Ronnie Coleman – The King Of Bodybuilding – Leg Training For The Olympia 2007

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Ronnie held the Mr. Olympia title 8 times; tied for the most of all time. He claimed victory in the IFBB 26 times; the most of any bodybuilder, ever. Many consider him the Michael Jordan of bodybuilding. When Ronnie Coleman stepped offstage for the last time in the fall of 2007 at the Olympia, it was the end of an era of dominance that we may never see equalled again.

But like the end of many great athletes’ runs, many have speculated whether Ronnie will come back. Each year since his 4th place finish at the ’07 Olympia, there have been rumors that he was coming back. The King would return to claim his throne. It’s understandable, because even though he has not competed since, Ronnie has been as close to the sport as ever.

Whether it was his guest-posing around the world, his appearances at all the major expos, his contributions most recently to Muscular Development Magazine, working on plans for the “Ronnie Coleman Signature Series” line of supplement products, or using his celebrity status to give back via his charity “Free the World From Hunger,” Coleman maintained his position as an ambassador and representative of bodybuilding. He knows that bodybuilding gave him so much and he wants to give back


Joey Spun says:

Love the music can you please post the track list?

david renteria says:

Aint nothin but a bone sticking out your knee. 

y3wtub3 says:

hes like the only top bodybuilder that still does the squat and deadlift,
jay doesnt do them, phill doesnt do them. then again coleman just did have
both hips replaced recently maybe thats why they dont do it lol

ryan dezwarte says:

I love the lunges . haha they are so funny lol

koolpop jones says:

Ronnie Coleman…The G.O.A.T!!!!

Dominique Cutler says:

Keep going @ 24:00… O.0 He wanted to go to twenty really five more?…

Eugen C says:

ain’t nuttin but all the peanuts 

Cameron Gray says:

can you only wear tights to the gym if you’re ronnie coleman?

John BangBang says:

What song is that at 1:02??

Paddy&Katja ♥ says:

Is he wearing leggins? :o

Isabella Isolica says:

what song at 25:00?

Ali Onder says:

ronini bombolini

08Aniyah says:


They’re in Texas, right? Then shouldn’t they be concerned about that
ominous cloud behind Ronnie? Lol it looks pretty tornadic.

Doctor Z says:

R.Coleman is the king of bodybuilding.

Samantha M says:


Mass And Fitness says:

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