Steve Cook – DAY 2 – Back – UNDER THE WINGS

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UNDER THE WINGS — ON Athlet Steve Cook und Felix Valentino zeigen dir wie man seine Ziele erreicht. Dieses Video ist nur ein Teil einer mehrteiligen Serie. Also checke auch die anderen Videos von „Under The Wings”.

Den ausführlichen 12-Wochen-Plan und noch viel mehr Informationen rund ums Bodybuilding von Steve und Felix findest du auf
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UNDER THE WINGS — ON athlete Steve Cook and Felix Valentino show you how to reach your goals. This video is part of a series. Check the other videos of “Under the wings”.

Find the detailed 12-week-plan and many more information about bodybuilding from Steve and Felix on
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Bei findest du kostenlose Trainingspläne und viele Videos von den Profis erstellt — Stars wie Steve Cook, Jeff Seid, Felix Valentino und Tim Budesheim haben schon mit ShapeYOU zusammengearbeitet.
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Gristofer Tähelepp says:

much more enjoyable than for example Jeff Seid or Alon Gabbay. These guys
don’t show off.

Kainthemain says:

pulovver,i thought that was chest?

AmarNathan says:

Dumbell pullover look rough, it would be awkward to do it at the gym. 

iThale says:


maxwell griffin says:

Could only watch a little bit. The German subtitles take up half the screen
and you can see what Is happening!

leadzombies says:

What about t-bar rows? Those are fantastic.

kristaps blodons says:

Nice, nice, nice, guys. Everything is explained very detailed. If Steve
forgets to mention something, Felix asks him, which I find helpful. As well
as Steves little tips (his grip, when doing pullups) are helpfull. All in
all this vid is bookmarked and liked ;)

Hariga MIhai says:

I would like so much to train with steve, i could learn a lot of new things

baller M says:

i thought the last one exercise is for the chest?

babyboyrajoo says:

Song name at 2min plus. when the grey shirt guy does the pull ups

Amin Zennati says:

welches fitnessstudio ist das?

Prakticunt says:

ab 11:20 ist das aber eher schwingen, und hat mit kontrollierter bewegung
nichts mehr zu tun

meo garcia says:

What happen on the day3?

Kvomipuka Mainatavi says:

NOTHING AGAINST THAT GUY..he’s advertizing BUT Comme on..he take steroyds
it’s obviuous for people like me who are PRO in this domain..for others be
blind and believe ;)))))) ROFL

Harry Nelson says:

They look like their brothers 

Lorenzo Trapani says:

i thought dumbbell pullovers were for upper chest… 

YouAreDeadByMe says:

He said don’t put with your ego and he also said that the lower back is
easy to injury but look how steve rows the 100 kg with the jerk and sudenly
he bend more backwards while he said to the lil boy to bend more forward at
the beginning. Kinda funny he correct the boys form while he does the same
‘ bad ‘ thing haha.

Static Pupsik says:

steve cook is super good looking (no homo)

Sony Zazai says:

16:20 which Song?

Ale GevaciO says:

good exercises guys thank you very much!!!

Lionel Yang says:

Anyone know any substitutes that hit the same back muscles as a barbell

Hernan Vela says:

That guy said okay like 50 times

Matheus Santos says:


winkawak says:

do you guys aalways steal other peoples beast and slightly modify it lol

Dimitar Dimitrov says:

Can anyone tell me the name of the instrumental music at 14:49 

Brodie Hock says:

mini Steve…

Santi gonzález says:

traduccion al español por favor

jon0043 says:

Finally a workout video with people wearing clothes!

Quan Le says:

14:40 and 15:09 the music is freaking awesome, anyone has the names of the

Tomas Arias says:

team ShapeYOU will push me to the next LEVEL yeahhhh!!

Felipe Doo Ma says:

hoone, hoo! hee! fouuh! hiive! hee! heave!!!

NikXpertGames says:

Why are there subtitles in German?

stunsisacul says:

Nice “hook hands” tip. thanks

Jimmy Moon says:

Absolut informativ, wo man ganz genau erklärt bekommt auf welche Details
man achten muss, und vor allem warum, sprich welchen Vorteil man daraus
Steve und Felix sind ein tolles Gespann, welche ihren Enthusiasmus zum
Kraftsport sehr gut rüberbringen.


10:52 “Don’t wanna start throwing your back into it”….. throws back into

Zorcher101 says:

No deadlifts :(((((

Danish Khan says:

does anyone know what beat is being used when felix valenteno starts doing
pullups at the beginning of the video?

Jorche Clunie says:

Best shape you series so far

Tommy Larry says:

Im confused dumbelll pullovers are for lats and does it work the chest 

pikadili HD says:

what the shit!!we need to see the workout how is not the person beauty
haire and blue eyes …please focuse on the workout well !!

Lemi Lems says:

some good tips here!

Derp Derpino says:

Does anyone know here what kind of haircut Steve has?

Blaster MnE says:

Skipped a little into it and I thought Cook looked a bit different then I
realised it was Felix dude looks a little alike I blame the hair 

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