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More of CT’s arm workout: http://bbcom.me/1ufqm06
CT Fletcher knows a thing or fifty about building monstrous biceps and triceps. Think you can hang? Get ready to command your muscles to grow!

Warning: Foul language, extreme intensity, and heavy-ass weights ahead!

If you’ve bravely chosen to ignore the warning above, then prepare yourself for an arms growth formula so sinister that it will command your biceps and triceps to grow. In this arms training video, CT Fletcher, the “Superman from Compton” himself, will show you how to carve your arms with blood and sweat into thick slabs of granite.

Fletcher knows what it takes to transform. Rising from the ruthless streets of Compton, he underwent open-heart surgery in 2005, took the following years to recuperate, and has since adopted a no-nonsense, “fuck average” approach to his training. Age is not a factor. He doesn’t let a mere number tell him what he can or cannot do. On the contrary, this sidewalk-cracking monster wills iron to bend to him.

One thing’s for sure: You won’t get arms like CT’s by pussyfooting around. His gargantuan arms are the direct result of relentless training and enough cursing to make a sailor blush. Armed Warfare is an exercise in both mental and physical fortitude. Pain is a permanent resident in CT’s land of iron. He recognizes that this workout is going to hurt, but rather than let that bother him, he makes pain submit and yells, “Fuck you, pain!”

CT Fletcher’s training style involves an eclectic mix of “drill sergeant, preacher, and raving lunatic.” From the concrete jungle that is Metroflex Long Beach, he’s going to put your biceps and triceps through the wringer with nine excruciating exercises. Find a buddy to work out with because, frankly, you’ll need a shoulder to cry on.

Every exercise in this workout is designed to make your muscles shriek as you push them beyond failure and rapidly build agony. You’ll earn no planned relief from this anguish. CT laughs at the idea of neatly structured workouts and repetition schemes.

How many reps? “You do it until you can’t fuckin’ do no more,” CT says. With the exception of a couple specific exercises, you will do every exercise to total failure.

And rest? “Fuck being so strict!” shouts CT. Your rest period lasts only as long as it takes your workout partner to finish his set.

Are you ready for Armed Warfare? Follow CT’s command and “act like it then!”

Congratulations for making it this far, brave soul! The Armed Warfare grand finale is a gauntlet that will crush what little spirit remains within you. It involves five pairs of dumbbells that incrementally go up in weight.

As you lay down, your partner will start you off with the heaviest dumbbell. Knock out 20 reps of skull-crushers and keep going down the line until you crank out 100 reps total. You can touch the weights to the ground—not to rest the weight, but to make sure they go back far enough.

Before you call it quits, reward yourself with an additional 100 reps in the reverse order: from lightest to heaviest. That’s 200 total reps and the completion of one soul-crushing, brutal set.

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NinjaWarriorDude says:

I bet that Asian guy is really annoyed at CT calling him Bolo.

Dexter Haven says:

This reminds me of Arnold’s old ‘stripping method’ set. He would do one set
after warm up – start with 315 lbs bench press, then 225 for reps then 135
for reps. It would be 40 reps or more total but one multi-layered set. This
is why Arnold once said he could do one set of one exercise in the gym and
get more from his workout than most others who workout for 2 hours, because
he would milk the one set for every rep with total flexing and squeezing at
various weights to failure, with rest/pause, so he might even get 100 reps,
like CT, but totally pump & fatigue the muscle with one intense set and be
done. A good thing to keep in mind, how much you can get out of one set if
you try!

Ursu Dumitru says:

don’t throw , muthafucka, just don’t

Harmony Love says:

many moves with wrong form

Raja Aqeel says:

what exercise CT does for his tongue???

xxmatheusxxx says:

He is using synthol? 

bryce Flanigan says:

I tried those underbar tricep extensions. Felt like my elbows were going to
pop out. 

elkeson de souza says:

All of you CT haters leave it yeah! like to see you strict curl 225 lbs

EyesofPhysics SRG says:

Why does “bulo” not do full pull ups, chin to bar, then arms locked.

