Hardcore Bodybuilding Workout – Better Aesthetics

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Exclusive bodybuilding workout footage featuring Nick Colvill, Brandon Wells, Eddy Mironenko, Jon Fuller and Anthony Moore.

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-Nick Colvill


midnightdrive spain says:

Sois mas feos que una zapatilla de esparto vieja tira en un descampao…

aidanscovers says:

The kid with long black hair makes annoying noises and is a jackass. It’s
ok to have fun working out but he was just annoying me and I’m sure every
one around him with his retarded grunts and his little made up language.

billytheweasel says:

3 minutes of Zyzz trippin’ and I had to tap out… hope something
worthwhile happened.

Lift Club says:


mjvlagdameo says:

Great video nick!

Levon G says:

2:06 Ma boy BEEEE

Better Aesthetics Bodybuilding says:

Please leave feedback and share the video!

Edwardmironenkp says:

Love it Nick!!! 

Austin Wallis says:

Great Video defiantly gave me some gym motivation! I Love your channel but
it would be nice if maybe once a week you can share actual lifting tips
(I.E. Workouts, Exercises, Number of Sets/Reps Etc.). It would help people
like me who are new to weight lifting get better pumps in the gym! Just a
suggestion but I still love the channel keep up the good work!

Jason James says:

shit vid made me unsub

Jose Madrigal says:

Honest opinion..not a good video. I respect people that are dedicated in
bodybuilding but you guys need to work on form before adding more weight to
the bar. You look like your swinging those curls. Keep making videos but
maybe reevaluate your routine.

Joel Rodriguez says:

Yea you guys have good quality cameras but looking like amateurs with ur

Brett Scott says:

I dig the expanded content Nick. Nice work!

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