ARM WORKOUT REVEALED Natural Teen Bodybuilder Christian Guzman Biceps and Triceps

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In this episode of “The Detonation Series” I take you through one of my many arm workouts. Though this workout may not include the high volume I am used to, but I can guarantee this workout will cause the demand for your muscles to grow. If you are dieting, this workout will force you to cause the demand to maintain the muscle you’ve struggled for so long to put on. Enjoy this video and give it a “like”. Thank you all and enjoy your day!


Erik Pekkari says:

Why the hell is there always people pointing fingers at other who have
succeeded? Always: “It has to be roids”. Christian is not that big.

I have a friend, Robin, that I know for a fact is natural. He recently
turned 20, I think he might be like 1 year younger than Christian. He has
been training since he was around 16-17. They are about as strong,
Christian is slightly more ripped but Robin has a little bit more mass
(still visible abs and obliques).

I am not saying that Christian haven’t been taking any steroids, but it is
a possibility that he is natural. Genetics can do a shit ton. 

TheHulk7070 says:

Most videos like this on YouTube in which the lifter claims to be natural
are complete shit and the subjects tend to blatantly be on gear. Now I’m
not saying this guy isn’t on anything, however his physique is most
definitely attainable without the use of steroids. And anybody who thinks
otherwise is clearly upset that they don’t see such results despite busting
a gut in the gym. Now that’s down to four things haters, 1) poor gym form,
2) Poor diet, 3) not enough cardio or 4) poor genetics. 

XNafRZaWescX ProCODGmR says:

What has the world come to. Steroids are bad for you!

fearls1 says:

to all the people hating on this dudes form, it worked for him so stfu.
None of that hippie form BS. we all have diffferent body types so not
everybody will get optimal gains from the hippie form. 

ari small says:

This guy Is too weak to look like that roids check his other videos roids ,
giving false hope to teen , ” let’s all follow his diets” bullshit roids if
he has been lifting for years now he would be stronger that is 100 % roids
. Do a blood test u fake

Diana ZX says:


Vital Z says:

This guy is clearly on the roids, he is weak as a girl, he lifts 20lbs and
30lbs and looks like one lifting 90lbs on preacher curl, what a ripoff

Kieresh Singh says:

He has a good physique , I would say he is a natty based purely on how he
trains and his overall size.

StereoDecks says:

Everyone saying Christian is on steroids here hahahahahahaha.

McDonalds has done this to us!! All that fast food, people believe that you
can only look like a fat slob and the only people that aren’t fat are the
ones “that can eat and eat but still not gain any weight”


rusty134265 says:

natty my ass

FroztDrake says:

i dont follow Christian.. but all these questions about natty or not natty
can be answered quite easy i think.

I think he looks very natty and can be achieved natural from my
understanding. So the real quesion is. Is he competing and or on magazine
covers on a daylee? If yes.. then he could very likely be on something.

if not, there he most likely is natural, especially with his physique

shav12 says:

Most people saying “ohh he’s on steroids” probably have never put in the
work to get around 8% body fat 

Davis Capps says:

Hahahh Natural

Ok then

BoostedBadBoy says:

No offense bro, none of your lifts were controlled you need to lower your
weight your doing your reps with most of them were throwing you around.
There should be no where near the types of movements you were showing if
you were doing it properly. You have the concept but to much weight, kick
it back just a tad and you’ll get more out of it. I’m aware as the reps go
on sometimes cheating is needed but not within the first few reps like you
were having to do. If you have to sway or do anything to throw it up, then
your not actually lifting it, and you need to back it down. 

justin burkhart says:

So many people talking shit….you must be doing something right then lol

caponi14 says:

Bro try this one since you say your biceps is your weaker part of the arm.
first off do 12 reps of alternating incline curls (5 sets) don’t use too
heavy weight since this is a blood flow beginning exercise. Then after that
you do the main exercise which is build on supersets. First off do 6-8
regular standing curls (no alternating) with a heavy DB or barbell, i
suggest using dumbbells, then after without break you sit on the incline
bench and do 6-8 incline regular curls (no alternating) with a weight thats
a bit lighter. Trust me, you will feel the burn and pump VERY fast! Also
this exercise really humbles people! Try it out on one of your biceps days,
variation is the key :)

Dominick Ross says:

Omg little mac he looks like lil mac with the shirt and hair and muscle
look,him up

austin duncan says:

i feel as if chris does take steroids going into competition, and stays
natural the rest of the time, look and him now compared to this video, 2
years apart, looks just as big as hes cut as hell,

Rivash Naidoo says:

Can you superset these exercises?

MyS0ngList says:

Funny how when you’re leaner everyone tends to talk more shit in comparison
to when you’re around 12-13%, so much hate, so much envy. Give the guy
credit you narcissistic fucks, he’s 19 here

Nightmare77X says:

This whole building muscle thing seems mainly genetic to me.

Daniel Hookland says:

You do not have to lift heavy weights to get big… It’s called contracting
your muscles with lower weights, so if you see him lifting 20-30 lbs he’s
basically contracting his muscles… You can tell by looking at his form

ThatJaMz Guy says:

do you have a written down program like how many sets etc 

L.T Fitt says:

lol people saying he is not natty, you guys are plain haters 

Mauro Mlinar says:

LoL he say secret for big arms but he has only 15 inch arms loool

916ATX says:

All I learned from this video is that +BoostedBadBoy has no life!!

DigitalDreams says:

Girl wants to look hot, loses some weight and wears lulu’s. Guy wants to
look hot, busts their ass in the gym for years and even takes steroids. 

Ray Prado says:

You are going to mess up your elbows if you keep going as low as you were
going on that last exercise 

GladiatorShield says:

This guy is not on roids he is not putting up a ton of weigth …r u all
fucking frail or stupid?

matthew faucher says:

hahahaha how can people be commenting steroids…. if christian was on
steroids with his dedication i think the world would know about it!

Simeon Velichkov says:

You are moving your elbows back and forth too much man!Its not static at
all and youre using a lot of momentom!

Leaveatrailoflies says:

I just saw this pop up on my home page, no fucking way you’re natty. 

Michael Wong says:

Great video, amazing physique… However, natty? :|

to6koXD says:

Why so much hate ? Look yourselfs !

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