Big Ramy And Dennis James Insane Arms Workout

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Dennis James takes Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay through an arm workout, just 2 weeks before the 2014 NY Pro.


JONZUN says:

It is sad. These MF’s be dead by 50! I wish we could all look this good
without drugs!

Bodybuilding Movies says:
JBL Pyro says:

looks like rami doesn’t really ever go too heavy and always has perfect

astraldreamer84 says:

What does is insane about this workout? Stupid title! The most ordinary
workout in universe,I work better than these two guys.

Baby Pizza says:

His tricep is my arm

Warren McDaniel says:

These guys must drink a lot of whey

Bleezy D. says:

Those fucking forearms are insane. These guys are tanks.

MrCheatreporter says:

Anyone who cant see that this guy uses steroids must be either blind or
really really stupid.

rodrigo serafim says:

Quem também veio procurar pra ver o Big Ramy , depois que viu a Fabrica de
MOnstro falar que o cara ta pesando 144 kg seco ?

rachell ramirez says:

Pretty good for a Natty. 100% effort, diet, genetics and a Myostatin
Hypertrophy condition plus lots of vitamins and 1 and 1/2 hours of cardio
when he cuts weight. He doesn’t need steroids or HGH. He just eats a lot!
You can tell by looking at him he is NOT on roids. I’m tired of all you
people assuming steroids because you watch a few of Rich’s videos. Don’t
assume that he couldn’t put on a hundred pounds like he did. Some of these
guys could do it without. With his condition he would actually be smaller
and less symmetrical if he took roids or HGH. Look at his wrists,skin,
chest and leg and calves. HIs wrists are small and his chest does not have
the same look and effects of steroid users. And look at him in off-season
how much leaner he is than the guys who use. His secret is he hits back
really hard and eats and rests properly. 

ventende says:

The bigger they get the weirder it looks when they’re forced to come off
the juice. Like mountain tops of ice that melts right before your eyes.
Major shrinkage.

xSDG27 says:

big ramy really does look clean i don’t think he juices

Tristan Knowles says:

Rachel everything you said is so idiotic that it defies description in the
space allotted. Please don’t speak again. Ever

Chase Fuller says:

Amazing size and physique but its hard to imagine that a heart can be
healthy and carry around that much muscle year round. I hope ram does big
things but I hope his size doesn’t destroy him.

건희정 says:

Is Big Ramy in Black T-shirt?

ronny schwarzenegger 88 says:

gr8 motivation thanx ramy and dennis james

Sway Calloway says:

Intense drug-induced bodybuilding reminds me of dog breeding. You turn a
perfectly beautiful, healthy dog into a malfunctioned, unhealthy, uglier
dog and call it pure bred. 

PersonalFitness3 says:

Big Ramy ain’t no joke! He seems to be serious about his workouts, and he
is definitely one to look out for in future Mr. Olympias and other

Andrew Scott says:

Can’t this dude speak?

Lorenzo Sloan says:


Jay says:

Big Ramy is the next big guy after Ronnie Coleman, he is the next mr. O 

Hanque Myers says:

Terrible video production! Try to control the music volume.

BeWaterMyFriend says:

I’m glad that Big Ramy’s all natural. 

Pedro Santos says:

Does anyone even lift next to Ramy lol

rapandrnb says:

This is probably the best workout I have ever witnessed from a body
builder. This is on the same par as Kai Greene.

None of this ego lifting rubbish. Proper contractions with proper form.

Marcin Mickiewicz says:

7:31 song name please?

Strakos0 says:

May God bless you, good men !

freddyXDyeah says:

A very controlled and well balanced arm workout. Not insane by anyone’s

Explicitproductions1 says:

Can’t wait to see how thick. solid. and tight. he gets when he starts

ronniezzzz says:

drop set tries

Hebloe says:

Big Ramy? This guy looks big as FUCK!!

modestas kulvinskas says:


Anders Sorensen says:

Big Ramy makes other IFBB pros look small, can you imagine stumbling into
him in a gym? Holy shit, Ramy u the man, keep it up!

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