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BAM! Wanna get huge? Receive the gift of knowledge from Terry Crews, and learn what he did to get ready for his part as Hale Caesar in the action-film The Expendables. Building Kick!

Get the full details of Crews’ workout at http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/terry-crews-expendables.htm

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TacticalKolano says:


Peter Schmidt says:

I got so much respect for this guy…really really cool dude

Mario Ponce says:

This is the only man I would accept to be the next Terminator model.

AirFouly says:

I am glad he said to use very low weight or rather just the bar. People
please, and I mean the majority of gym members, just take this footage as a
piece of entertainment. The things he is doing require 110% control over
you body, total strength and a LOT of experience. Stick to your usal
workout routines with nice, slow and clean form. If you want to do what
Terry is doing you gotta first build up your body and stretch as much as
possible to minimize the risk of snapping your muscles. Peace out, an
actually caring viewer.

Carl Collins says:

Funniest thing I’ve read all day are the comments on how he can improve his
workout or the he’s doing it wrong comments…Not one person commenting is
as big as this dude but have all kinds of advice. I’d say when or if you
get to his level then make a comment on how he can improve
something…Don’t take it personal, just take it!

gitsurfer27 says:

No ab days? or does he do abs on weekend? Im curious because i have a lower
back problem and one of the only workouts i can do without burning my back
too much is specific ab crunches, but i do this everyday. I know your
supposed to have 48 hours rest between working out regions, but i heard
somewhere its ok to do abs daily. Is this true? is it ok to only have 24
hours rest between ab workouts?

DaoDC93 says:

That isn’t euro training Mr. Crews!

Fabian Frei says:

Euro training :D

kiepoolies says:

So what about Saturday & Sunday? Are they both rest days?

Also what day would he do abs?

Noob here need some advice. :)

darren dorion says:

terry crews rocks


“Don’t bang the weights, you gotta be conscious of the floor” = much
respect Terry Crews. Much respect.

Mark Salt says:

Similar to the Team Quest MMA circuit

Mike Hunt says:


Novitatis Veritatis says:

Terry Crews is the most entertaining one in The Expendables

jaghatarhortuben lolfyhj says:

240p? wtf is this?
this isnt the 90’s dude…

Jamie Pierse Farrell says:

Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony

CHARI955 says:

so in 2014 his fitness sucked ? is that’s why he din;t get the part in EX3

jacesaces15 says:

he’s got really small shoulders, I wonder if it’s gene’s or he just really
hates working shoulders.

Tuco Ramirez says:

LOL @ his scrawny chicken legs.

Leon McDaniels says:

He’s cool and this is cool… But this could be unsafe if you are not in a
majority of control… This is for like an advance to expert fitness

guh man says:

Old spice POWEEEERRRR!!!!!!

Jay Szafryk says:

The thing I like the most about Terry is he is genuine and such a chill guy

Chris Middleton says:

He eats much more then that. At least 4k per day 

Raikage sama says:

he’s working with around 60kg there too. harder than it looks

c sterritt says:

anyone else wonder, how the crap does he have that muscle mass and fullness
on that diet he described??

I mean, super high protein, but shit man where are the calories coming from
to feed those biceps?!

zcarlosx says:

I want to workout with him one day, he seems like a really cool, laid back
guy. He doesn’t look like the type of person to judge how much you clean
and press.

Bongalope MaryJane says:

Those where Clean and Jerks not Power Cleans.

AlladinMclovin2334 says:

the key to having a perfect body, one must learn the Romanian Dead Lift,
Squats, Pull Ups, and good back exercises.

Constantine Soteriou says:

wait a minute… was that just a warmup?? jeez!!

Jesus Christ is Muslim says:

The viewers’ iq must be near zero by the end of the movie. 

NeilofSWC says:

of course he likes the chicken lol

CheapSushi says:

Terry Crews just has a really great positive energy, aside from just muscle
gains, that something I want to gain too. I feel like I’m negative as hell.
Going to try his routine this week. 

Kizzy J says:

I would watch this man read a Dr. Seuss book. This is awesome. #TERRYCREWS

astroboirap says:

this is just a fucking advert

Jose Campos says:

Active shoulders?

Jesus Christ is Muslim says:

The viewers’ iq must be near zero by the end of the movie. 

Matheus Aguiar says:


guh man says:

Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh Black Guy

Jon A says:

He missed leg day.

Taylor Kwek says:

Any idea what the starting song name is?

whole27 says:

Terry seems like a great guy! I’m happy for all his success!

CaptainAMAZINGGG says:

let’s be honest, we know him from White Chicks.

supersamonhalo says:

2:19 would it not hurt your spine? or he’s just too strong ? lol

danwat1234 says:

I wonder is he takes creatine or beta-alanine

Caprice, the Pirate Queen of Lyrie says:

Hale Caesar is a ripoff of Hale from Strife. 

The Other Guy says:

In soviet Russia weight lift you

David Davalos says:

Terry Crews like this guy he knows what he is talking about no pain no gain

Marjan Raz says:

i dont know bout that first shoulder exercise. that is not good for your
shoulders imo

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