How To Set Up A Bodybuilders Workout Schedule | Professional Bodybuilder Workouts

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To set-up a good and effective bodybuilders workout schedule you need to know few general things about bodybuilding. First of all you’ve got to understand that without a specific and measurable goal you won’t achieve a lot in the gym… You need to know exactly what do you want to achieve out of your training sessions. You also need to realize that there are no shortcuts in bodybuilding. Forget about secret diets, secret exercises and other crap that is available on the internet.
Focus on the basic things and move one step at a time.


Carly M. Maglione says:

Everyone can gain more than 10 pounds muscle mass in 2 months and get

Mr Pickles says:

Thanks for the advice and don’t worry about your accent, you speak better
English that a lot of English people ha ha

Usman Nawaz says:

Men don’t worry about your English. Keep up the good work. 

Pier says:

Thanks for your video!!

Mose Vaega says:

Thank you bro great video important Advice God bless yo for that my bro

lilkjoey says:

your english is great, and your videos 🙂

elnino559 says:

Mo: Dumbbells: Bench press, One Arm Row, Shrugs, Military press, Bicep
curls, Incline hammer curl, Wrist curl Tu: Squat (barbell), Deadlifts
(Russian), Wood Chopper, Glut Ham Raise, Seated calf raise Wed: Pull-ups
(and towel pull-ups), Dips, Leg Raises (Hanging Straight) Th: Hand-stand
push-ups, Push-ups (uneven) Fri: Squats (one-leg), Bridges (wall-walking),
Bridge Abs I do reverse pyramid sets (low rep/high weight earlier in month
then progressively increase reps/decrease weight). Thoughts?

Mirzet Saracevic says:

@NesianBoY96 thanks man 🙂

AM429 says:

The muscle will eat away at fat, but cardio is important for everyone for
cardiovascular health. If someone ignores cardio they will probably have a
weird gut.

FAMEddelcambre90 says:

will drinking protein shakes like muscle milk help build muscle?

aCaptainJackSparrow says:

Is this too much Mon/thurs chest triceps Tues/friday back biceps Wed/sat
legs shoulder

thinkbigger says:

Yo dude- I’ve been a gym rat for over 10 years and I count myself as
someone who knows a bit about lifting and body building- this is spot on.
This is basically in a nut shell everything I tell everybody who comes to
me for advice. Keep up the good work.

selimuzaman says:

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Mirzet Saracevic says:

@TheManInBlack2003 why? whats wrong with it 🙂

123oimate says:

a good set amount to gain pure muscle is around 8 to 12 reps per set in
sets of 3 but if you are looking for leaner ‘fitter’ muscle definition, it
works best to do a lot of reps at a lower weight

FionnMac says:

great vid and your english is obviously fantastic so no need to apologize
at the start

PirateShipps says:

@phuckthis1234 i can tell you right now, no. You are either Building mass
or cutting fat

MrJman68 says:

I’m looking to step up my workout plan I currently do chest, shoulders,
traps on Monday.. Biceps triceps forearms on Wednesday.. Back legs abs
friday.. Just wondering if doing: Monday- chest shoulder traps
Tuesday-bicep tricep forearms Wednesday – back legs abs Thursday – chest
shoulder traps Friday – bicep tricep forearms Weekend- I play sport so
break / 2 hours of cardio

ty99999returns says:

if u do dips plz for the love of god use the proper form! i hurt my rotator
cuff doing it wrong. (i when too low). great exercise just do it right.

ilikeamp says:

thanks dude this helps a lot. this is what i do Day 1- Chest and shoulders
Day 2- Back and Traps Day 3- Off Day 4- Bi and Tri Day 5- Legs Day 6- off
Day 7- off or you can start from Day 1 again 🙂

CPTLOST310 says:

I need some advice. i want to start working out but i dont know how to
start. do i just jump right into it or do i start off slow? someone please

KillBillThe3rd says:

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I Heart says:

does this sound good? Mon: barbell bench press, incline dumbbell bench
press, dips, chest flys, tricep extensions Wed: squat machine, hack squat,
leg extensions, sitting calf raises. Fri: Dead Lifts, lat pull downs,
sitting rows, shrugs, any three bicep exercises i choose. Sat or Sun:
military press, front and side lateral raises, dumbbell shoulder press, abs

looijz says:

would you sugest 2 – 3 times working out i na week? if you train chest, why
wouldnt you be able to do leggs or back the next day?

RobinEH94 says:

Shoulders are secondary while training chest. But even though they’re only
secondary you shouldn’t activate chest the day after activating shoulders.

MusclePrinciples says:

if you are just starting out keep things basic in terms of exercise
selection and training frequency. Train like three or four days per week,
focus on basic compound exercises and don’t expect to gain insane amount of
muscle in a very short period of time. The guys that keep telling you that
you can gain 30, 40 pounds of muscle in a month or two are full of shit.
Stick to basics, move one step at a time and you’ll get big. In other words
start off slowly 😉

petervalender says:

dont apologize for your accent!

jeffe kumar says:

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weightgaindiary says:

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Sohel Mohammad says:

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David Lynch says:

my schedule Monday – Chest and Triceps Tuesday – Back and Biceps Wednesday
– Legs and Abs Thursday – Chest and Triceps Friday – Back and Biceps
Saturday – Legs and Abs Sunday – OFF

phuckthis1234 says:

That wasn’t a typo I was saying it IS possible

dibas khadka says:

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destinychild1983 says:

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Raman Pathak says:

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Adu Bakar says:

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MusclePrinciples says:

@djk80 Thanks for your comments man! Thums up 🙂

Eidris Ali says:

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devilskullsixtysix says:

Okay question…. Is this a good schedule? Mondays- Chest/Triceps/Shoulders
Tuesdays- Cardio 20mins Wednesdays- Back/Biceps/Traps Thursdays- Cardio
20mins Fridays- Legs(quads,calf’s,hamstrings)/abs Saturday- Rest Sunday-
Rest Every week I will switch the reps/sets for one week endurance and the
next week strength training. So first week would be 3 sets of 10-15 reps
with light weight and next week 4 sets of 6-8 reps with heavy weight.

MusclePrinciples says:

@aCaptainJackSparrow hey man. If you’re just starting out then at the first
glance everything looks OK, but it’s not effective to isolate and train
small muscle groups like biceps so many times per week. Instead do
everything like you’ve sad, just work with your chest and triceps together.

RobinEH94 says:

Do you have any shoulders you would like to train as well?

Laxbud5968 says:

No you should always be doing a ton of cardio..

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