Jonnie Candito – Arm Workout Routine For Natural Bodybuilding

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I like the incorporate some bodybuilding into my overall workout scheme. This is for at the end of an upper day, you shoudnt dedicate an entire day to arms unless you are on the juice.

Bicep Workout Routine drug free
20 year old 175lbs 5’7″


NextSurvivor says:

Couldn’t disagree more with the description, that you shouldn’t do an arm
day unless you are juicing. Arms are a strong point of mine and I attribute
it to many grueling arm days over the years. And because they are a strong
point now, I might only do an arm day once every two weeks, but I think
they are just as beneficial to naturals as anyone who is unnatural.

Personally, I like to do my arm days on Sundays just to kind of cap off the
week. Then Monday might be a leg day, for instance so that my arms can
recover by Tuesday for Chest/back or whatever it may be. I am into
bodybuilding over powerlifting, though, obviously. But I have just
purchased some Rippetoe books and 5/3/1 as I am going to look more into
strength programming. And I will be watching a lot more of your videos.

A Barbarian says:

straight barbell curls, chins, hammers works best for me.

Dylan Hondl says:

Sorry Jonnie but you can’t stop me from from doing my dips and skull
crushers after benching

doritos ketchup says:

Daniel randicliff

Row sty says:

Jonnie, I honestly feel like you’ve lost some size since 2012. I know your
specificly training for powerlifting. Did u still run upper/lower back here
in 2012? 

Randy Zhou says:

ya know what they say, if you can’t deadlift that weight…bicep curl it ;)

bobwatters says:

No preacher curls? I would totally do preacher curls over cables, but wtf
do I know?

Laugh A lot says:

Dude the smacking of the lips is annoying.

OkamiXCeleste says:

Mirin dwarven genetics :D

Guard655 says:

I don’t see how no tricep work is good, but biceps is. I understand that
triceps are used during benchpress and shoulder press, but after taking a
look at the program I see that there are bout 3 sets of bench and only 1
set (?) of shoulder press, that’s 4 sets.. 4 sets is absolutely nothing and
I don’t think 3 sets of triceps would harm. 

paul anthony walsh says:

thanks for the advice candito,good vid.

PerunaKonfekt says:

im on the linear program right now and i was thinking of adding a complete
arm day workout after the control upper day. or is that like totally

dlldll says:

only mirror-loving little boys waste hours and hours on the bicep. 

Halven åttionio says:

Why don’t you push yourself?
You stop the majority of the sets like 2-3 reps from failure, in big
compound movements i get it, they tax the central nervous system way more
and the risk of injury is much bigger.
But in isolation movements for arms, really brah?
How do you know if you have gotten stronger if you never go to the edge?
Or do you use a percentage based progression plan for arms aswell?

Jay Marlowe says:

Did he really say working triceps would do more harm than good?

Wheybrotein says:

Hey Jonnie… Hoping you answer this one for me. I finished the Linear
Program and I’m going to hop onto your 6 week program now. Wondering what
some examples of Deadlift Varioations u use are

Jim Leeroy says:

Awesome triceps tip. Thx. 

RS Lifting says:

Why not barbell?

Nick Swanson says:

SO the first week of the 6 week is one lower day and 4 upper? That sounds
like the kind of training that got me into my current “top heavy” mess in
the first place. Am I missing something or is this program not for me?

Sameer Ismail says:

I’d like to point out that a lot of people’s triceps are really shitty in
comparison to their biceps.

I for one do 3 sets of skull crushers, 2 sets of pushdowns before I do 3
sets of barbell curls after my full body workouts.

hmran yo says:

im asian and my penis when he sleep bigger then ur arm.. keep it up

ItZMegakilo says:

Song name?

chavios says:

So let say I’m doing 5×5 workout routine 3 days a week where could I fit
this type workout in?

KatzJ says:

Ahh nice and simple. I’ve been experimenting with the conjugate method for
the past 6 months or so myself. 2 uppers and 2 lowers each week. 2 Max
effort, 2 dynamic, as you probably know already. I was thinking about
switching to a simple Push/Pull/Lower split myself.

oOBashoROo says:

Can’t win it all I guess

chasindreams2 says:

it would be a shame if you do not shut the fuck up

dongiovanni77 says:

I would even say the triceps makes about 2/3 of your arm size and shouldn’t
be neglected when training arms. I really appreciate the advice given by
Jonnie and am thankful for his videos, but I have to say I do not agree on
his statement “anymore [triceps] work is overdoing it”. It cannot hurt if
you do at least 1 triceps exercise. I do french press/skullcrushers
“rippetoe-style” with extension of the shoulders to really target the long
head of the triceps. All the best and keep lifting

KatzJ says:

What does your split look like? Sorry if you mentioned it in the video. I’m
at school and I don’t have my headphones on me haha.

MrSham3less says:

The title is just stupid, there are no exercises specific for those who are
using juice or natty.

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