Kris Gethin’s Shoulder Annihilation Workout –

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Follow Kris Gethin as he navigates the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, India, and hits the gym for a delt-demolishing workout. It might be a quick session, but it will leave your shoulders screaming for mercy!

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When I first arrived in India, I had to adapt to a culture that is considerably different than what I was used to, but I’ve wrapped my mind around how life flows here. I’ve settled down and am excited to be part of the country’s growing interest in health and fitness. My hope is to expand the nation’s fitness culture and inspire people to build healthier bodies.

In my mind, there’s no better way to inspire people to train harder and live healthier than to lead by example. Come with me as I smash my shoulders at I Think Fitness in Mumbai. This is one of my favorite shoulder workouts to do. It’s quick, but it’s dirty, and it pumps my delts like nothing else.

During this workout, you’ll learn some of my favorite volume and intensity techniques, as well as some ways to help ensure your delts look good from every angle.

After you’re done training, make sure to have your post-workout shake. Your body needs the protein and the calories in order to start repairing. Don’t forget that no matter how hard you work in the gym, it’s good nutrition that brings the best results.

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rockster8601 says:

This is the worst video ever.

Evan Delisle says:

Why is everyone hating on the video? its fucking Kris Gethin. He knows what
hes talking about…

Nick Militello says:

how bad does the gym smell?

Paul X says:

Make a video about recovering from shoulder issues 

Breyden Burger says:

WOW who lifing in the real life has time to work out and
go for morning runs,I work 8 hours a day start at 6 am how the heck do you
show videos that show unrealistic life style to live. Who goes from a run
and hit the gym in the morning before work i hate some of your videos 

Punjabi GAINZ says:

indian fitess channel here looking to inspire…check me out!

TheCat says:

why such hate? People complains that he doesn’t include shoulder press or
some other shoulder excersizes. so? It doesn’t mean that you can’t include
them. I personally love these kind of videos because they motivate me, show
something new i may add to my workouts and just inspires me to variate. I
don’t understand some of you guys. Also about that running. He says that
running for him makes his day. It doesn’t mean you have to run due to time.
Do a 2 minute plank in the morning and squat for 3 minutes. only five
minutes and you will have your daily focus… cmon guys. think outside the

ethan199303 says:

I’d also include rear delts and some kind of overhead press.

Shana Emily says:

Love I am definitely going to be doing some of these tonight! 

juicer404 says:

wait.. no shoulder pressing at all?

harsh chauhan says:

Finally bodybuildingdotcom comes to India #prettyexcited 

Shadi Y says:

Maybe I missed it, can someone tell me how many sets he does per exercise?

theeGAME360 says:

I love that “strategic” product placement of the casein powder in the
background lol

bobbysatwat says:

hi kris were you born in the states? as you sound like welshman! and your
surname is gethin another welsh connection.

Mohammed Fahd says:

can’t wait for the muscle trainer! i feel pumped up watching this video! 

ao2000000 says:

Haters, stick to Susanne Summers or Richard Simmons. 

76dstar says:

Some really good movement and new techniques that no one has shown in their
videos. Build a set of videos, let see a back session. 

Israel Afangideh says:

I just created a YouTube fitness channel for teenagers, check it out.

Great job, you guys help me so much.

JotzManKev says:

so much fuckin haters. haha.

Jakub Koszczka says:

Dorian is embarrassed watching it. For sure…

Elias Collado says:

Looking forward for the new 12-week Series..!!!

TheCelticmaori says:

He’s welsh, the name gave it away but I didn’t get his accent at the start

cryption2k says:

l love this guy:) can t wait on the other videos :)) greetings from germany

Siddhant Bist says:

thumbs up to kris dont care of haters 

Wray Schultz says:

That vein tattoo is wicked 

acousticbwoi says:

Anyone know where I can get that beanie?

StevenSWM says:

Why the move to India???

Kam Fitness says:


Anthony P says:

That ass @9:25

minnat ullah says:


Blake Coburn says:

Cool video. 

Raymond Thomas says:

Go Wales! 

Izzy Beez says:

Girly weights -_-

Health and Fitness Page says:
daithioseanachain says:

Good stuff, fair play for sharing!

michaelharrison2012 says:


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