Krasser SiX PACK – Training & Posen im Studio GYM BODYBUILDING

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Krassen SiX PACK – Training & Posen im Studio GYM BODYBUILDING


Oliver Wieder says:

What is the Name of the song??????

Oliver Wieder says:

What is the Name of the song??????

Kidacekfull says:

Awesome man ….

aurelius99 says:

Exquisite! Beautiful!

irlassassin says:

what type of cardio and ab exercises did you do?

timgti says:

@TheTwistOFate twat

MrZinkes says:

you should call him eight pack :-O

Marcell Rocha says:

You’re my inspiration. Thanks for your videos.

Jorge Luis Garcia says:

First of all midget is not a medical term , perhaps Dwarf or
achondroplastic dwarf to be more precise. Yes he is small , and yes he is a
short person. I repeat it again he is no genetic freak . He may be in shape
but he is far far away of being called a genetic freak . Why the insult?
Are you so uncivilized to discuss something without insulting someone?

Daire Mc Cormac says:

@spartanman123 do u understand what supplement meen u bitch

mo ku says:

Damn you are so amazingly good looking and I’m a guy… can’t believe I
just said that but its the truth.

Bman4717732 says:


Robert Butacu says:

how much time did it took to get to the actual shape???

gona maa says:

How much you bench bro?

comemelravo says:

eres mi ispiracion me quiero y ojala yegue a ponerme de fuerte como tu
sigue asi alon gabay

pasiplaya says:

du tier!:D hammer video;)

daddyjorg says:

u freaken rock man !!!!!!!!!!!!

puppy383 says:

I envy you bro!! I wish I had that muscles!!))

dalv11 says:

Best music choice! Congrats man! Kill em!

Zoli Nagy says:

thats an 8 pack duhh

Wizhix says:

lol hes flexin the abs

TheJavier2223 says:

51xp4ck tell me the song please

ViewDuke says:

good work man !!! Plus this song make us come True

ariel gutierrez says:

perfect form

pete6661 says:

perfect body!

Daire Mc Cormac says:

he got all of it from supllemets tho

Gernot Kobermann says:

Watch me: >posing im studio<

HerberttheHisser says:

@demilovato0519 I didn’t know it was a competition… I thought the goal
was self improvement.

Jorge Luis Garcia says:

@rep4666 No genetic freak here . He is small . Take into consideration he
is a midget , that is why he looks a little bit muscular. Also no legs , if
he had them he would show them . Probably has 15 inch arms and 10 inch

tobi141291 says:

alter ey, dein Bauch, ich hasse dich^^ kann man sich aufjedenfall als
Vorbild nehmen den jungen!!! stay natural!!!!

sarai ayemperoumal says:

i chest press as much as him and im only 16 =D ill make a vid and post it

Fosiliano says:

nice song with this video 🙂

Bangsta89 says:

fuckin idiot.. hes not dead.. he just posted a response to his other video.

timmonielsen1 says:

God work Alon! When do you make a new vid? 😀

Gernot Kobermann says:

Watch me: >posing im studio<

Dimitris Zotos says:

Great job man, keep it up

bajawww says:


brasilsronaldo says:


jOHana Bebe says:

Merry me! Lmao

YBrowser95 says:

hey dude your body simmetry is pretty good… keep it up man one question..
how tall are you??

Acillevs says:

Nice music,great video

waynycely91 says:

@rep4666 Thats true, to gain a significant amount of muscle naturally it
takes alot of carbs ( your body needs alot less protein then ur led to
believe since ur body makes its own) and carbs = fat gain. Dont get ripped
off, stop buying protein shakes pasta and chicken goes alot further.

yair22 says:

@DorkVaders yap

Damien O'Brien says:

@mmkthxbai I second that

marcligthart94 says:


Wizhix says:

@rhit5 agreed

Mark Caringello says:

y are u guys ripping on him so much in his video it showed it took him over
a year to get that body so that means he had to work out every day so it
could be possible if it is natural.

fabian garcia bellido says:

friki operate esa cara

TheJavier2223 says:

television simpathy song

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