Muscle Definition Workout: Cutting Phase Tips

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** Muscle Definition Workout: Cutting Phase Tips

In terms of training for overall size and strength, most lifters have a decent idea of how to go about things. Basic compound movements, heavy weights, low to moderate reps and high intensity.

But what is the best approach to take if you’re in a cutting phase and want to structure a proper muscle definition workout to really bring out the cuts, lines and separation in your physique?

When it comes to this aspect of their program, most trainees get it completely wrong. They lighten up the weights, perform higher reps and include more isolation lifts in their plan thinking that “heavy weights and low reps builds muscle” while “light weights and high reps burns fat”. In reality, this type of cutting phase workout is completely misguided and counterproductive.

There’s only two things you can do with your muscles: you can make them bigger and you can make them smaller. But changing up your rep schemes and exercise selection in order to structure a “muscle definition routine” really makes no sense at all.

Achieving a high degree of “muscle tone” is simply a matter of having good muscular development along with low body fat levels.

So, your muscle definition workout really should be structured in the exact same way as your “bulking” workout. Your goal should be to provide the most powerful stimulus to your muscles that you can so that you can maintain as much lean muscle during your cutting phase as possible. From there, let your diet and cardio strip off the fat.

If you go the “light weight high reps” route, all you really do is end up providing a weaker stimulus to your muscles and increase the chances of LBM loss during your cutting program.

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Sneakiest Testy says:

Quick question, so lighter weights higher reps well get me to definition of
muscle and lean body , and 2nd question, will eatting clean help me lose my
belly fat “mainly” or what would you suggest , because I know eatting clean
is one of them.

Hatim Kamel says:

now this CRAZY!!!! so when I hit lighter weights but i do high reps, i
still get muscle pains cause i train to failier . that is gonna give me
smaller muscles as a result???

killgaz motron says:

what if my usual workout is low weight very hi rep for 4 sets as my usual
thing? is this bad? ive made gains doing it this way that seam sugnificant
since i started but is that only temporary or is it good for me if it seams
to be working anyway? i do a lot of reps, like 25, but with a weight that
makes sure its hard and almost to the point of failure, so i dont make it

comixknight24 says:

hey great video man. i’ve watched a handful of your videos and i will say
you dont bs anyone. you know what you’re talking about and your advice has
been very helpful to me. thanks man and keep up the great work.

Mike Dawson says:

I’m cutting like Paul Bunyan with a goddamn chainsaw right now by relying
on the ketogenic diet with moderate impact cardio 2-3 times a week for
30-40 minutes each time. Excessive or HIIT cardio will cost me squat
strength so I have to be conservative there. I still train with really
heavy, lower rep weight as I respond well to this and my metabolism easily
adapts to virtually no carbohydrates without re feeds. I’ve lost 22 pounds
over the last month and I’ve not lost any strength thus far. I’m going to
drop about another 40 lbs over the next 3-4 months at which point I should
be about 8% body fat and should be well defined at that weight. I may put
on some more lean muscle after all this dieting is over seeing as how
getting big as an SUV is easy for me to do but I’m never allowing myself to
get this goddamn fat again. I don’t care what kind of crazy bulking videos
I see on youtube. Being strong as an ox and fat as a Beluga whale isn’t
sexy in any chick’s eyes.

Brian Rivera says:

Thanks for this video man you truly helped me out on my routine/diet for
cutting season

wowerman says:

Yes, absolutely backing you with your points. Better definition is acheved
only by improving diet and in my view making your training more dynamic
which equals more energy demand. Obviously cardio excercises help.As you
said lowering weights will cause nerve system to stimulate less muscle and
you will get weaker and lose muscle weight you have been gaining recently.

benjamin marshall says:

That was well spoken and gave me the information I need other than
listening to some guy talking about highs and lows..thank you

good fellah says:

This shit is so confusing

Pablo Rozzotto says:

But, when you train heavy, you destroy muscle, and you are not taking
enough energy to rebuild the injure muscle, so you end up losing more
muscle, are you stating this by personal experience or there is some study
from where we can confirm this?

samo abu nemeer says:

can we build muscle and cut fat at the same time ???

Mike D says:

Thanks! I’m starting cut phase today! 

Stan Jigstrumental Louis says:

Understood, but when I start a cutting phase, all of my maxes and reps
reduce because I am getting weaker so how do I workout in a progressive
manner week to week if I am losing muscle strength or the muscle cells are
decreasing in size altogether. How do I counter this issue, any

Jaeha Lee says:

So there is no special work out for muscle definition… Does that mean
burning fat through aerobic exercise and eating control is the best way?
And maintaining muscle size through constant weight training? If so, will
continuing diet through exercises we can see on internet such as burpees
and other movements be helpful?

Sean Nalewanyj says:

** Crucial Cutting Phase Tips **

How to structure your weight training workout when your goal is to get

Muscle Definition Workout: Cutting Phase Tips

black juice says:

Good advice bro and very correct bout time someone real on this site 

3azm0 says:

Very well put together and sumarrises everything

Daniboi971 says:


Helmi Brown says:

thank you

Suganya KS says:

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Patrick Pinlac says:

very well said.

Cycling in Africa says:

Very Nice Video :-)

Mike Martin says:

Very informative as Im cutting and didnt know this. Glad I ran across this

Blast and Cruise Protocol from Hell says:

I have put this info into practice
it works
I have also put high reps + multiple isolation lifts into practice, You
lose muscle.
Train heavy, use big lifts , like the deadlift , the squat, bench press,
chins, rows, Eat super clean, and you will have the body your looking for

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Boy Pogi says:

How about a circuit training?

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