Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler Training

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George Iosava says:

Arnold is a bodybuilder, other two – Freaks from Barnum circus. It’s so sad
to see how my once beloved sport degraded so much. It’s fuckin hilarious to
see that world actually admires ugly sick mutants like Coleman. I mean look
at him ! He is disgusting, how can you people not see that ? It’s no
bodybuilding any more it’s fucking destruction. Why we should admire bigger
guys if they look like cartoon ? Let’s admire sumo guys than or synthol
guys, they can become even bigger. It ruins health, it ruins looks.
Everyone must be crazy for calling these guys Mr. Olympia or legends of
bodybuilding. They are disgrace of bodybuilding..I understand they work
hard an everything, but they look like shit ! Federation should stop making
winners out of this ugly mutants and prefer more aesthetic, natural looking
guys- that’s the only way to stop this madness !

Rammstein says:

the song is Instrumental Core – The Angels Among Demons

Michael Atkinson says:

Why would anybody want to waste their life to look like that? Very few get
bit parts in movies to play the freak. What is wrong with these poor

Vitaly V. says:

Arnold is best…

virender pal says:

The ruls of successful people.
1)don’t be afruid to fail.
2)work hard
4)break the rules.
5)silence & smile.

no matter how many mistakes you. make or how slow you progress;
you are still way ahead of every one who isn’t trying.”

what are you waiting for gooooooooooooo.

Greek Bodybuilding (Ελληνικό Bodybuilding) says:

Love the music, so motivating!!

Lumkile Tyesi says:

Coleman to me has always looked like a fat bodybuilder even in contest. He
has never had the dry aesthetic lines of Levrone or Flex Wheeler


3 of the best, this is a crazy good video enjoy. x #beastmode 

Michael Hermes says:

For all those who Criticize Jay and Ronnie. When you taste what it feels
like to achieve its hard to stop. That’s why Ronnie and Jay are so large.
Working out is like a drug to some people. It becomes part of your life,
part of who you are. It becomes hard to quit because after time and
dedication you see the results and want more. As Jay Cutler said “Once you
start, you cannot be normal, it’s impossible to become normal again”. Some
people can quit, others can’t because they crave the burn just like a
cigarette. It’s a true addiction. Slow, but productive. If you’ve ever been
good at anything and didn’t want to stop, you’ll know how guys like us

Keith Dart says:

A lot of energy expended, yet very little work done. 

SpiderJ97 says:

music at 4:10 please? Can’t find it, even with shazam. Thanks guy’s!

Thor Avenger says:

como que as pessoas produzem os videos do youtube, tipo como eles tirão
trechos de filmes, de séries, de jogos, etc.. por exemplo: como faria se eu
quisesse pegar o trecho de um filme, para depois editar ele no Movie Maker
? igual eles fazem nos videos, mas sem baixar o vídeo direto do Youtube ?

johannes frings says:

Ronnie MOVED some serious weights!

David Evans says:

What if every man was that big. Then the world would be way too small,
every man would be the equivalent of 2. Food would become even more
difficult to get a hold of and more people would die because of fights.
They would be heavier so more fuel would be required for cars, planes,
boats etc, also cars, planes etc would need to be much bigger to fit them
in. I really don’t think the world is ready for anything like this.

Asoka Mano says:

You guys make it sound like Arnold was the only natural bodybuilder while
the others did steroids, however the truth is Arnold himself did steroids
for several years.

Theerapon Kaopaiboon says:

Train hard, diet, sleep will make you bigger. Roid will enhance the result
and make you go through your limit
But remember this, if you fail 3 of this, roid will help nothing but damage
your organ.
Once you get bigger you need to lift harder, eat much much more
Once you got muscle you working for, if you stop training, diet and enough
rest, all will gone in time.
Its a process that CAN NOT BE STOP if you want to keep it
Its a thing that come up with RESPONSIBILITY not just simply inject and you
will have
and the price of this drug is damn expensive plus the amount that they use
is extremely high. injecting everyday is not an eazy life, so NO PAIN NO

Copain Dan says:

now im tired just watching this video…

UnTaged Guru says:

it would be sick to be in that shape but the only problem is its not
strenth musles

