Secret Workout Training Tips w/ IFBB Olympia Bodybuilding Legend Kai Greene, Jeff Seid & Alon Gabbay

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Aesthetics meet Professional bodybuilding!
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Ali Thechosenone says:

Jeff can’t seem to have control over his energy, he is like an excited
little white girl who just got a pony. Everytime Kai tried to speak this
idiot kept interrupting him.

Alex Zane says:

Can anyone hear a fucking word Kai says

Masoud Houssein Hassan says:

Wish Alon would shut up, he talks too much.

AverageBroTV says:

Love the vids brah!

Indi says:

Jeff tip for you, let kai talk…
You keep interupting him.

pspdudue23 says:

This video really shows the difference of thought process between someone
who only trains to look good, and someone who trains both body and overall
psychological well being. The type of person Kai is in mind is almost as
strong if not stronger than his physical body. Jeff is a VERY extreme
example of someone who needs to train himself psychologically, because
honestly, so far from the years I’ve watched him, it’s somewhere in a lost
void filled with nothing but “Aesthetics over everything brah.” Don’t get
me wrong, he looks great, but it’s almost as if he’s not even a human
anymore, just a bag of muscle that is not capable of any deeper mindset
besides what is required for lifting a dumbbell and human contact when he,
don’t get me wrong, does nothing but shows off his physique. As Elliot
Hulse says: “In the end, people will remember not how big your muscles are
or how much you bench press or squat, they’re gonna remember, the type of
person you are, the type of character you’ve developed.” Jeff has a whole
other side to him that has never been to the gym once, or performed a
single rep. For anyone reading this, please get something out of it,
there’s a whole other side to well being and healthiness that does not just
involve picking up weights and tearing down muscle fibers. Please don’t
think I’m some philosophy geek that has never been to the gym. I’m 18, and
I too compete in mens physique, recently placing 2nd out of 24 adult men.
So don’t criticize please, I come from this industry too, I just want to
get it out there that as much of a catch phrase as it is, aesthetics should
not be, over everything. Thanks for reading, thumbs up would be
appreciated! :)

kawridr6 says:

haha this Alon dude doesn’t say shit in this whole series he is like a
third wheel

Raizo 101 says:

Kai seems like such a humble, pleasant, kind guy. Whoa.

Creepy Pedro says:

Jeffs mouth is literally stapled to kai’s dick

Monty Trower says:

“That’s fucking deep man”- Alon Gabbay

Ryan Mendiola says:

5:14 Kai greene: “this has been very FRUITFUL for me” I see what you mean
Kai 😉 

Shaked Hajaj says:

Did Kai said fruitfull?

Soft Pastels says:

alon looks clueless LOL what hes doing here anyway? haha

Ikan0wnzu says:

There is no secret tip. For these guys all they need is dedication,
tracking their food, and of course all kinds of gear

Adam Ali says:

Shows who has the humility doesn’t it kai is twice the size yet is wearing
a big hoody

SecretDimension says:


vinit basnet says:

3:08-3:14 shows really what kai thinks of jeff

Medreg1983 says:

Alon gabbay – that’s fucking deep man. No it’s not alon . Start thinking
about your training rather than relying on drugs. 

Evan Webster says:

Dammit Jeff let the man speak.

KevNoonz says:

Kai ran out of grapefruits so he has to fuck Jeffy boy instead

Different Joe says:

the vignetting is strong with this one

BigBubble ED says:

i think that kai finds alon antipathetic

Ben Aud says:

Who’s the creeper in the red?

Kevin Cortez says:

Should a 16 year old cut? I heard it stunts your growth

Buckkyy V says:

Fruitful lol

Yonabrother says:

“That’s fuking deep, man” Alon Gabbay
NO it’s NOT – it’s having an intelligent approach to bodybuilding, and imo
it’s common knowledge.
This leaves me with the question “How did he get that physique then?” On
luck and broscience? on genetics?

Ryan Keegan says:

Feel Bad for Alon, he won’t understand half of what Kai is saying, its when
Kai said ‘Oxidative’ Alon was like Fuck this Shit.

Vanilla Zilla says:

Does Jeff “focus” bouncing ballz off his chin?

Mathew Maltzoff says:

Kai: Calm. Dominates conversation
Jeff: Anxious. Interrupts Kai.
Alon: Fucking deep man.

Hendre Meyer says:

I’m just starting out now and I’m glad mentors like Kai are speaking out to
give beginners advice 

LIFT inator says:

everyone look up kai greene grapefruit …….its the secret to life as we
know it !

Oliver P says:

4th video of same workout… They’re milking the presence of Kai… All
about dem views!!!

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