Full Body Ten Minute Stretching Routine w/ Bodybuilder Jeff Seid, 13 days out Meal Prep

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►►► Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jeff_Seid

Track List:
Ummet Ozcan – SMASH!
Marlon Hoffstadt, Dansson — Shake That


NoCopyrightSounds says:

I’m actually learning a lot from what you do man.

FUARK says:

Do a video of you picking up bitches with the aesthetics

Jon Rocket says:

Ready for real life lol

paintballrecon says:

Jeff as much as i don’t want to say it….it looks like your shrinking brah

Santiago Campos says:

Dat horse mask in the back 1:21

Delan Sarmad says:

I don’t understand why he brings his pants up and down every few seconds

Danny Tolomeiu says:


Alicia Beth says:

Haha my birthday was on June 13!

ganthony1897 says:

All this workout crap is pointless. Inject roids, hit the weights and
you’re good!

TheStevensShow says:

How do you gain weight from 170lbs to 200lbs?

AridersLife says:

the box’s had ure address on it 

Marklin Ho says:

wow this is very informational & quite motivating as well! been looking for
ways to improve my overall fitness and learning some proper stretching is
definitely one way to work out that overall balance for me to hit that next
level etc. appreciate it man much love & cheers!!

BlackAchilis says:

dem clen shakes at breakfast

Ready To Train says:

thanks so much for this personally, you gave me a lot more ways to stretch
different parts of my body. the lower back ones and quads are especially

hermanocabra says:

And where are your 18 year old abs? xD

Billyda Smith says:

Looks skinny af. And start doing legs, faggot.

Mohammed Lee says:

Does stretching get you stretch marks??

Anthony Cote says:

Does not even look that shredded.

Ferhat Konuşul says:

the box from Turkey. imalatci adina beyanname duzenlenecek :-D

Cesar Navarrete says:

seriously man how do you lose weight that fast? You look so shredded anyway

Aesthetics Over Everything says:

You think its okay to stretch without warming up first ?

Young Justice says:

Im beginning to think hes natural.

Chris Ferrero says:

You haven’t showed us how to stretch your bi’s brah

Lourens Kuipers says:

Bruh, when are you coming to netherland?

IWillTeachYouTheWays says:

Anyone notice the horse head mask in the background?

razerxrob says:

fucking ego is huge brah keep pulling your pants down every 10 seconds in
attempts to be zeezbrah

mark loo says:

i think jeff seid is stronger than brock lesnar

Adam Howarth says:

Is the pancake not really dry?

Vasil Dimovski says:

Nice horse mask… lmao :D

Brandon Norman says:

youre an idiot

Hans Peter says:

Hey Jeff
Do i still grow up when i train? I am now 5″8 and 14 ?

Alex Altringer says:

Your not going to lose any more weight waiting an hour after you get up? 

DG123511 says:

7:21 just like his roids straight from turkey

Jadeer Ayaz says:

Yo Jeff I think some more dynamic stretching would do you better,
especially if u want to lose weight, and do some morning exercise. I think
a couple laps of swimming would do you good :)

480pavel says:

“can’t be fuckin stiff-ass motherfucker” 😀 😀 😀 😀 

cumshotoftheweek says:

Or just do de Francos agile 8. 

krippeg says:

lol horsehead

Freddie Villacampa says:

so many haters here! if you dont want to watch his video just go somewhere
else… Im learning a lot from this guy and just leave him alone!

JBehnen says:

The fuckin….
My fuckin….
of fuckin….
…the fuckin….
Fuckin amazing….

Lennard_wmn says:

bought your king of the jungle tank top and its awesome 😀 ordered the cut
like a diamond stringer now..greetings from germany :)


lol u send those out urself? respect brah

Martin Rauter says:

Why do you need a knife for this? :D

Bw_JJ says:

cant u stand still on one leg? XD

Prodigious Soto says:

Just eat Clen, tren hard Anavar give up.

Joefest99 says:

I’ve been in this industry a long time and, believe me, this kid is
extremely underestimated. He knows his shit more than most people think,
and it would do some people some good to SHUT THE FUCK UP and listen to

FableAndFame says:

I don’t know why everyone thinks that he isnt natural. Of course he looks
great, but Ive seen him in real life and he didnt seem that big. At least
not that big that it cant be natural. Of course, he is young but I think
with sick genetics and dedication this is possible. Probably many of the
people claiming he is on roids dont even know to train and eat correctly…

Mercifulflamez says:

I think he is natural mostly because byt the time he was 13 he was already
shredded and big , plus he eats clean and a lot and has been working out
for 7 years seems legit to me

David DOund says:

nice isolates from bsn in the corner.

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