Konrad L. says:

Self love, – one of the Devil’s favorite sins.

capoman1 says:

It is sick. Arnold and many of the bodybuilders of Arnold’s era LOOK BETTER
than today’s. Today’s bb are bigger, but men of that day had more
impressive aesthetics, like a superhero, rather than an alien.

babak latifi says:

those who looks so big freaks have no penis i mean wtf is this shit

Cody Warren says:

i give all credit to jay and ronnie but imagine what arnold would look like
if he had all the advantages we do today all the shakes and new supplements
my god he would of been a god

VengefulSage says:

There is a difference between bodybuilding or lifting weights.
Bodybuilding is an art. You are …hmm look at it like a sculpture. Your
body is the sculpture and you are making it look the best. These other two
guys look horrible imo. Arnold was the best and looked the best. His
proportions were absolutely exceptional! He was like a sculpture in his

Surgeon of Death says:

Amazing video…Thumbs up!

Snozz Berries says:

And always remember little kiddies, you can never get muscles like these
without your daily cheating dose of…..STEROIDS!!

Matteo Von Knapp says:

Since top bodybuilders started to look obese for their oversized abdominals
and foolish proportions, true Body Building have finished to exist !!!

noe fernandez says:

I love how everyone is always talking about form and judge people when they
sacrifice form for strength and , the most famous body builders do it all
the time says:


Danisemo93 says:

Hi my name is Dani, im following a diet and a workout made by Enrique
Aparicio del Val and my objective is to loss about 10 kilograms of fat and
get some muscles, i started 15 days ago and i feel so depressed, this kind
of videos give me forces again because the mirror doesnt :(

D Castro says:

Arnold looks good,,,,, fucking sick, its hard to take eyes away from him.
But what is happening to the other guys? It seems they push it too far…..
No-ones gonna like them…. I don’t know why I would admire them, besides
the bigger the size the smaller the brain becomes :D

Oprahphil says:

For all the idiots: If you call Jay and Ronnie ugly freaks then Arnold is
also an ugly freak but with tiny ass legs. All 3 of these guys in their
prime had about the same sized arms, chest, and waist. Legs however are
total different story, Arnold’s thighs were a whopping 5 inches smaller and
that’s why he looked so different. 

SuperNovaPL says:

Thats right brothers and sisters from the GYM. Work work work and work your
ass off so when we will go to Heaven we will not be ashamed to walk among
the Gods

Jeff Clark says:

Doesn’t come naturally!

Tom Angelo says:

You get perspective on the eras watching this video. Arnold seems to use a
lot of weights he can manage to perfect his body. These other guys look
like showing big weights in their hands in most important. Every guy that
size has put in real work but Arnold is balanced. These other guys seem to
strain themselves while lifting and Arnold seems to make it look easy.

Anthony Vincent says:

Arnold in his day may not have been as big, but at least he looked by
far better in my opinion, proportioned properly. The other 2 are freaks and
freaky looking…

Tom Dos Santos says:

Ronnie and jay should not be on the same video as Arnold. Sure they all
used steroids, but Arnold did not abuse steroids he used them in a healthy
way. Arnold also was the king of aesthetics he looked completely in
proportion and took time to develop his physique correctly. That’s why it
took Arnold 15 years to develop his physique.

Mikus Silenieks says:

Idk what you guys say, but Roonies posing amazed me.

Brave SVK says:

3:02 “Lightweight!” :D

vascsniper says:

What about Kali Muscle?

chimanski2 says:

cara o Arnold é o que tem o corpo mais bacana…mais natural sei la…

Lawrence Goldman says:

All “juicers” including Arnold. 

Ömer faruk Turhan says:

this is best body
1 ronnie
2 arnold
3 jay

jose mejia says:

The king of all bodybuilding 

Mindaugas Paulavicius says:

arnold is the tru body bilder is showed waht we cant do wod ouer body
wywaud steroids is the best is the legends respect

Jesse James says:

i guess chemists have gone a long way since the arnold days. that’s all i
can say looking at these guys.

TL C says:


Tyler Gosnell says:

“A journey of one mile or a thousand begins with a single step”

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