Bodybuilding motivation: Triceps (read descriptions)

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Comments says:

Phenomenal video!! Salute from iwontlose channel.

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SuperSharot says:

protein shakes are cheating, just like steroids. gym is for softies

Jean Dupla says:

I’m the men 🙂 They should stop using steroids btw..

Нур Байгельдинов says:

that the track?

Sam Flagg says:

this is sick should have more motivational vids on single body parts

Jose Arcadio says:

Last song – Audiomachine – Akkadian Empire

Armando Hernandez says:
Jordan White says:

lol what league of legends signup in about hha but i agree its best game
in the world

Mr. Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu but call me Bob says:

WTF is wrong with 91 ppl ?!

joshua welling says:

This is just totally disgusting..

Charlie Washington says:


Ossama Aly says:

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Roberts Kalniņš says:

Love to train triceps!

Vik chuk says:


Nickallah Deen says:

PLEASE let me know what that outro music is you used !

Hector Baruk Martinez Desilos says:

el gym es lo mejor

bcove90 says:

just got back from the gym, want to go again now.

CoNkUsT69 says:

lee preist is so big in this

Mark Johnson says:

I used UltimateMuscles.Info to make my body look great

Sanjeeb chatterjee says:

let me know hw to melt the fats and look sharper

superst0ck1 says:

@Happy lover they don’t do this for self defense you fucking moron.

Schaufelor says:

Godd video, but sry not enough Kevin Levrone in this. God of Triceps.

Дмитрий Краснов says:
Дмитрий Краснов says:
Qasim Builder says:
Олександр Костюченко says:

1:16 You do not have to dip that low (shoulder injury possible)

joemobumtwizzler says:

3:14 looks awesome

andres HC says:

This is motivation bitches MOTIVACION VG <-----

!!/ T ! k (_) R !! says:

Limp Bizkit – Lonely World

baja baja says:

Who is at 2:10 ?

agajan babayew says:


Sanjay kar says:

yep i agree. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if
your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. btw!but ye One of my
friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to
kill our jelly belly. have a look here

redhatlt says:

Steroids or not the dedication that you need will lead you to any succes in
life even out of this sport. This is the hardest sport in the world and not
because lifting weights is hard but because you need to watch of for
everything you eat,drink,smoke and other shit you do. Honestly,if these
goofs that keep bullshiting on these men had atleast half of their
dedication they would be something in this life and not say dumb shit
saying that steroids do magic…

Francesco Ferrara says:

Final song ??????????

James Du Toit says:

Kevin Levrone is at 3:10 in the middle

0vilge0 says:

who is the guy at 1:15

Thales Costa says:

2:43 , name pls ?

hellobigboyhello says:

I just want to know what his name is cause I’ve seen him on a few
bodybuilding videos but I can’t find out what his name is.

JRamos says:

Kai Greene

redspiderseal says:

u think it looks disgusting, i think you like cock. everyone has their

melikecookies1000 says:

I came here.. for “The Arm”

Buds420King says:

the most noticable thing on a human is his skin colour, being the most
visible part of your body, largest organ and biggest influence on looks. so
the main thing people would notice is skin colour yeah. and what are you
even trying to prove?? fuckhead

Ysmael Guiban says:

whats the name of the song

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