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Alex Elliott says:

you know i did this shoulder workout out and the next day my lats were sore
not my shoulders for some reason.

N3m3cis says:

Just did the barbel part at home, can barely lift my arms to keyboard.

vicsnatural says:

well, a tad lacking on the rear delt. However, I will do a vid. Peace, Vic

vicsnatural says:

Will do , Thanks , Peace, Vic

Dogorlol says:

no doubt the best channel on Youtube, been working out for soon 1 year and
i study your videos as if my life depended on it ! and i keep learning new
stuff and when i apply that to my workouts i get insane results ! THANK YOU
! 😀 wish i knew about your channel before i started gym xD

Ebrima Marena says:

You give so much info.. Thanks vic

livepunx says:


DrinGONatoR says:

That’s the grip right there. You see that grip and you know that the person
doing the exercise knows his stuff

Johnny Bang says:

dude… you-are-JACKED!

Redstripe921 says:

Meditation and Minfulness is rly good for the focus and motivation, both
for exercising and daily life.

naddari ghazi says:

why counting is not important

vicsnatural says:

Thank you, I feel really great when someone gives it a try and offers
feedback. Thank you very much, Peace, Vic

bulatengbutatoy says:

do you have a workout vid for the rear delts?

kakarusato says:

Uuhuuuuu these burned my sboulder

Joe Blo says:

Question for ya Vic- I couldn’t help but notice how absolutely cut your
shoulders/back are, and whole body for that matter. What kind of workouts
would you recommend to burn fat and become more toned. Cardio, plyometrics,
both? What’s best in your opinion?

Goofyska69 says:

Thank you for all the videos Vic!!

Fatus Olus says:

One thing i like about Vic is that he ‘s not arrogant or critical.He says
what he has to say with confidence but in a way that doesn’y make you feel
completely ignorant

vicsnatural says:

Let me know how it went friend. Peace, Vic

Man ni says:

You have an awesome physique!

budfr says:

The cool thing about Vic is that he looks very athletic, very symmetrical
so to speak. It means that you can combine that frame with other athletic
endeavors, have grace, and flexibility, not like the pure bodybuilders who
actually scare girls, and have no real athletic ability for other sports,
slow, and look ridiculous when dancing. Thumbs up if you agree.

vicsnatural says:

You are most welcome. Peace, Vic

vicsnatural says:

Hi friend, I wouldn’t suggest that any of my training is good for anyone
with any particular physical problem. To the contrary, my workouts for
those who are free of problems.Peace, Vic

Flawless Pants says:

He looks like a jacked up computer tech

skymiles00795 says:

what should i do for rear delts?

vicsnatural says:

Thanks for your support friend. Happy you are enjoying the videos. Peace,

dan lown says:

Instant subscriber found! this is the best stuff ive seen in a long time,
keep it up mate 🙂

vicsnatural says:

Hi friend. I discuss diet in my other videos. Peace, Vic

phillytheflyerable says:

amazing. not overdone, not massive weights, just burning the shoulders

vicsnatural says:

For an experienced person such as yourself, it is important to keep
experimenting to find the pairing that works best for you. However, be
flexible, try different pairings every few months. Peace, Vic

Darius Kairev. says:

hi i am training for a year now. I just want to ask witch training is more
optimal each body part, or push pull or upper , lower. trying to do my
research but always finding a different opinions. any suggestions. thanks

vicsnatural says:

Thanks Aaron. Much appreciated, Peace, Vic

Bengali Boi says:

Vic your the best! More videos like these please

vicsnatural says:

Excellent. Peace, Vic

deadbutdreaming says:

I love that author and that book. The secret Don Juan tells Carlos after 13
years of training is just incredible and that ending… Perfect. I’ve been
using your methods for the last 6 weeks and I’m seeing small gains… Slow
and steady wins the race they say. Thanks Vic. Pancakes are awesome too.

vicsnatural says:

Thank you for taking the time to try it and then posting. Peace, Vic

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