My TOP 8 TRAINING Tips For Beginners

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shadowcloud1994 says:

I’m relatively new to weightlifting myself but my advice would be:
1: Nutrition. Don’t overeat, don’t starve yourself either.
2: If you’re completely new to this do a month of bodyweight training
(especially core)
3: Just go for a full body workout 3 times a week with:

Deadlifts and/or squats (can be done the same day for beginners): and

Benchpress and/or incline benchpress:


Pull ups:

Bent over rows:

Military presses:

(maybe) Core exercises when you feel like your core is not worked enough.

Cody Derkearmian says:

I’m a 19 year old that has never been to a gym. I’m not the largest person,
since I’m only five foot six. I’ve been really considering going to the
gym, but don’t really know the do’s and donts when there. I run all of the
time and always do pushups and pullups at home, but my friends have me
convinced that weight training is the only real way to gain mass and
thickness in my muscles. I’d really like to know what the best diets are
for beginners? What’s the best weight to start with and whether creatine is
a good use for beginners?

DOGUKAN BERK Yucel says:

A push/pull/leg routine would work out just fine for beginners. You need to
learn the proper form for every exercise you do. I would recommend focusing
on major lifts. For example, on your push day, focus on bench press and
shoulder press (lift heavy anywhere between 5 and 10 reps). The other
exercises, such as triceps extensions, chest and shoulder flys, and you
should focus on proper form and contracting your muscles with 8-12 reps.
Same goes with pull day and leg day. Anyway, as long as you keep a good
nutrition plan and work hard with proper form in the gym, the results will
come. Be patient, and believe in yourselves.

Ethan Osteen says:

Omar your channel is the shit. Funny as hell yet very informative. Thanks
for what you do. Peace out, until next time I’ll be watching my rascals
vids for years to come haha

santiago ossa says:

You are the best!!! Thanks brother for sharing I’m just starting. Want to
improve my vertical jump and overall fitness to perform in volleyball.

Omar Aragon says:

Beginners should definitely watch your channel, thanks to you I learned a
lot of things about what type of training I want to do

FauxFoeBot says:

9. Learn proper form
10. Learn gym etiquette
11. Start with calisthenics
12. Don’t obsess over body weight b/c scales can’t tell between muscle or
fat weight

Duhpression says:

I’m 17 and I want to start lifting so I can be healthier and get bigger. My
arms are skinny , I’m 6″2 About 145 and I need someone to walk me through
the basics PLEASE HELP

Joseph Lombard says:

All the respect in the universe that i can conjure. fistbump me bro

Ondřej Šlais says:

Clean’n’Jerks, Snatches, Benchpress, Squats and Deadlifts…these are the
best exercises that beginner should learn over time in my opinion :)

Michael Vo says:

Sleep,have a good 8 hour sleep minimum. Don’t be sleep deprived and love
the sleep bc it’s important in muscle recovery and growth.

Michael Phillips says:

Do not over train. Make sure to get the proper amount of rest or you will
end up with things such as tennis elbow.

Beau Bolding says:

Amazing advice..

Christian Wilke-Zhang says:

Whatever I am engaging, my ‘equator’ is increasing, too. 🙁 Any ideas?

Noblet StreetSoccer says:

Part of this should say that choosing to workout purely for the purpose of
getting women is not the reason you should be doing this. You should be
doing any fitness plan for yourself and yourself alone. Any attention from
women will just be a bonus.

Riina Tralla says:

Try not to drink your calories, really helps on bulking and cutting.

hail syria says:

ok I just started working out at the gym and my routine goes like this. I
split my work out with upperbody, then lower body the next day, then rest
then repeat… is this bad? I do not do any cardio because I am only 5’4
and I weigh 140lbs…. I Want to gain weight and build muscle… I also eat
a protien bar and drink a protein shake after every work out…. I also do
crunches and ab work outs… am I doing ok?? Someone please respond…. I
do not want to fuck up my physique…

Peter Olsen says:

Wow that first pic of you gave me a lot of hope. Great progression

Joza Koza says:

9. Train your legs (don´t do just bench press and biceps curl every fucking
time in the gym).

Kevin Williams says:

Would following a push/pull/legs workout be a good workout to follow as a

Matt Katar says:

Akira <3

Matt Hendrick says:

This video has been up for awhile but I’ve been at the beginning stages and
this one came up a lot in my recommendations. It has some great advice!
Only thing I would add is what failure feels like. It’s feeling that moment
of pain like you can’t go further and trying to push one more; you won’t
get it but you push anyway. I think it’s what most beginners don’t get.

Miguel Cabahug says:

whats a good way to know if ur gaining too much fat when bulking? 

Jaho Vawhitness says:

Best advice for beginners is to do the basic compound exercises like bent
row, military press, bench, squat, deadlift, etc. and don’t isolate because
you don’t know what you are doing just yet. You’ll probably end up
overtraining/undertraining certain muscle groups and have a weird ass
physique if you isolate only

sandhi ahsani says:

“Never trust a man with a fanny sack” isnt that the rock (dwayne johnson)? 

musicisthebestF says:

As a Beginner I figured out that warm up training is VERY important

at least 9 Minutes of warmup before you even start lifting those weights.

Food is also very important. Beef, Fish, Eggs, Cereals, Nuts and try to
stay below 2000 calories per day

250 grams of Nuts or Cereals are just as good as a Protein Shake

SuperRustyTrumbone says:

Advice: Never do islotion workouts first. leave till end of workout.
They’re also unecessary. example: don’t do flies before benchpress, do that
shit last or never.

Rodrigo Goulart says:

1 thing I tell to my beginner friends is to listen to omar isuf. :D

Chris Logan says:

“Most guys are stuck in the beginner trap of trying to flex bone…”
Hahaha!! Truer words have never been spoken. 

Cas Ooms says:

i have a question for you Omar or one of the guys here.
i have been lifting for 6 months but i’m not really into cardio
so i’m wondering do i need to do cardio because i have to cycle to school
for 45 minutes every day. someone please help me

Crispy C says:

Does anyone know if he has a beginner workout plan?

AmericanVibe says:

dude you rock! this vid was packed with info and you weren’t pushing your
“magic red drink!” lol #fuckMikeChang

pozarnik says:

90% of the PT at my gym now carry a fanny-like pack. In fact, there’s a
growing percentage of the general population that carries something
similar. Fashion trends from Hong Kong.

bobydroby says:

why are you screaming man , can you talk normal ?

DJ80s says:

What do you recommend for someone who is sedentary / doesn’t workout and is
just starting? Seems like the first day always makes you feel nautilus and
can’t complete it. Any tips or suggestions?

gummy jester says:

cant you just lift and not have to worry about a decent list or whatever
because i just lift

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