Lee Priest Gives Some Great Tips for Bodybuilders

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Lee give some valuable training tips in this video. What I like about Lee’s training advice is that is very simple. He doesn’t go for all the complicated stuff. He laughs at the latest trends and fads.
Lee just sticks to the basics – you only need to take one look at him to see that they work!

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Hamza Sadek says:

Some of these comments make me laugh so hard why do people come on here to
see how good looking lee priest is. Dan Johansen came on lee priest video
to judge what lee priest looks like lol. That a side every lee priest video
I see, I tend to scroll down and read the comments for some gut wrenching
laughs at what people say about him when they try to insult him, but really
have noting to insult.

Ricky Cue says:

Lee is a fucking beast and a true inspiration. Lives life how he wants and
doesn’t give two shits what people think, love it. Keep it up man.

Sam's Fitness - Gym Equipment says:
rota holik says:

One of my favorite bodybuilders. 

Dan Johansen says:

Most ugly face in the world

Joe S says:

Don’t mind the face tattoos, but the black nail polish has to go.

Stefan Marsh says:

He’s wearing nail varnish dear me 

g0ttequila says:

such an awesome humble guy. thanks for these vids

mixer14316 says:

Always respected and admired Lee. Great bodybuilder and man.

Biff Bettis says:

Awesome how he can be himself and not care wat anyone thinks! that truly is
an art! thanks lee

BO Jankles says:

Ugly Tyson tat….your nails look dead

BiodegradeableMan says:

Its funny how many ppl claim to hate his face tattoo’s. Obviously they have
jobs in offices and McDonalds so they can’t have any.

jonny west says:

Where can you get his autograph he doesnt have a site like most pros.yet
hes one of the best .

Dan Cellana says:

I remember seeing Lee in Flex mags in the 90s. I haven’t see him since
until this clip. It looks like you need some help bro

MrBaldman009 says:

Your painted nails are a nice touch buddy!

Eesnimi Perenimi says:

Mike Tyson wannabe :D

quaid darnell says:

nigga paints his nails, the fuck.

Declan50 says:

Always l liked Lee. Does he still compete? Haven’t seen him on stage in

Trevor Moyce says:

His face, his nails, his choice! Real men do what they want. Sheeple follow

Sari farsi says:

i swear a god best humble bodybuilding , did u ever seen phil or anyone do
that with fans ? damn those fags 

Kippax123456789 says:

Fuck sakes what the hell has he done to himself

juan carlos liendo segovia says:

one day off and one day on what? diet or train? i don`t understand 

Ray Jimenez says:

I always wanted to meet lee priest 🙁 I have met Ronnie Coleman and jay
cutler but lee has always been my favorite bodybuilder.. He has like a
perfect body compared to most bodybuilder I would love to train with him :/

Rae Field says:

ok..lee was a great bodybuilder in his day and he was very verbal about his
views on the sport.i do respect the guy but whats with the shit tatoos?
they are awful! i spend my time in the gym to look good and i’m 44!!
i would never dream of covering my body with that shit.
most of the guys i see at my gym are in there 20’s…….20 years on from
now i think they may well regret those tats………………if i want one
i,ll get my 7 year old son to draw one on me with a felt tip.that way if
it’s shit i can wash it off.

Jordan Leslie says:

Mike Tyson wanna be

giteausuperstar says:

impressive training regime for someone who doesn’t compete anymore!

estevonba says:

Last time I checked he’s his own man and can do whatever the eff he wants!
Why do you care what another man does to himself???!

hankins0621 says:

Left arm tat is bad ass! All you homos bitching about his tattoos I’m sure
he gives no fucks about your opinions 

Steven Mustard says:

Lee priest has always been one of my favorite bodybuilders. 

astroboirap says:

what a cunt

Yolodrol says:

LOL tattoo on his face, hair dye, earrings, bracelets, rings, and nail
polish. Dude looks like a jack-ass now.

Brian Theodore says:

is Lee wearing nail polish?

Sam's Fitness - Gym Equipment says:

Lee Priest giving some great training tips for bodybuilders here.
#bodybuilding #weighttraining

Will Etheridge says:

who is this tyson wannabe pussyole?

rabbi mia says:

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eze quiel says:

oooh good tattoo’s

jamieh1974 says:

Dude I am gay and I’ve never worn nail polish in my life, nor have any of
my gay friends. No desire to. We’re just big and muscular and that’s all we

AngeloR674 says:

face tattoo looks awful… its a shame he has a great physique and a good
looking guy

fireman556644 says:

Lee is a smart man and a very good bodybuilder…thumbs up for ya mate 🙂

Frank Zane says:

is he painting his fingernails black?

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