Beastmode Back Workout: Natural Bodybuilder Chris Jones

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INTRO (Kenny)



rzrselliott says:

i learned nothing from this video…

Jimmy Bob says:

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Beastmode 2 had me laughing so hard and
the theme song is killing me.

Mark Jaramillo says:

I disagree John Ron…I have a friend, when, throughout High School, and
NEVER lifted a weight at that time, the guy was chiseled out of fucking
granite man, he looked like he had been lifting all his teen yrs, abs
shoulders everything. It’s genetics man, his younger brothers are the same
way, they’re dad is a fucking monster when we were growing up, all natural
too. NOW he has been lifting the last 15 yrs, and i’ll tell you what my
friend is an absolute freak of nature man. Some guys are just naturally,
genetically gifted.

Jacked Stud says:

no roids just range? lol I see some acne on the back at 3:19

Shunpalaikis says:

One year before he was natural, muscular in great shape but not as ripped
as now, Now I see such improvement that it is impossible to achieve
naturally in one year without using anything. I dont know if it is roids,
but it is definetly something more that just protein powders. Naturally it
is possible to achieve that shape but it takes time, and it takes at least
three-five years of hard training and dieting. Lazar Angelov achieved his
physique after 10 YEARS of training. How long this guy is training?

SuperiorMind says:

Hah – I’ve been accused of being on roids plenty of times and am not
(mostly because it’s quite illegal here). I’m not as shredded but I almost
have this size. Also I’ve been attacked(at gym) for finishing with cheat
reps on back day – usually by jealous skinny form-Nazis who don’t
understand the concept. It’s the only way I’ve been able to keep
progressive overload working(plus using dropsets) – form perfection with
lighter weight was causing a serious plateau problem. (still try to
maintain max range of motion for most reps though). Now that I add in those
last few cheat reps I keep making gains but tend to attract a lot of
annoying criticism(again: from ppl who are out of shape). I’m finding for
me, heavy weight(8-12 rep set start failing at 10) seems to impact natural
hormone responses better.

Naturalknight says:

You fucking roid head hypocrite
Fuck you and your back workout

bryce Flanigan says:

People butt hurt because they didn’t learn anything? As if you actually
listen to the educational videos. Just enjoy the show.

Daniel Roman says:

You can’t use all those muscles in hell. Who’s stronger? A strong man or
a man of strength?

Dswag650 says:

I miss this type of videos with chris and vince y’all were magic. y’all
need to bring these type of beast mode videos with both of y’all. quit
hiding vince and fuck these haters! 

Anthony Duncan says:

You inspired me to start lifting and get in shape Chris Jones. I wish we
were friends and could lift together 

Manny S says:

I know the workout to get a big mother fucking head like his so I can go
round head butting people 

Chris Hacken says:

Dude is jacked as fuck, but shit… I shake my head whenever I see people
rocking back and forth like that while doing rows.

omgitsme435 says:

Alright way too many video effects, didn’t learn anything and couldn’t take
it serious..

James fredson says:

The fact that you saying you not on roids and promoting all this
supplements, overloading your body with them dosent mean you natural. All
this things you taking are worse on your liver and kidney. Plus i think you
might be on Anabol or Winstrol to cut. Prove me wrong. Stop decieving the

Safkari says:

der trainiert wie der letzte horst..alles schwung..null auaführung..wie
will der natural bitte so aussehen xD

Blast and Cruise Protocol from Hell says:

natural bodybuilder?
Hahhahaha 🙂
your funny chris, that’s why I like you

gc fd says:

I wanted to add you on facebook in I cant find you if you could add me that
would be great

Jumpious says:

cute back movements at the start, does it make it easier? lel ur like a 10
year old kid “Beast Mode” calling urself cute nicknames lol. seriously
1.2million people watch this? 

Vigilante O Misionero says:

IS Chris Jones the rapper beat maker guy, where they go “mike jones….
mike jones”???

dimitris2909 says:

Natural my ass 

Devin Harvey- Ybarra says:

your part of the African Rhino family with Kali muscle 

Tiago Martinho says:

Many blind people on youtube, i wonder how they type… Apparently same way
they workout, not frequently and without any idea what they r doing

davebatistaaa1 says:


Gary Dickson says:

Bro beast mode is off the change. U should do it for all your body parts
.keep up the good work. Next time u in Vegas gave a heads up and I’ll show
u how it really goes down!!

Mcswaggyswag says:

All the faggots saying Chris is on steroids make me laugh. Bunch of
clueless mother fuckers that accuse everyone bigger than them on being on
shit. It’s ok, I was once an insecure 14 year old punk as well.

Dadzilla Capmbell says:

Yep! Trying sumodat in d mornin 1st thing!

XxMarQSxX says:

Naturalny po chuju :D

Mrsparkyice1 says:

what the fuck dumbell at 5:54 on the left side of video just next to
chris’s ass

artunnn3 says:

Lots of roids, and lil bit of beast mode , you get this. Nice try though!!!

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