Bodybuilding for Tall Men – (Tips)

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Here is an excellent bodybuilding training video designed specifically or the taller male bodybuilder. The author of this video is Alan Eltron Barrell, a natural bodybuilding strength and health coach and recent author of fictional novels. Alan recently passed away but his legacy lives on on these very helpful videos. Learn how to train in bodybuilding for tall men. Grow those arms and really fill out the long space. Alan covers it all in these motivational bodybuilding workout video tape. workout weight lifting strength training. Tall bodybuilders.

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Dylan Hellriegel says:

being 6ft 6 i can understand the pain of being a tall bodybuilder
especially at 19, i was a scrawny kid at 93 kg 14′ arms and 23′ legs and
now after 18 months of natural training im up to 111kg 18′ arms and 28.5′
legs and lean too.
tall guys out there just stay focused and all push yourself, dont be afraid
to fail. :)

Angel Cantu says:

Im 6’1 17 and have huge arms and legs

LevonsWound says:

Tall 6’2 – 6’4 body builders look amazing, small long core, wide shoulders
and big legs look much better than short body builders. Tall body builders
rule imho

T Rockefeller says:

I got it!! Bodybuilders work out like crazy to compete against other men in
order to be the most prominent male and “win” the flaccid, weak, useless,
dependant, demanding, genderly inferior creature a.k.a woman XD with whom
they fail to connect with because she’s a totally different gender, a
totally different mind so they fake it, all this to then go back to their
male friends with whom they can truly connect as they are the same thing;
men hahaha!! Heterosexuality is a joke!! LOL

Robert Stanley says:

Being 7’2″ and stuck at 96 kg, yep I’m a tall scrawny bastard I know, but I
cannot gain mass at all no matter the tricks. I eat 8,000 calories a day to
maintain body weight, At most I gain up to about 102 kg, but that’s it. I
lose the weight again within a week. but I’m healthy, so yes I would love
to gain mass, but again I just can’t. Any real tips?

Justin Osborne says:

I am tall, so it has always been hard to add visible muscle mass to my
frame. It takes 1.5 times more muscle to add visibility to my long arms
compared to the average guy. 

Robin S says:

great tips!

Matt McMurran says:

great video thanks for the motivation. I’m 6’9” and the last thing I wanna
do is make excuses for why ,my arms don’t look the same way shorter guy’s

eisenherz188 says:

Neil Fingleton should look at this video. lol
1:25 You should google Noah Steere. Oh yes it is possible for tall guys to
put mass on.

Rob Lewis says:

I did bodybuilding years ago, I’m 6’5 and got up to 122kgs natural.
Struggled on squats as it hurt my lower spine so I spent sometimes 2
sessions a week on legs, leg press working up to 800kg with extensions and
ham curls always adding free weigh to the stack. Calf raises with my mates
hanging off the machine stack for added weight, ahh them was the days.
I cycled to work daily which I think made my legs bigger as I had more fast
twitch muscle. They literally were swollen every time I got to the gym.
Chest, Bench press, hated it, but excelled on Dumbell presses working up to
70kg each side dumbells. This made my Tris very large with the dips. So yes
lots of bicep curls, and close grip pulldowns with a wrist curl at the
Added in some inclined, Close grips burns and very heavy dips, adding up to
100kg around the waist.
Heavy Shoulder Press Dumbells, Very Heavy Shrugs and pulldowns stack plus
weighs added for back. Same with Back Pulls. Heavy Deadlifts.
Funny enough the thing that added loads of arm size was rowing on
outriggers and dragon boats, very weird. But I think these things with
doing heavy weights helped because I had more fast twitch fibres and was
naturally prone to skinnyness.

Eat loads of meat and veges, and drink loads of low fat protein. Thats it.
Seemed to work, BUT it did take time. Always look forward to increasing
weight a bit each week. If I didn’t feel that was possible, I stayed home
and rested.

I do much martial arts now, and have lost a lot of that weight, as I got
uncomfortably big, the missus called me the michelin man due to the arms,
but what I lack now in bulk, I have loads of striking speed, punch and
kicking. and quite fit and muscular lean I’m now 47.

Mon Chest/Tris
Heavy Dumbell Press x6
Med Dumbell Flyes x4
Full Low Dips x6 max (add weight around waist)
Cable Pushdowns x4 (add to stack eventually)
Cable Pushdowns x2 maxouts med weight burn out, stop, keep going, stop
repeat. I shoot till I cant do no more.
Close Grip Barbell Burns 4x max reps one week, x4 heavy following week.

Tues Back
Heavy Pulldown x4 (pullups if you can)
Heavy Seated Cable Rows x4
Seated Cable Row Burns x2 slow max reps.
Very heavy Tbar rows x6 (keep stacking on the plates)
Heavy Deadlift x4

Thursday Shoulders/Bis (do bis with back if you like)
Heavy dumbell press x4 or
Arnie machine press x 4
One arm side raises x4 each side (try holding a 45pound plate through the
Med Slow negatives close grip raise to neck x4
Very Heavy shrug dumbell x4 (dont crush you old fella, I did this, wasnt
Barbell Curl x 4 max
Dumbell Curl x 4 max
Close grip/to chest pulldown with wrist curl in at bottom x 4 max.

Fri/Legs/calves (big rests in between)
Heavy Hill Cycle warmup
Very heavy leg press 4-8 sets pyramid
Leg extension x4 max
Leg Curl x4 max, standing 1 leg at a time.
Heavy Standing calf raise x8 sets
You should not be able to do more, or want to do more legs as this will
blow your weekend out. Keep arse on the seat when on leg press or youll get
a big arse.

Throw in abs every other day.

Hope this helps someone.

gulamuppen says:

Thanks for the information, but still. No pain, no gain. That’s what I have
always believed.

SaltySangster says:

6 foot 3 here, I was 170 pounds now im 218 pounds, I train legs 2 – 3 times
a week because they are so long and train arms along with every other body
part each non leg day. I’m 6 foot 3 with a 6 foot 7 wingspan, and 38 length
legs. If Arnold could do it so can we!

GenoKatz4 says:

What are your macros? I am also 6’4″ and am struggling to gain lean mass.
I’ve been at this for over a year. My chest is my weakest part. IT JUST
WONT GROW! So frustrating!

heyitsablackguy says:

Takes time man, takes a lot of time. All I know is that cutitng down sucks
for taller dudes.

ComputerTrainer101 says:

Benching is a bitch for tall people. I can’t gain shit muscle wise no
matter how hard I work. I’m doing kick boxing now and I hit harder by far
than the smaller guys but I still have chicken arms. I’m 6’4″ I’m in good
shape though. Genetics are a bitch in terms of weight lifting if you are

MrInvaded says:

Excellent guy.. I’m 6ft 7in and in the gym daily.. This video has some
great tips.. thanks for posting

Captain0333 says:

6’5 and 18 dang. Im a couple yrs younger and only 6’0. I know this guy who
is 15 and 6’8

HansensUniverse says:

anyone got some damn tip how to put on mass on your legs i am 6’9 aprox
208cm peak i just can’t gain mass on my legs i have a big torso and arms
but my legs, oh dear.

ramdalal says:

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