Best Natural Bodybuilding Workout Program with Victor Costa Vicsnatural

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Best Natural Bodybuilding Workout Program with Victor Costa Vicsnatural


Natural Gallant Bodybuilding says:

Those are some nice peaks right there. lol

TysonProductions says:

Them bicep peaks.. damn! 

xDwelleR says:

Rest is when you grow bitches.

Benjamin Reynolds says:

I think we can all agree those peaks of yours are amazing. I’m like a lot
of the viewers, we would like to see more of you, Vic. I can understand if
your busy. I just wanted to say it, just encase you didn’t know. Oh and
Happy New Year Vic. Peace.

Graeme Glendinning says:

Incredible natural physique to aspire to, exactly the kind i’ve sought to
build, yet remains elusive, ill keep keepin on between injuries:)

gai kreene says:

Good advice, I agree with everyone else. More vids Vic..

eddie machete says:

Cable extensions on your biceps whilst on your knees and locking your arms
out on the negative motion of the extension will build a peak.

Markus Jonsson says:

Vic needs to make more videos! I have kind of missed that kind voice and
the chill hippie vibes! :D

henchdan1 says:

As always, an inspiration to any natural bodybuilder and living proof gains
will come naturally with hard work and nutrition. Vic you’re a true
inspiration! Keep it up bro! England UK

Ali N says:

Very informative and understandable please make more vids Vic! you bring a
uniqueness to the Youtube fitness community. Peace. 

C.R.E.A.M. says:

seventy first!

osama abozaid says:

I’ve been following you for a while and the results are perfect , thank you
coach , but i have some problems with losing fat from the buttocks , will
you please help me ?

Munich SpartanFitness says:
Jake Hansen says:

Someone here makes real sense!

Robert D. Lee says:

Rest is rest for the whole body. Great advice.

Karan B says:


i191archy says:

Absolutely true! 

choadkin says:


Harlo76 says:

More nutrition vids from this guy! Vic is the best on YT!

Stephan Runge says:

Perfect Bizeps

1023ryanw says:

That’s it! I’m investing in your knowledge I’m subscribing to you. Your a
wise man when it comes to body building. God bless you. You da man!

Michael030979 says:

Vic, great videos as always. Can you do a video though specifically on how
to loose weight (belly fat)? That would be a huge help! :)

Yang Lee says:

This is very helpful information. Thanks!

Cris Robles says:

Man, absolutely no bad comments, ever, nobody attacking this guy. This guy
is the best on youtube

Co Jo says:

Vic is the man… I really enjoy hearing what he has to say.

sonnytjuh says:

Hi Vic,
First of all, sorry for my bad English. I love your motivative video’s and
the way you look at things always inspires me. I’m now going to the gym and
doing excersises for about three years seriously. At one point a month ago
the upside of my left wrist started to get really painfull. I have had this
two times earlier but on my right wrist wich went away after a week or so.
And because i’m a guitarist i always take care when i excersise to provide
problems with my wrist. But this time it’s been almost 5 weeks later and I
cannot do one push up because of the pain. The docter said i just need rest
and hopefully it will heal itself. I dont know why this happened because i
am not bench pressing the wrong way or somerhing. Now my question is, do
you ever had wrist problems/injuries and do you have any tips to provide
this or excersises (or changing the grip or something) that dont put so
much stress on your wrist?
I hope that you could understand my question despite of my bad English.

Thanking you in advance, and keep making these inspirational video’s!

Sonny van den Berg, Holland 

Eddie 19XX says:

Hi Vic, what would you recommend skinny guys who are not into supplements
wanting to bulk up?

Jessi E says:

I am a big fan VIC and I admire your tact when responding to some really
nasty comments. 

LRBear says:

The opening flex segment…damn!

vinayak das says:

looking forward to see some new videos this new yearr……luv u bro

MadHatter1337 says:

What happened the tattoo on your arm? its gone?

Peter Ollerenshaw says:

Vic, you should visit the Peak District in the UK

derick belair says:

Hey vic how ling should a workout be?

MrKillingBalls says:

keep the videos coming . we miss them 

kyle mccullough says:

Thanks Vic always need your advice 

bigmanfitness says:

you seem like you know what youre talking about. i just subscribed.

Ryan Smith says:

Hey Vic, the link during the playback to your new ab video brings me to the
personal “upload page” rather than the ab video!

Firebird7478 says:

I do nothing on my rest days but I feel like crap doing it.

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