Modify Your Training – Bodybuilding Tips To Get Big

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Leroy Colbert is the first man to develop 21 inch arms and is in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame for doing so. He has over 60 years in the business of health and building bodies. He is very knowledgeable in health and the philosophies of life. He loves to discuss both with people who want to learn. If you have a question, email him at his website.

Leroy teaches you the best exercises and the do’s and dont’s to help you maximize your bodybuiding gains.

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Dan Blumenstock says:

This dude is awesome. I can listen to him all day. It reminds me of
talking with my grandpa which I miss.

LIGHTandSTR0NG says:

the ending… AWESOME hahahahahahaha

Pete Champion says:

Plants like water..hell yes…. to much tho … its going to wilt..and die

K RODGER says:

Love Leroy and his wisdom

Dave Baker says:

Please dont do heavy zottman curls with perfect form, forearm = shredded.
And not the good type of shredded.

Old School says:

Just started with full body workouts 3 days ago. Feels excited!

sam harris says:

Great advice Leroy!. Its a shame some people don’t listen to you. It’s
there loss.

Johnson Olmz says:

You’re awesome Mr Colbert.

Tuguldur Enhgerel says:

tnx my mentor 

john johansson says:

Your 100% right Leroy.I do 3- 4 sets of 8- 10 reps, pull ups, bench press
, shoulder barbell press bench, squats, dead lifts done:) and rest 2- 3
days great fully body work out

Vince Skypala says:

I always liked Steve Reeves’s body, he did full body workout. Body building
in these days is way over the top and not sexy. Just ask any woman :)

Joe55336 says:

Great video Leroy. Thank you!

Nebojsa Novakovic says:

So since you are talking all the time about training whole body every other
day can you make a video of which exercises you would include in the
workout. When I workout whole body in one day after I am done I don’t feel
like I worked out at all unless I spend 3 hours at the gym.

boneTHUGS111 says:

and when i got to big it was from the 3 sets per body part workout that i
mentioned. i gained 12 reps on each exercise in as many workouts before i
cut back. i was repping 225 on bench for 15 reps at 155lbs chest out there!
i dont like the chris jones look though, those dudes must look stupid in
real life 5ft 7 he is with 18 inch arms! you start getting like that you
cant scratch your back! i dont even train arms at all cause i hate that
look so much. so dont think you know me from a pic dude!

phleaszoso says:

you lack intensity thats why

0to62 says:

can we get a sample schedule from Mr.Leroy –> thumbs up please so they can
see this

ah93704 says:

dude, shut the fuck up you faggot

G Bailey says:

Thank you

JoshDG92 says:

I prefer full days. protein synthesis maximizes muscle gains, enough said.
in a typical bro split, you hit a muscle once a week.. leaving loads of
time where the muscle is not growing. in a 3x a week split, your hitting
each muscle 3 times a week .. your used to high intensity, insane burns…
but burns don’t bring gains, muscle tears and recovery do. try it for a
month. and if it doesn’t work, do the bro split, or push pull split. 🙂
what works for you

RSUN2012 says:

hahaha Leroy is onto you emailer’s, but what is ironic is because of his
practicing what he preaches Leroy is able to go on without let up. ;0) At
the end of the week they feel like somebody beat the shit out of them. lmao
You are so correct this is for life. We get into this, because it is a
great thing, but stupidity puts us into unsustainable routines which causes
us to burn out & then give it up for sometimes an entire life time. SMH too
many people do not listen to logic or seek advice.

boneTHUGS111 says:

i got amazing gains from just doing 3 sets per body part after yrs of doing
15 sets per body part, one body part per day then not training that part
again till 5 days later! and getting nowhere unless i was on a crazy bulk!
the gains i made in strength on just 3 sets per body part but more frequent
was insane to. i actually ended up switching to powerlifting routines then
cause i didnt actually like how big i got from it.

C Delasaux says:

I don’t see what’s wrong with doing a split, works for me. Will have to go
back to a full body routine in a few months though to see if it’s more
effective. Wanna experiment for myself first and foremost, thanks for the
advice, Leroy!

Ninoslav Latas says:

Weight… Try to get stronger every time you workout, push yourself
intensity vise, not in volume… Its the only way for a natural athlete to
get bigger.

lildrummerboy80 says:

Leroy, best channel on YouTube! These videos have given me the motivation
to get back into bodybuilding.

fakee namee says:

i just changed from 2 days full body 1 day off to every other day and i
seem to be growing faster…only things is i wanna train more lol

Joshua Mckinley says:

Did Leroy use the super speed technique , While ding the alternate dumbell
curls and the scoop curl?

Johnathan Hernandez says:

Leroy could you make a video about your
Chest,Shoulders,Back,Triceps,Biceps, and Legs workout exercises you did?
And how many sets each exercise?

dakidsbac777 says:

Thank u for ur advice leroy. Im 35 years old and LOVE THE OLD SCHOOL.

Karolis Strasunskas says:

I wanna see it also thumb this guys comment everyone

BootStomps Athletics says:

Good Video

Stephen3482RD says:

Bryan Haycock advocates this (Google HST hypertrophy specific training) he
advocates for full body every other day

weximan1 says:

give us a example of this workout leeroy?

ed carter says:

Oh my god, you just made a light bulb light up in my head! Thank you my
friend! The penny dropped! 😀

eastpointv3t says:

I switched to full body just last week after discovering Mr. Colbert’s
videos last week. So far I’m loving it! It definitely feels more natural.
Great advice!

Cristian says:

The begginign of this video it is so funny :))))

erictello10 says:

what about the sets per body part can you make a video explaining that a
little better? and maybe say how long your workouts would last back in the
day as well as give a little example of what exercises you would do on a
individual day with the sets you did for each. i think that would answer a
lot of peoples questions thx

Screamin Mime says:

We need an example of the full workout, all the exercises and sets, you
would recommend that can be done every other day.

John bobby says:

If working a different body part every day is bad, then how are there so
many successful people who do that? Also, how are you supposed to work your
whole body in a short amount of time, make gains, and break down the
muscle. Just a bit confused…

backnite1 says:

he has a six pack that is it . if you really thing that big then you must
of never stepped in a gym

Lift Legit says:

Hmm… you think u wont feel like u worked out if you did lets say- Leg
extensions, leg press, hamstring curls, calf raise, weighted crunches,
bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder press, bench press, bent over
rows? That pretty much covers everything.

optimal natural bodybuilding says:

Hey Leroy im confused on how you said you shouldn’t train to failure in
some other video, to grow muscle fibres arnt you ment to progressive
overload the muscle each week so you get stronger and bigger? Arnt you ment
to make tiny tears in the muscles so they grow back bigger? Could u do a
video on this please

boneTHUGS111 says:

did you not read what i put!? i said i didnt want to get bigger! i dont
like that huge look i want to stay functional. ive been quite a bit bigger,
ive since cut back.. i weighed 116lb before i started training im now 150 i
have weighed 170. im only 5ft7 before you say anything! putting on muscle
and strength came easy to me even though i was skinny! out of all the guys
i worked out with most 6ft 2 200lb plus.. i was stronger and put on muscle
faster than all of them.

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