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Keith and Kevin Hodge the “Hodgetwins” are famously known for their comedic commentary on the following Youtube channels “Hodgetwins”, “Twin Muscle Workout” “AskHodgetwins”and “fastingtwins” They have earned a respectable 2 million loyal subscribers and grossed over 400 million views over these channels.

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08FOUL08 says:

hey eerbody.. calm the fuck down lol

cityguyable says:

The British Jimmys biggest problem is he’s way too angry. He’s so stressed
about being noodle armed that he’s causing cortisol to ejaculate all thru
his body and its eating up all his gains. Beating that dead horse.

Triggatrey says:

i wonder if this guy realizes that they’ve explained this multiple times in
other videos…broken tape record.

Andy Le says:

hey twins u guys are awesome but look up calisthenics kingz and tell me
again “pushups are only good for toning”

DesertEagle814 says:

Hey man how can I add some rock hard inches to my mushroom tip without
snapping some shit up?

MrBukNasty says:


alekzander93 says:

Hey TwinMuscleWorkout I have gymnastics at my school and it’s interfering
with my bodybuilding…my body doesnt get enough rest, any advice???

winkawak says:

bitch stay still!

norvoA19 says:

hey twins got a question does it matter how much u workout and eat? i mean
like lets say bench press-shoulder press-push ups-guilitine press-and dips
lets say=to 14 sets and u eat 3000 calories and ur fine u build muscle but
lets say u do bench press-shoulder press-push ups-guilitine press and thats
it u dont do dips and it = to 12 sets. do u still have to eat 3000 to build
muscle or u can eat 2500 just cuz u dropped one compound movement? helppp
plzzplzzzplzz plzzz plzz 🙂

GetBigProductions1 says:

@christhebest07 satan

mike tyzon says:

@lcurtis19 they’ve explained this multiple time in other videos because
retards don’t understand or don’t listen this advise 🙂 but is just advise
you can do whatever the fuck you want to do………..

CiLO v says:

That kid was blessed, he got a official “YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU
WANNA DO!”………….. that’s a autograph in my book…. im jealous.

Russell Taylor says:

a chin up bar would be a good idea also and narrow width push ups for
triceps, a glass a whole milk between meals 3 times a day would add loads
of protein/fats and calories

xxAngelwing230xx says:

stop movin the camera mayne

JCGrantatAC says:

Hodge Twins: The Greatest Show on Earth. But, if you fellas don’t like it,
go watch the “Struthers & Jackson” show.

RO555THC says:

Good Video Man!! People Can DO WATEVR DA FUCK THEY WANNA DO!!!! Lmao

lennart1912 says:

@alekzander93 gymnastics at school isnt really hard right? at least, it
wasnt when i was still in school. dont go all out at school, and go
hardcore in the gym after school 🙂 or skip school, always worked for me.
didnt like to skip on gymnastics though .. anyway, train hard bro!

Larry says:

@christhebest07 he’s the guy down the road constantly snapping shit up
because he doesn’t listen to the twins’ advice

ForgedinShadow2 says:

@blackishlovah123 You are a piece of shit, keep your pointless opinions to

crnani says:

eating is everything in bodybuilding!

YodaVsVader says:

If i do deadlifts,do i also have to throw in squats or lunges with it,or is
deadlifts enough?

skipcloudwalker says:

Ya’ll givin bodybuilding advice to Austin Powers now? o_O

93NissanAltima says:

A very big problem is a fast metabolism? That would be more like a very big
miracle for me.

Louis Dwyer says:

Guy who sid “first” is a complete faggot

Casey Walsh says:

you should do more of theses

kevinmejia13 says:


Joe Scott says:

@NecessaryKnowledge shut up man, just shut up -_-

Joe Scott says:


Arash H says:

i have a question i am 16,skinny and near somewhat fat, so should i start
bulking up? and should i do bench presses to get bigger?

Guard655 says:

@h2dude69 Yeah they are extremely good. I do them on a bench with my legs
on a chair because i dont have a regular dip machine or whatever u call it.
Thou I have heard they might cause some shoulder issues, i haven’t really
felt any but might wanna be careful when doing them anyway

stxsas says:

Didn’t he said that he “tried everything”?

karchun9860 says:

Hes british!

Whisper1337 says:

ROFL that was epic!

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