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To learn more about Mike O’Hearn’s Power Bodybuilding Program click here: http://bit.ly/rzFMQC

I do powerlifting and bodybuilding together. It’s a hybrid workout that builds shocking chest strength. These are heavy weights, so use good form – but don’t be afraid to go big.

This is one example of a Power Bodybuilding workout. Your weights and reps will change depending on where you are in the 12-week program.

Follow that program to the letter, and you too will end up with a big S stamped across your chest.

I don’t go 10-to-12 reps like a lot of people do. Here’s my little trick: I do low reps but a lot of sets. I like the poundage. I’m partial to free weights, but even with machines, I’ll just go heavy for 5-to-6 reps, even when I’m preparing for a bodybuilding show. I let diet do the rest.

When I go light, I fade away. Supermen don’t fade away. I’m a natural bodybuilder, always have been. Keep the weights heavy if you’re a natural bodybuilder and want to build that extra size.

I start my chest workouts with incline presses to target upper chest. I go heavy – of course – but don’t arch much. I bring it down in a nice, controlled motion. But the upstroke is an explosion.

For flat bench dumbbell press, use a spotter to help save your back. Watch your form here. Don’t swing or bounce it. Take it down nice and slow and then pump it up.

Next up, flyes. You want to take your arms far out to the sides, stretching your chest. Again, keep it heavy. And that’s it. But your chest will be annihilated, trust me.

I rest 3-to-5 minutes between sets. This may seem like a lot but I want to recover completely when I’m training for power and strength. The body needs it. Despite such long breaks, the pump remains. Credit – or blame – the poundage. It’s tearing down the chest; the fibers are just getting torn up right now, in a good way.

To sum up, go heavy, heavy, heavy. You’re going to love having that extra strength.

Don’t be me. Be better than me.



Mike O`Hearn ate massive amounts of food like rice and potatoes and steak
and had a lot of natural testosterone and branched chain amino
acid supplementation and worked out and trained very hard when he was young
that is why he so muscular ripped and strong !

syracuse strength says:

Sorry Brah! I stopped watching after O’hearn said, “I’m a natural
bodybuilder….always have been!” LIAR!!! Why do you lie to young athletes
that look up to you? Why even state such stupid comments. You might fool
some teenagers, but I’ve been around this game long enough to know you are
full of BS and have ZERO credibility as far as I am concerned now!!! 

jmarcguy says:

I don’t think he really flew at the end although it looks like it. I think
he just jumped & because of his leg strength, he’s able to leap such large
distances, it looks like flying. 

Alex Altringer says:

If he’s natural I’m doing something wrong 

Patrick LT says:

Haha that laugh 0:26

CliffCoach says:

It’s a shame that people still believe he is natural. Even if they are drug
tested, its easy to get around them especially back when he competed. Go
and look at similar height real natural and he is way bigger!

Josh Cibrian says:

whats the song at the beginning

endoforder93 says:

This programm isnt good for intermediate. Things that are teached dont
compend together in my opinion. He says: lift heavy! Does 2 reps in
deadlift, 3 reps in squat..and now on the bench he makes it 5 (like he
wants more pump) and then he adds 10 more sets for chest…he does same
volume in chest training than in leg training…only shitty marketing

devonrp14 says:

ive seen him lift much heavier than this

TidusL2 says:

This guy looks like a buffed up Jim Carrey haha
But awesome legit information man, keep it up

FrancoCT15 says:

his ancestors are those of which built the pyramids

frankiegong13 says:

Great to see a guy use good form even when going heavy

rkidmuscle says:

What does he say from 1:55 and what does it mean 

onlycasual1 says:

Natural my fucking ass

Douglas Oliveira says:

Correction: 4m10s!!!

yjmsrv says:

“Combinate”. Mike is man enough to create whole new words!

blahblah 23 says:

you cant fall for that, i dont take spots ! But you should !

kms0694 says:

The dude throws down 150lbs DBs like I throw 80s. Damnit.

Martilack says:

Love mike he’s a great dude

ozzylaza says:

facial hair mike, you look better with it. It makes any guy look better.
Its a fact bro. just a browski for ya

Matt Williams says:

315 on the incline is pretty legit.

Stephen Triolo says:

Mike O’Hearn is legit. Sick ass mentality on lifting

Manstopper90 says:

Best training philosophy ever.

Trevor says:

Is good form, is just because he is so damn strong! That he can do the
moves with good form! Bad form mostly comes from using a weight you cant
fully handle.. well if mike somehow wanted to do that for some rrason the
bar wouldnt be lomg enough to hold the weights LOL 

Július Šaling says:

what a cool guy 

Mr0yazeed0 says:

2:13 lol i rly thought he needs some1 to save him he got me

Viper ACR says:

He is absolutely right!!!!!!
I can’t stand personal trainers and other know-it-alls preaching light
weights with strict form to build muscle.
Now there are some who can respond to that, however the vast majority of
people need to train harder with heavy weights till failure and beyond.
That’s why muscles grow.

Daxi Zhang says:

This guy is dbag XD

clharri23 says:

Why do people hate on mike? Ok, he might not be natural, but your physique
will stool look amazing if you incorporate his advice into your life.

Jackson Carroll says:

hehe he’s so hyped up on either fat burners of pre-workout lol it’s
obvious. I know because it happens to me too!

mikedok1 says:

Lol. This fool is a straight up G. Smart and funny video.

nizakat iqbal says:

What’s that move at 33 secs called…

Marcus Iron says:

Mike’s training philosophy is spot on. Heavy weights stimulate growth not
light weights. This holds true for all natural athletes. 

thegreatone0001 says:


Roberto Llamas gamez says:

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