heart!! Shut up.

Meanwhile the same people typing this “child abuse” crap will log off their
computers and turn around and stuff their obese kids with more Twinkies,
Soda, Sour Patch Kids and McDonald’s Happy Meals. That’s real child abuse.

Spruce Lee says:

This is child abuse to you people? It’s still ten times better than all the
fat fuck kids and their parents that enable their obesity here in america.

Jamie Holmes says:

I can’t help thinking that they should be out playing and traning their
brain instead of their muscels.

Lord Byron says:

These kids are AWESOME x 10! I’ll be watching for them in the Olympics when
they’ll be representing their country. 

Sukhi D BOIII says:

alot of you are hating on a kid that can do something you cant, they look
happy, especially the older one so why give negative feedback ? im pretty
sure your fat and lazy yourself, no other reason i can see why

Reykja-Helena Sjusten says:

It’s gross what this man is doing to his sons. They’re bones will be ruined
by no later than two years.

Videofus says:

They might beat Chuck Norris one day !

Kino Tipps says:

THIS IS CHILD abuse because if this silly dad would know anything about
medicine he would know that his kids will have Problems with growing their
arms and legs, and will maximally grow to 1 meter 50 cm or a little taller.

HalfBitCard says:

This is bad kids should not be doing this kind of stuff until they are
older:/ It ruins their muscles when they are older if they workout to
young;-; Stupid parents/kids… I feel bad for them because when they are
older they are gonna be messed up and are gonna hurt;(

This message is true so don’t be haters and just yeah.. Love you

niko aston says:

my dads name is stone cole stiven a wrestler 

blaz podrzaj says:

Actually these kids are under a lot of pressure at a very young age. Their
father has to push them to train hard almost every day of the week for
hours. Kids at that age do not have the massive motivation to push
themselves so much and strive to be stronger and fit. It`s just a father
pushing their kids to make them into great throphies and to see them
acomplish things that he can`t do himself. And the boys just want their
father to be proud of them.

Bruce Wayne says:

It’s not child abuse and yes it’s waay better than all the obesity in
America, when you go to America you won’t really see kids like this, it’ll
be fat kids with happy meals. Disgusting, mcdonalds is, atleast. But still
this imo, looks pretty gross for such young kids. Not saying what’s better
or what not, it’s what I think, these guys can do whatever they want.

SwaggieBoy says:

Good Job Guyz :3

Eddie Avinashi says:

I mean they have a giant poster of the kid looking angry in that room. I
think it’s safe to say it’s unhealthy to inflate their massive egos.

Ron Tucker says:

Hate Hate Hate you people need to look ferther than you see.The dad is not
all cut like a muscle bound dummy.Has any one thaught that mabe these kid’s
might be drawn to the fact of being strong and a pro body builder, and now
day’s if you don’t push kids into something then it’s video game’s to rot
the mind .Look how much they enjoy their work out .Not like these mother’s
who push their daughter’s into being “over maked uped” “barbie dolls” and
watch the little girl’s cry and fit and wine ,not enjoying what is going on
..Don’t hate just because the little kid’s can out lift, out rep, and
baseicly out last you in a total workout.I’m just saying my oppenion…….

Roiser101 says:

Нде…вот интересно как такие тренировки в таком возрасте аукнуться после?
Что там будет с эндокринной системой и тестостероном, как сердечко будет
себя вести, надпочечники? Бля, надеюсь, вы знаете, что делаете…

tony smith says:

I grew up in a house hold like this .it was a nightmare

Burbo Turbo says:

If i saw on of these kids on the beach shirtless giving me a evil eye i
think i would hesitate at first to ask what the problem was. You wouldn’t
want a midget kicking your ass infront everybody, what could be worse? Lmao

Ari Larsen says:

Ts so dam funny how he uses his kids talents form YouTube to get money for
himself form his subscribers 

Max E says:

These kids probably lift more than me

Fat Cow says:

He could beat me up easily :c

Alejandro Gonzalez says:

Idk about you, but this seems a wee bit healthier than kids eating happy

mortada hadi says:

Next video would be “my kids who are ripped lost their virginaty at the age
of 8″

Tina Montanez says:

HOLY SHIT is this kid on drugs

Lisa Carookee says:

See 12 vids here

Entertainment ballstudios says:

OH SHUT UP U FAT ASSES! You’re all complaining that this is child abuse
because they can do what your fat ass can’t. It is dangerous for kids their
age to be lifting weights at their age but they weren’t they were purely
just using their own bodies and a bar.

Khaalib Twennynine says:

I could beat those kids in a fight.

Brenda Cha says:

They’re gonna have nice bodies when they grow up. Just saying.

gentlemonsterkennels says:

Let’s go from extreme to the other. Obesity is a huge issue in countries,
especially in America. I’m in nursing so extensive use of joints can cause
issues down the line. Would you prefer to this to your kids or have them be
obese and get diabetes? Which one is more cruel? Think about it

Linda Luquin says:

Will this stunt a childs growth? I wanna train my son but I don’t want
him to be short /:

Seth White says:

Come high school these kids will be thanking their dad

Connor Sampson says:

kid can do 83 hand stand push ups on a bar but cant take his fucking shirt

Leon Janoyan says:

and im not an obese I am an Armenian kid

ivan petrić says:

This is so sick work of children, what kind of father might do this to
children already insane, these two young lad will not be able funkionirati
when they enter the pubertetm and who knows if I will experience the
disaster …

Emmersblader says:

When they are natty its ok IMO

Ty Louis says:

i feel like this isn’t good for them to do at such a young age?They’re
probably going to be stunted little men when its all said and done lol

MYR97400 says:

Que dit la médecine ?
Quelle impact de la croissance des os ?

Shawn Bergh says:

These kids need to get some hobbies I mean like it’s a good time their not
overweight but they are to worried with muscles and thing like that and
even worse their parents encourage it. I think these kids should go outside
and play football to develop their a normal child

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