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styli1000 says:

This isn’t motivation in bodybuilding. This, dear people, is motivation in
steroids and being an asshole.

Vignesh sachin says:

so painful!! but the results r

Zakaria Mebarki says:

5 years ago, this video was my revelation.
Thanks for this pure art

Typitus says:

Whats the song ?

MrIronchris says:

Ηλίθιοι και κομπλεξικοί σε τραγικό βαθμό….

letuan lletuan says:

2:22 who is he ?

Kevin Kewo says:

the song? :)

Oscar Ristisich says:

É músculos estará mínima

sheirwin cruz says:

“Pain is Pleasure”
-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Senthil Mashan says:

Very entrust

IR. Bambang Sutrisno Madil says:

Mantab badannya gede buanget

Eu Roids says:

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Eduardo Cabral says:

haaaaaaaaaaaa love bodybuilding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dnt says:

2:22 fucking crazy

solarfury leo says:

muscle and power. mans true form.

Bionicle says:

My first video of bodybuilding motivation ever watched…. after 6 years it
still pushes me..

Cuong Phung says:


Arnetha Gatlin says:


Charlie Washington says:


ruthiem45 says:

Have you seen Skinnimaker System? (check it out on google) It is a quick
way to shed fat fast.

PJ says:

ok but how they would be without doping

nickcy27 says:

who is on 1:39 ? great physique

G0piSingh says:

Ronnie coleman best bodybuider ever! NR 1

Alayoubi Satea says:

What kind of drags they use any advice? 

osama essa says:

motivation vedio give me the power thank u

Dani Remetan says:

Thanks mrZhasni and ZhasniMotivation!!The best motivation for me! keep
working <3

francesco Logreco says:


Foxy The Fox says:


Andrija Stefanovic says:

Steroids SUCKS

Dušan Valenta says:

best !

MrJuliosaczk says:


miloùd chriett says:

nice video ;)

František Pražma says:


Smith Shakya says:

Are you making these mistakes in your diet? Go and Google Skinnimaker Diet
to find out.

Samuel Castro says:

Always gets me pumped!!

nusense808 says:

None of these bloated assholes can hit a vacuum pose I bet

kristijan atanaskovic says:

ovi koriste steroide

Perfect BodyClub says:
Bobby Bish says:

Will this make u live longer and what if u get a cramp

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