Fred Tambunan says:

Damn guys, y’all are some animals!!! Just watched the CT/Mike Rashid
Overtraining video at work….damn I still wish it was chest day

Small Business & Fitness says:

That laugh cracks me up lol

Drank Sinatra says:

He got the voice of a tutorial guy from a video game or something…show u
how the controls work

Alexander Her says:

so much time spent destroying ppls bodies, so Little time spent thinking
and using our minds, evolving whats possible. 6.3/0.38 ratio on likes. Good
one, World, you are fucking pathetic. We should all Work out, but dont
Waste your Whole life on this, and especially stop poking needles in your
ass. When you come to the end, this is not the goal….. get it.


CT’s such a drama queen 

HealthyLife says:

I didn’t understand a word he said :D

Strength in Manlets says:

This workout is beyond extreme.

mileena sheppard says:

There arms kinds look weird tho like fat is around them

JonaFriend Lee says:

noun: bolo; plural noun: bolos
a large single-edged knife used in the Philippines.
variant of bola.

ehsdaone says:

What’s Bulo drinking at 13:27???? That’s the real secret to arm day! lol

marika51001 says:

the haters always will be in there…the pain this man went trough… no
hater aloud himself to go trough that pain .left your comfort zone and go
trough that pain.bless up tc the real master…el dragon respect…Ali Mo
the king of all rings 

ejmac11 says:

It’s like working out with Samuel L Jackson from Pulp Fiction

KyroCastle Tron says:

Is he using synthol

SixStringManiac11 says:

That lactic acid id built up like a mother fucka.

docakilah2 says:

We Love You C.T.!!!!!!

Catalan Moy says:

I like to workout while watching CT Fletcher do his thing

greg gregson says:

That’s why ct has big arms . This workout would collapse most avg lifters.
Try it .

Tungsten23 says:

Staaahp slamming the dum bells and rack your weights, hate ego-trippers
like you all at the gym

Jon McKellop says:

I would assume that he spends a pretty penny on food to maintain his size.

bigdave719 says:

Shit is making me laugh

tammy brown says:

…*this ct guy looks fat, no definition at all…sorry, my point of view,
…..insults r welcome*

mj23allday247 says:

These short Asians look so ridiculous getting so swoll.

peaches denice says:

I’m so in love with his arms..

Tomáš David says:

He is just enjoying himself, he is cool

thizz.831 says:

The intro had me thinking this was a movie 

JoeCnNd says:

The only way to succeed is to failure!

eld3rr says:

CT Fletcher – the world’s badassest motherfucker.
I liked the Einstein joke as well.

TheMarkWebbie says:

this workout is the shit thanks CT! 😀
you should do a vid like this for chest

Kyle Harvey says:

This video just let me know that I haven’t been going hard enough…thanks

Diego Acosta says:

Looks like CT’s arms were full of synthol LOL

Bodybuilding.com says:

Check out @CTFletcherISYMF ‘s Armed Warfare Arm Workout! Can you handle it?

Slinky XIV says:

Coach from L4D2 has evolved :D

ma3anz says:

ur arms are ugly 

nathan hayward says:

c.t, . . . . . you full of shit. I ain’t seen not one Soldier putting in
work. You talk that shit but come Ft Hood nor Camp Humphrey’s you will see
some real Soldiers. The Hulk what. . . so funny and cute.

Wyatt Tilley says:

French curls… seriously?
I wanna do some french bench press. (seated rows)

MF DOOM says:

You mothafuckas can try that bullshit if you want to all in one day, best
believe you gonna rip a damn muscle in your arm, want be able to move your
damn arms for weeks. That ain’t no ordinary nigga, he on some other shit.

Dexter Haven says:

6:00 Hey, tough guy, they don’t call it a ‘French curl.’

Lane Carr says:

I may be wrong, but CT actually looks natural. I know that all these
beginners will think otherwise, but once you’ve been in the game for a
while, you know the difference between fake and natural

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