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Everybody asks me, “How do you, at 6-foot-3, 260 pounds, have such large legs?” That leg size comes from squatting. That’s really the only exercise that’s going to give you that thickness, that size, that density that you need.

Mind you, I don’t use straps or belts. I just squat and I squat correctly.

This is one example of a Power Bodybuilding workout. Your weights and reps will change depending on where you are in the 12-week program.

Follow that program to the letter, and you too will end up with a big S stamped across your chest.

If you think this is too intense for you, remember Wolff’s Law: The bones of a healthy person will remodel themselves over time to become stronger as they adapt to the increased resistance of blunt force trauma. Your body will adapt to become super human, the total package.

I don’t stretch before squatting. I stretch out in the movements, in the hole, the bottom. I’ll sit there for a second, wiggle around, get comfortable, and push some blood in there. If you start working out without blood in the muscle – well, that’s how people injure themselves.

I put the bar between my traps and rear delts with a wider-than-shoulder-width grip. When I drop, I sit into the hole. I don’t want half reps. You don’t half bench. Why half squat?

I believe in full recovery between sets. I take as long as I want; I don’t rush. This full-body exercise is a mass-builder-from-within. It makes you superhuman.

On the leg press, go deep in the hole. Take your time on this one too. Recover a bit, but every two minutes, get in there and do reps into the hole. Use proper form and full range of motion. That way, you don’t get injured.

For leg extensions, definitely bring it all the way to the top and squeeze, even hold it for a second. At this point, you’re done. You’re going to be able to wobble home … I guess.

This is a big head game. You gotta be mentally ready for this. It’s a tough workout, but I’ve got faith in you. If I can do this, anybody can do this. But, this is about you. It’s not about the contest you’re doing, the judges, your friends, your parents, your girlfriend or your boyfriend. It’s about you. C’mon man, dig deep. Get into the gym. Make it happen. Try this out.

Who doesn’t love leg day?


Vivien Bihl says:

lol Why does he rack 675 pounds and squat 315 ?? you can clearly see at 4:23

zleereed says:

@2:46 that squat face tho 

Filipe Orsi says:

This video looks like it’s from the 90s lol

Inevitable fitness says:

great video

seanyboyclutch says:

this guy is the real deal. 

Eduardo Quesada says:

Cool dude 

Eric Plando says:

i dont love leg day at all 

Bczso says:

Hate to break it to all of you fanboys on here but many of those “weights”
are fake. It should have been an indicator when the 315 took more effort
than the last sets and there’s hardly any muscle flexion

lee fraser says:

my leg workout goes 3 sets of extenstions 15 to 30 reps per set,3 sets of
leg curls same rep range,inner outter thigh machines 2 sets each 20
reps.nice and warm the squats 5 to 6 sets 6 to 2 reps,i believe you should
never go high reps of repetitions on squat,its a powerlifting exercise and
should be treated like one,its easy to neglect form when squatring for reps
and you do that on squat goodbye knees and L back,then i go to leg presses
alternating leg positioning thats a bodybuilding exercise 15 to 20
reps.build that muscle.then two sets of laying leg curls curls 12 reps and
then 3 sets of calf raises.

slugger1983 says:

“don’t half reps, I’m asking you, I’m begging you!” Proceeds to half rep
on leg press.

João Marques Faisca says:

why did he fake that slap? I mean, video was going sick so far…

Fitzit87 says:

Did he really get smacked in the face?

Kimo Lany says:

Everyone is able to develop more than 10 lbs muscle mass in 8 weeks and get

stef88sf says:

My legs have grown beyond believe from this. I’ve been doing it for a year
now and I can honestly say I’ve grown stronger and bigger legs in 1 year
than in the last 4 out of my total 5 short years of training. This WORKS
just stick with it ! THANK YOU MIKE !

stan snitsar says:

3 reps per set? i couldnt continue watchin the video after i read that lmao

Panny Spirou says:

Anyone that thinks mike o hearn is natty are fucking retarded

lee fraser says:

my legs are 27.5 inches cold currently.

F3EDER says:

Mike really should get a shot at playing Superman for real one day. He is
really cut out to be cast as a classic Supes.

blahblah 23 says:

you dont half bench, so why half squat ?

Adrian Verhalen says:

bzcso your an idiot watch some of his other videos and youll see that he
really is that strong its un real hah

fromanotherstar says:

strong son of a gun….

Carlos H says:

WTF with that slap lol…Much respect, Mike’s awesome.

Lasse Kieser says:

i did it Mike! It´s a tough workout man !!

rashy builds muscle&strength says:

mike o hearn is super strong. I would love to try hes cycle. He has a great
body and strength is just fantastic

Fares Botrous says:

all natural baby 

dan mag says:

awesome vid…

John Jonnathan says:

probably halotstine…………

Mateo Cesljar says:

its still your motherfucking set bitch!

ElScorn says:

Check the Fake slap haha ! 4:12

Anthony Harris says:

Probably one of the best gym videos I’ve seen in my life. Besides ISYMFS of

Aidan Garrod says:

what a cool dude i love his tone in this

Armed Society says:

Is it OK to do leg extensions without doing leg curls?

Tim Higgins says:

dat buttwink at 3:15

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