Perfect Form Chest Training Workout Bodybuilding Motivation

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Part of my chest workout in the gym.
German YouTube Channel:

Keep working out hard and stay dedicated! BOOM!

Alon Gabbay

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MegaJonathan53 says:

brah ur lats are getting bigger! you most be doing something right.

ViPER iTE says:

that all?

Jashua Barnabis says:

I mean this is ok but this guy is not that impressive. You can see him
trying to work hard on the negative portion of his reps but during his
entire set its clear he should have dropped the weight to 215 to get
maximum benefit out of both the concentric and eccentric contractions. In
terms of the pure bodybuilding aspect Alon really lacks the fullness you
would expect out of a veteran of the sport.

Fitness Gamer says:

You look like you could bench 275 for 10. But you train more like a
bodybuilder. I want to bench 300+ but also eventually be quite lean like
9-11% bodyfat. I see a lot of people at my gym that bench a lot, but are
kind of fat.

AestheticSwag says:


matrika siwakoti says:

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boha96 says:

What´s your chest full workout?

Weightlifting Ninja says:

Do you do straight sets or pyramid up in weights???

Alon Gabbay says:


ildevilon says:

In which part exactly you turn into super Saiyan?

blackjohnny0 says:

Do you have problems with your joints and spine?

ItsFadz says:

You got some serious strength there man! nice video:)

Clark Kent says:

the motivational ones

HuStLaMaN22 says:

how old are u alon ?

dboyfff says:


jhon edwards says:

How long have you been lifting?

xotr1x says:

9-10 years

EPiiiC69WiiiN says:

keep u the good videos bruh! zyzz

tolkaN0 says:

how much tren u on?

EPiiiC69WiiiN says:

Amazing form!

Fitness Gamer says:

How much does he weight at what height?

J Jason says:

Alon and G Plitt Respect !!!

MD5 says:

Alon, How much weight was that for each exercize?

GoldCurency o says:

Its edited lol he can bearly do 225

ViPER iTE says:

you serious? count his actual reps with his rep count in the corner of your
eye, with the editing near the end it could be argued he only did eight

Diwan Chan Basnet says:

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ViPER iTE says:

also a completed repetition is counted after the full range of motion, not
at the start of it.

haris harris says:

fucking beast !

jhon edwards says:

Whats name of song

Laserz4All says:

I use to Love bodyBuilding but when ive seen guys smaller than me lift more
wieght than me its kinda pathetic so i started to strength train now. Good
form You should be able to lift more than that on the bench But you
probably dont care about strength.

Todo Poderoso says:

Look at that formmmmmmm!

Eren Callejon says:

geiles video mit welchem programm bearbeitest du deine videos.

Nick Pich says:

כל הכבוד! כיף לראות ישראלי עם מבנה גוף כזה עובד בחו”ל! בהצלחה בהמשך, עוד
תגיע רחוק.

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