Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Training – No Pain No Gain 2013

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Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER : the best body the world has ever seen
Bodybuilding Training Motivation Video 2013 … Now Go Hit The GYM ! NOW!!!

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Track : Human Legacy
Artist : Ivan Torrent

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Vladimir Putin says:

I bet greek gods are admiring Arnie

Milodarka Cicmil says:

I love Arnold! He’s the best German bodybuilder ever! My father went to
elementary school with him in Hamburg, where he spent his childhood.

Arun Raghav says:

#Arnold #SCHWARZENEGGER : the best body the world has ever seen
#Bodybuilding #Training #Motivation Video 2013 … Now Go Hit The #GYM !

darren dorion says:

the greatest ever

B. Rexie says:

Wats the name of the track
Not “Darude – Sandstorm’ please

Tomba says:

How arnold can say no pain no gain because with steroids you don’t have to
feel pain to gain because it’s called cheating 

Duck slayer says:

I watch this before i hit the gym keeps me motivated helps me i wanna be
like tht my role model best bodybuilder of all time

Osman Kale says:

arnold schwarzenegger bodybuildingın kralıdır..

Рома Романов says:

стероидов нажрался и с умным видом детей разводит типа великий фармаед
который чуть не умер в 50 еле спасли а вы жрите и подыхайте от химии нарко
диллеры на вас денежки заработают
Не давайте ему стероиды через пол месяца сдуется 

james jack says:

The best and most successful body builder of all time. He has never taken
steroids and it’s obvious to see because notice how his muscles are
perfectly shaped naturally and his veins don’t pop out. Best body ever

Cooll Asice says:

How can people watch this vid or look at the thumbnail and say that Ronnie
or jay is just as good or better? They are delusional.

Majestic Bayaraa says:

This motivation is my drug ..Best bodybuilding motivation ever . Arnold is
God of Bodybuilding

ry4nx says:

Arnold is a whole nother level of inspiration.


corpo simétrico e proporcional, qualidades que não se ve hj, em
bodybilding, só há monstros anabolizados e de barriga grande…

McChulo says:

The way God organized his muscular structure is really good.


arnold schwarzenegger. he had a career :D

Kirill Zemlakov says:

Мне всегда было интересно, как он в это время зарабатывал на жизнь)))

Rob Smith says:

He said on tv back in the 80s that he took them 10-8 weeks out from mr
Olympia. Everyone used them to keep the muscle they earned while cutting
the weight. Its not cheating its just what everyone does to have a slight
chance of being a champion. You can judge me by my looks and all, but now
I’m in competitions naturally until i hit my peak then ill have to use them
in order to go to the next level

Fabian Corrales says:

Zeus dislike this video. 

MrSeaneboy says:

we need a new Arnold…does he have a son? Todays belly bloated behemoths
are hideous compared to the symmetrical greek Gods from Arnie’s era. Small
waist, wide shoulder, v-tapered back and large but functional legs. My
hero, the Governator!

Philip XD says:

The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be Arnold

Tom Grußer says:

Of I could take one body part of him I would take the chest ;-)

Stormcloak Shreds says:

He was on hell of a beast back then.

Copain Dan says:

when you got it you got it! ;-)

Dante hollow says:

Perfect simetri , perfect size not to big not to small

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