Get Mile Wide – Brandan Fokken’s Mile-Wide-Shoulder Workout –

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The human body isn’t stubborn. It’s obedient. It does what you tell it to. It changes when you want it to. With the right tools, you can build the body you want.

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Growing up, I wanted to be big and strong. My weight training reflected that. As I got older, I developed a lot of injuries. I tore my capsules in my shoulder. I developed “weightlifter’s shoulder,” among other things. So instead of training harder, I learned to train smarter.

Now, I change the number of repetitions I do. I change my weights. I started training a lot of different angles to target the circular nature of my shoulders. My results improved and I became less injury-prone.

I used what I learned to build the workout below. It includes seven exercises that work together to help develop overall shoulder strength. I recommend doing it once per week. Don’t be afraid to change variations of exercises from dumbbells to machines to cables. Keep your body guessing.



rockster8601 says:

This guy looks like shit lol

Bane Fitness says:

Looks like he is a natty ..if he is , he did hell of a job !

jared Gambeski says:

this guy is not very impressive 

cl biceps says:

did he synthol his side delt or something haha, looks so awkward

Muscle games says:

weird delts but amazing body!

Mohd Aminudin says:

why hes using barbell for side raises? kinda awkward..

Dawud G Delves says:

I don’t have the time nor the concentration for high reps. After the 12th
rep I start questioning what I am doing, then I loose focus.
How long does this workout take? Seven excersizes. 4-5 sets, for 15-20
reps. I usually do 4-5 excersizes, 4 sets, 8-12 reps and it takes me about
ten minutes per excersize.

Mitchell Shaw says:

The standing straitbar side raise make sense to train stabilizers but you
look stupid doing it

Gabriel Torres says:

i think he has some locals on his delts, looks kinda weird…

fake flouk says:

synthol U_u on he’s shoulders 

weston marquez says:

That tattoo is embarrassing 

Lavabug says:

This guy ain’t fokken around.

bludika says:

Why does this guy say he lifts heavy yet those are all lightweights he’s
using lol

john bosco says:

his calves omg WHAT THE FKKK

JMX2323 says:

his shoulders look way overdeveloped compared to the rest of his body, the
roundness looks almost artificial and the weights he is doing don’t look
commensurate to the size of his delts.

mattias huycke says:

Says good reps, with strict form.. Does jolty bouncy reps on shoulder

TheMooreFlexx says:

7 exercises, 5 sets each, 25 reps each set… 875 reps??? No thanks your
cns must be frazzled. 

Dan Schipper says:

holy shit i just read an article on him like an hour ago in my newspaper he
lives in my home town

Jontaylor002 says:

How long did this take? It’s like 500 reps!?

Jocelyn Guzman says:

Great video! Awesome athlete!!! 

egy man says:

I LOVE Bodybuilding 

Brian Campbell says:

Sometimes workouts aren’t always about lifting heavy but more about time
under tension. Some people may get better results this way and lifting
lighter can target specific muscles better.

Maykhen Al-Qainza Ghainez says:

Look natty srs, finally a natty dude lmao

Jack H says:

Keeps banging on about form.. I don’t see the ‘strict’ form he’s talking

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