Teen Beginners Bodybuilding Training – Legs Workout

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The second in our ‘Teen Training’ series. We wanted to start with the very basics and cover some beginning exercises for teens (or adults) who may have never set foot in a gym before.

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Buff Dudes / Fitness / Teen Bodybuilding Training – Lower Body – Legs, Quads, Hams, Calves
Shot by: Duke
Edited by: Hudson
Starring: Brandon White


Cavs_Fan94 says:

It’s one thing to be a beginner but this kid gave zero fucks about learning
or trying. Therefore, he will be continue to be small. 

Zack Parker says:

Wtf did that kid do at 8:56

word, guy says:

What kind of gym doesn’t have a squat rack 

fame dot says:

kudos to this guy that teaching teens to be fit some big guys are like rude
just because they got big now

Thrutian says:

Is it seriously that hard to keep your back straight? Fucking hell…

chitownsuperfan says:

Teaching calf raises like that is a recipe for Achilles tendinitis
(~physical therapist). Rest of the vid looks great though!

goduxunike says:

The kid in the upper body was more humble.

AtheistVendetta says:

They have a smith machine but not a rack? Terrible! Who’s responsible for
equipping that room? Those poor kids.

delpiero709 says:

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*popular program i found all over the net! and it did what*
*it promised! I gain a lot of muscles in just a short weeks*.
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*days prefer muscular man.. dont lose hope ;)*

Guy Fiction says:

Upper body video has over 1 million views….lower body video barely has
100 thousand…that says something about body building society lol; smh

md hak says:

Maroon 5 playing in the background

word, guy says:

i dont get how people dont know how to bend at the hips 

Amit Joshi says:

You are Really a Good Trainer .
I have learnt so much by Your Training Videos
Thanks & Regards

My Wieght 62.4 KG

Question : As i am starter at gym how to increase lifting weight my mean
i increase weight weakly basics or by weight basis

I hope my question is clear to you.

Thanks and Regards
For uploading the Great Videos….

julio holder says:

form was horrible on squats…

Zachary Wells says:

I thought taht weighted squats can stunt your growth during the teen years,
can someone tell me?

Jesse4Jezza says:

I was thinking about doing this workout for my first leg day, but I don’t
want to be crippled for the next few days. What’s the best way to go about
doing this?

Dan Garfoot says:

Needs to go down a little further on those squats…

joerobbo90 says:

What a great beard! Thanks for the vid, lots of useful info. Keep up the
good work.

bthvnyt says:

too big a weight….should start with no wt at all for a few weeks

MuBaRik ALi says:

very nice teacher

Maahvulus1 says:

This was awesome. Thanks, buff dudes

Danushka Bandara says:

this is great training…

Zack Rutledge says:

These kids dont realize how good they have it. They’re lucky to have him as
a trainer, he’s teaching them good form, and how to do the lifts properly.
I wish I had him when i started.

SlurpEee25 says:

Should have added in his day after leg day thoughts. They are usually
comical with beginners.

avs minhas says:

I have never seen a 22lbs dumbell. Ive seen 20 and 25 but never 22

imlee888 says:

They need to go down farther

AydensGuitar says:

8:35 laughed so hard haha :’)

mike spizzirri says:

This kid has the worst form and he isn’t even going parallel with the
ground with 135 pounds

sajad shahjan says:

It would have been an honour to be taught by the best. Buffdudes are


you’re a lost cause loool.

vinbuscusC says:

How many sets we do

khalil9550 says:

brilliant way of teaching a leg workout….

ej Perez says:

dude i apperciate, what your doing bruh, inspirational (teenagers)

El Reepz says:

Why so much hate towards the kid, he is pretty thin like I used too be and
when you have a thin frame squats put a lot of pressure on the lower back
and he is a beginner.

charles765able says:

Shouldn’t he be going lower on the squats?

adu1991 says:

It amazes me how some of these comments are aimed towards making fun of the
kid and saying that he has bad form. I’m sure that some of you guys were
the same way when you started working out…
Everyone starts somewhere.

TheNoseyMosey says:

i think he went to this workout high

Reagan Thomas says:

what kind of shoes are those that the trainer is wearing?

Norrin Radd says:

most guys would’ve given up on this kid at 8:50 but he actually wanted to
correct his posture. Great instructor and very inspirational!

AGJV1 says:

His knees are going too far when he squats and lunges; that could really
cause some damage to his joints if the weight is too heavy.

avloc1 says:

0:16 Sco qua SQUATS!
08:55 freakout time

Scott Wilson says:

is this in Bend Oregon?

Ashie Kotey says:

the guy freaked out when he heard squats, he said squa quad

rosana laiba says:

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Paste into Google Ready Set Ripped to find out more.

michael northern says:

nice vid check out my teen bodybuilding channel

Sergent186 says:

he looks a bit like fernando torres xD

Aidan Garrod says:

Hahah the RDL was a bit of a test of Brandon’s teaching ability xD

Ranton Persay says:

Should be teaching him how to squat correctly, not like a pussy…

smalienware says:

Doesn’t one have to keep the knees from crossing the toes while squatting ?

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