Simple Exercises For TIGHT Abs (Rob Riches)

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Are you trying to get tight abs? These simple exercises performed in a circuit can help you do carve up that mid-section.
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Rob Riches, a cover model and True Performance Nutrition Athlete, shows you the exercises he uses to develop and strengthen his core to reveal six pack abs.

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“It’s not about counting every rep, it’s about making every rep count. Slow things down and scale back the weights so that you focus on every fiber being worked”

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Johnny Jab says:

dem cardio bunnies !

Fred Rush says:

Damn bro, them abs are tight. I’ll definitely take advice from you.

william sewell says:

This reminds me of the fat comedian. Who is at the gym, and sees all the
built guys, and is thinking. ….go home you’re done 

Alex Courville says:

3/4 of the work happen in the kitchen ;D

Thomas demartino says:

Hey rob nice video great abs good natural physique I think. QUESTION IVE

John Mike says:

He seems uncomfortable taking off he’s shirt. 

stella wells says:

@Bro,*intergrating your program into my routines and using your diet tips,
I have practically achieved my dream physique and I am spending less time
than ever in the gym..*
See this ==> —— or “please view reply

Ahmed Alzahrani says:

don’t let him recording again, he’s sucks cuz we cant see ur foot 

hounddog00 says:


nz034 says:

+Rob Riches Hi Rob, awesome vids, subscribed and Ive been taking notes…I
wanted your opinion on Ab work outs, I hear a lot of different things, but
how often can they be trained (days per week)?

I go very hard at the gym so if the answer was 7-days then that would be
the goal.

Thx Rob

Marcel Neuhoff says:

Never seen Jeff use the gym at Greendale before…

Marie B says:

Damn! This person is really out of shape. He needs to hit the gym a bit
more. That way he will have a better body. He should make sure to workout
without the shirts again ;-)

noddylloyd says:

I like how he is proper ribbed, pulls up what looks like just skin on his
abs and says I have a bit of water and body fat still. Ha. Is it true that
no one is ever satisfied with how they look? 

Justin McAdory says:

That random scream at 3:24 O_O

nepson13 says:

my lower back hurts while doing abs

Savannah Ponthier says:

looka dat booty. oh

extraegoman says:

The cameraman is really not good. Why does he keep pointing to his face?
That’s not the important part!

Rick Anderson says:

how are you , If anyone else is trying to find the most effective secrets
for building your abs try ‘banfan incredible abs formula ‘ (should be on
google have a look)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my
friend got excellent success with it. 

DJ Three Sixteen says:

funny i came here to see how to train abs and the ad at the beginning was a
mcdonalds ad for a perfect burger lol

Savannah Ponthier says:

zzzamn boy…

Me Catalin says:

god damn it i hate that my biceps are small, even tough i’m as big as him =*=
my shoulder grown faster than my biceps and thats fucking strange and now
i need to cut so maybe next year ill get bigger biceps =*=

นิวาต กาญจนวิไล says:


Irvindzimlaz says:

you are very funny 

Just Me says:


Richard Skinner says:

Why in 2014 are people still preaching crunch exercises on a bench??????-

Ks1s says:


David Meyerson says:

is he flexing when he lifts his shirt?

ali baba says:

Good stuff mate


the breathing technique….brilliant!

Kenneth Salazar says:

Hey Rob, i’d like to know if this ab routine of yours is done every single
day, and how often you recommend it to be done. Thanks!

peershaunm says:

does anyone know his steroid stack

miertjie94 says:

Full natty brah

MrSenzei says:

4:53 looks like he’s got a gun to his head. Do it or I’ll shoot myself lol!

Dan Wormald says:

Hi Rob or anyone out there, could you tell me what that ab bench is called
for me, thanks atb, Dan

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