Full Body Bodybuilding Workout !

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If you’re falling behind on your workouts or just want to save time this is the video for you! Training multiple muscle groups in one session also keeps things exciting and helps with cardiovascular health! With this type of workout split you can reach your goals with only dedicating 3 days to going to the gym!

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Brandon Campbell says:

i still do full body workouts on occasion, good way to get it in!

Masrex says:

Yo bro I have some beef woth you now man, this was gonna be my video for
next week! Now everyone is gonna say I’m copying off elefittv, congrats on
hitting 1000, you’re almost at 1100 already! Hopefully the video I put up
yesterday can distract my viewers long enough so they’ll forget that I’m
posting almost the same thing as you this week ;D

LifeWithCass says:

Aha, definitely learned recently myself to always start with compound
movements! I mean I knew before that it was a better idea, but never paid
much attention to it. But now that Im really putting a lot more emphasis on
the compound movements in my workouts I notice a HUGE difference! Awesome
video though, cool to see how you balance the different muscle groups when
doing your entire body in one session :)

AestheticLifestyle33 says:

Love dumbbell flat bench press, Just feel it moarrrr!! 😀 awesome camera
work big man! :D

Alex Berenger says:

Thumbing up the video not just for the bench haha. Nice overall full body
workout man! 

Bears&Cookies says:

Great workout! Just one thing, don’t you put too much pressure on your
shoulders doing the bench press and the overhead press on the same day? :/
Also, how much time does this workout take you?
And just one more thing. You had a fantastic subscriber growth in just 6
months. Even though your vids are great, people have to know they exist
somehow. Any advice on how to attract viewers? 😀
Keep doing what you’re doing, man ;)

MacroMitch says:

Goblet squats are fantastic for warming up for heavy squats – Solid video
and workout though dude. Have you ever tried 1.5 rep bench? Its a killer!

Marcus Terry says:

Nice video mane.. dumbell bench looking mighty good mane.. GAINS..!!!

Matty Cuschieri says:

hahah Respect man !!! Can definitely bench all day errryday aswell haha 

BarbellaFitness says:

Those pull ups must’ve been a killer at the end, where do you workout in

John Pinet says:


TZfitness says:

Never tried goblet squats before!

Mark Macqueen says:

Goblit squats are also IMO the best way to teach someone how to squat! JJ
is a cool dude man, you both are! Keep up the great work :)

Average Joe Muscle says:

Great tips man!

OneTallman says:

good workout guys

Raymond Qiu says:

How many times do you workout a week ?love your vids

Francisco Fernandez says:

Good work man, keep it up!!

Eric Reynolds says:

Man love your videos and commentary over them keeps me motivated, keep up
the good work bro!

TammyTimeTV says:

What would you recommend for beginners thinking about weight lifting? 

Gainz R Us Fitness says:

Do you have an email address????

Primal Training says:

Would love to bench 5x a day if I could recover that fast haha.

irv gentry says:

good workout

threedabs glenn says:


Bryan Gutierrez says:

Hell ya man 1k came quick!

Pedro Zarate says:

Awesome stuff bro bro

Bulldurham Bodybuilding says:

I’ve been super setting with goblet squats after leg press.. Love em

Mr.Mirin says:

I’ve been waiting bby srs……. Ima get my h20 and watch this….

Tom Shufflebottom Fitness says:

You really hit everything mayne!

HK Fitness says:

Also i feel that goblet squats can improve your grip strength in some way.

LHudson ART/LIFTS says:

Using that suicide grip I see mannnee, living dangerously

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