Hunter Labrada’s Back Workout: 5 Moves To Mile-Wide Lats –

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If your back is a weakness, let Hunter Labrada help you out! This back-building workout will help you add size, thickness, and strength!

Follow Hunter’s Full Routine:

Like a lot of guys, my back development used to be a major weak point in my physique. I was much more interested in the muscles I could see in the mirror, so my back training lagged. Eventually, I sat down with my dad, Lee Labrada, and devised a training program to really pack the mass onto my back, especially my lats.

Since then, I’ve been working on building my back to bigger and better proportions. It’s taken a lot of intense and consistent effort, but it’s definitely paid off.

Today, you’ll be going through a back workout with me and my dad. However, before you head straight to the lat pull-down machine, remind yourself to move the weight by squeezing your lats instead of pulling with your arms or using momentum. If you just pull with your arms, you’ll go through an entire workout of glorified biceps curls. That won’t get you anywhere.

Ready to get going? Let’s do it!


The Rugged Pyrrhus says:

Embrace the pain! Nietzsche’s philosophy is applicable to bodybuilding.
Great video guys.

Abdifatah Gedi says:

Hi help me out here . i’m 5’7 120 .skinny .i workout 4 days a week.
Saturday i do chest and triceps to together . Sunday i do legs. i take on
Mondays . Tuesday i do shoulders and traps. Wednesdays i do back and biceps
and i take off Thursday and Friday . i do 4 sets and 15 reps for each week.
so is this a good routine to gain and get big .Thanks. 

Lindsey harris says:

I like everything they did minus their lat pull downs. You’re suppose to
keep head to the sky, grip spread far as possible,crotch all the way under
the rest.

natefit nyc says:

will try this routine today. good vid without all the usual bs. always a
fan of Lee, used to rep a bit for you guys back in the day. Update: 30
yrs of lifting, retired bodybuilder etc and this workout has me good sore
all over my back this morning. THanks guys!

Daggerfall40 says:

Liked and added to favorite. Excellent video, you guys covered a lot of
subtle detail!

Jas Sidhu says:

im training back tomorrow … and im glad i saw this video … really
helpful guys .. !! cheers

Suhel Ahmed says:

All the girly moves with machines! Go try free weights sister.

zgintasz says:

what’s the song in the beginning?

Deejay Liam says:

you guys are the best! Every time I did one of your workouts damn..Super
effective!! Love it..

Arjit Mehra says:

Great exercises. Hunter’s a very humble guy, from the looks of it.

peter prestor says:

Damn,Lee still looks great.

Rodrigo Millan says:

Thanks for the detailed explanations on this video, lots of little things I
didn’t know.

kim bye says:

Great video. I`m gonna do this back program, starting ASAP!

bobbysatwat says:

Blood you keep refering to this statement just because your training back
does not mean their is more blood within that area! what you really mean is
water as your muscle is 80% water….

pantzosk says:

Labrada cute beast lol 🙂 Why don’t you use waste belts on all sets on
the barbell row i think it’s better using one

matthew wilson says:

hmm serious mass and no deadlifts lol

Jacob Templeton says:

I have a question that no one can tell me the answer too. Since I was in
seventh grade I have been lifting weights and when I started I could do
straight bar curls. Now I’m a senior in high school and my wrist do not
turn. my wrist started to be able to turn less and I could barely use the
ez bar and couldn’t do reverse grip bench at and is is not tennis elbow but
I can do hammer curls and that is the only thing I can do to work my
biceps. Other examples are when I carry large objects I can’t put my hands
flat on the bottom. Another way to say this is when my hands are close to
my body I can turn my palms up but when I extend my arms my hand turn like
I’m in a clapping position

Daytrading Zoo says:

What’s your opinion on body weight pull-ups and where would you place them
in your workout (beginning, middle, end)

Milad Juckel says:

hunter knows his stuff

john bosco says:

if i do the last excercie ill find myself getting pulled up along with the

electriccocoon says:

Another well-deserved shout-out! Props again to the Labradas. Did the
shoulder routine, best yet. Just did this too, best yet. Keep ’em coming
guys – you’re rocking my bodybuilding world!!

Tiffany Digneo says:

Going to have try this back routine tonight!
go team Labrada !!!!
I definitely wish I had Hunter as my gym partner.

Manfred Martinez Dominguez Otero says:

Lee has always been one of my favourite bb’s, now he is teaming with his
son, that’s fantastic! I really wish my little boy and I eventually get
along that well!

mattwilson594 says:

I like how he says blood

procroustis says:

I training 25 years my opinion is this is TO MUCH work for the average
JOE…..for LEE it is o.k. I have bigggg lats my self with only 3 exercises
4 sets ea… 

ElliosoDon1 says:

Great video, i have recently started going to gym and really appreciate the
advice and execution of these videos. Keep em’ coming.

Brian Nani Rumao says:

Now all that’s left is an awesome arms workout and legs workout to complete
this badass arsenal of workouts. 

Robert Huffman says:


ricky anthony says:

Don’t understand why Lee has Hunter doing high volume sets when Lee himself
trained with Mike Mentzer & his routines evolved to low volume of 2-3 sets
per exercise. 

Anthony Intensity says:

I like the tips in this video!
I like the short rest intervals between sets and exercises as well!
Hunter looks like a great guy!

eluminated says:

Fantastic tips, thanks!!

Will Smith says:

Not only is this a really great workout, but Hunter explains the techniques
really well, and looks like a very respectful, humble guy, as seen in the
way he speaks. Great Job. Can’t wait to see more videos from you Hunter. 

welcome2mytruth says:

Under hand pull down is a killer! Great video guys. Like the idea of
pre-fatiguing the lats. Great tips too.

bingorat1 says:

This video will not load for me properly… is going on every other
video is fine but this one i constantly pausing and freezing and its only
this video….

Shogun973 says:

nice and simple this is something I’d do if I wasn’t motivated but still
needed a back workout

RenZoneNL says:

is there that much difference in underhand pulldowns vs close grip? I
really hate doing underhand

John Gillin says:

Good video. Lee I don’t know how old you are, but you still look great and
in shape. Out of all the people you compeated aginst you seem to have kept
your size, muscles and you still look good. Your a good example to follow
and learn from.

Arnold Bongcayao says:

the best lat video i’ve seen.. thanks hunter and lee.. 

AT Fitness Training says:

Absolutely loved this vid, such a pleasure watching these two training
together, more vids like this would be great!

MrSham3less says:

Why did he go from versa grips to straps?

Dnyaneshwar Vaity says:

Great video brother & lee sir u r always inspiring ……

Maxima Life says:

One of the best videos I’ve seen…and its weird cause it didn’t include
Deadlifts, which everybody claims you need to do 

Brian Nani Rumao says:

Got a pump in my back just by watching this video. Hunter rocks. His form
and technique is just commendable. 

Beaumont Raw Training says:

nearly 15 thousand views and only 4 comments 135 likes? that is so strange.

futurealasd says:

grip width on underhand barbell row ?

Juan Pablo says:

#TeamLabrada great video

MrTruedogs says:

Great video as always…

Siraaj Siddiqi says:

Could’ve posted this yesterday

Victor Garcia says:

Thise is just awesome! Working out whit your dad must be very intense 

khairul azli says:

perfect example for back days…

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