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Spartacus Workout – Gladiator Gods Of The Arena

Trainer George Mitropetros subjects Nick “Ashur” Tarabay to an unrelenting Spartacus Workout designed to not only build strength and flexibility, but to carve out a prominently rippled torso – a hallmark of the show.


Johannes Cojones says:

If you call that a spartacus workout. Where the hell is the spartacus?
These guys ain’t big or ripped. It’s like you take a fat guy to advertise
the new diet of weight watchers. This won’t work

Anbaro99 says:

May not get you big, but it looks fun!

0NFDL8 says:

He isn’t big..

yungprezdadon says:

why is the trainer so ssmall

dizkoteck says:

Ashur! I will have words…. 

sergio kyler says:

Man,this really inspires me to train harder! Great workout!

anil maharjan says:

the natural work outs

anwar aljabry says:
Valtteri Karonen says:

all that hard work seemed to pay off… Nick´s body in GotA was INSANE

Zeljka Kürner says:
Neila Rey says:

I am a fan of Spartacus (the entire series) and I find it amazing how the
actors shape their bodies. As far as I know most of them have to go through
six week bootcamp with a four-hour training a day and a very strict diet.
This video isn’t the best to illustrate the actual training but it’s one I
found interesting enough to bookmark. If you ignore the attitude of the
actor and the lifelessness of the presenter you may find some good
exercises in between as I did. Some of them I might try today at the gym.

You can find bootcamp videos on youtube if you like the series too just to
check out what other actors have to go through. I sometimes feel good by
just looking at other people suffering :)

Srecko Mikulic says:
Henry Osborne says:
Felipe Mendoza says:
方 子宁 says:

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Jessurdj says:

he looks like the guy from lost

hassassin923 says:

And he was considered as the lowest among the brotherhood…

PezaoNBA says:

Até porque todo mundo tem facilidade pra crescer perna mesmo, né 😀 E ah,
assista Spartacus. Ashur não é casquinha de sorvete ‘-‘

oiitssean says:

Was impressed all the way up to the fifty pound bag. Then lold

Caffers says:

not sure about those that he has, but you can use dumbbells that have free
spinning plates, or mix it up, try the trx suspension system for that
exercise (most gyms seem to have these now); like he said on the video, add
variety and mix it up 🙂


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Lee Stu says:

ever notice the trainers talk don;t exercise along when do they
workout??just asking

Wolv/LoganX says:

why choose ashur to do this workout, why not either gannicus or krixus

SevenRayedGod says:

this workout isn’t meant to increase body size, its used for conditioning
and endurance which is much more important then just size

Justin A.D says:

Getting big and conditioned doesn’t always means benching 225. For all I
know you can be 210lbs bench 225 and not even get through half of this
workout with double the resting period. I myself lift like you and prefer
lifting over HIIT like this, but i guran-fucking-tee you this no walk
through the park

Molnár László says:

Does anyone know any song which is similar like this (in the background)???

Ezio Auditore says:

Where’s my money haha ^_^

kevih06 says:

will died he done.

FamGuy15 says:

no offense to nick tarabay, but think about this. his character ashur was
the lowest of all the gladiators and he could do all that hard exercise. it
shows that you can do it aswell. but i wonder how crixus, oenemaus or
gannicus would pull that off

Mauricio Martinez says:

u can see hem without he’s shirt on spartacus show jealousy

Jpcthunder53 says:

oh im sorry i misread it i thought u said “isn’t there any shortcut” sorry
about that

deadwillwalk77 says:

Get Dan Feuerriegel in there! I’d love to see him work out. 😛 Love Ashur,
Nick did such an amazing job! <3

Invictus says:

You obviously don’t understand the gladiatorial system, they were the
prize possessions of their owners, they would be showered with fame and
food to make them the most confident and strongest fighter possible. Only
successful gladiators would be treated like this, successful being winning
3-6 fights.

Simon Davis says:

nick tarabay u are a cool cat my friend hope to see you in more roles to

Zerstorter says:

dafuq? U just confirmed what I said!

SosoWL94 says:

impressive i love it

ofufakku says:

Try to imagine Doctore’s training.

Caffers says:

no worries 🙂 , just came across something called core wheels, not sure if
its what your after, type in corewheelfitness to google; id personally save
my money tough, Have fun

eloMole says:

his character on the show was less skilled, it doesn’t mean he’s weaker in
real life? Gannicus isn’t even that big, in the show he’s amazing but
outside of it i doubt he’s a tough as some of the lower characters

DefinedART says:

have you not seen him in Spartacus? he is built, and no im not fat dickhead

mrtinkertrain87 says:

Big respect to Nick!!!

Auro Xavier says:

perna fina naoooooooooooooo kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

bryan hugh says:

“to failure”? i never actually saw him fail

stuka1vp says:

I always cheered for ashur, when he died I was appauled they would do that
to him! and by a woman!

rocket5689 says:

He’s a actor guys calm down…

Wasana ayomi says:

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Gringo Erlano says:

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